Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And just like that!

Like snapping my fingers, it is already Wednesday and seven days have passed!

 We've been busy when we are out of the pool....

 Aunt Cathy came over for a day and we enjoyed visiting.

O.K. I take all the hugs I can get!

With Pappy and animal house...

Uncle David and Ashley acting like Uncle David and Ashley..... having a good time together.

Yes!  She's not too old to play with frogs!

In fact, I think she's going to eat that frog.....she didn't!

The top to my Ugandan bowl made a great hat as she patiently posed for Nana to take pictures.

The annual Nana's bed picture....sad because we were missing Adam.

Man, I love this girl!!

Uncle Tommy came in out of the rain!

Tuesday was beach day.  Ashley's new cousin Devin joined us on our trip to the state park.  It was packed and the water wasn't even pretty.  Let me say that we do live on the World's Most Beautiful Beaches, but the seaweed was plentiful.

The girls had a good time frolicking in the Gulf

I sat in a chair on the beach reading while they played in the Gulf  watching as they played in the water, completely carefree for a little while.

These are a few of my thoughts as I watched them.....

When I was their age.......19......I had a one year old and the playing and easy going beach days were kind of over for me.  At least playing at the beach with no responsibilities.  I pray that they will stay in school, get their educations and let boys be last on the list for now.  

I pray they live their lives to glorify the Lord.

Being this young will be gone so fast......before they know it they'll be sitting on a beach somewhere watching their grandchildren play.

I sure do love these girls.

I wish the lady sitting beside us wouldn't smoke wonder if they're ready to go yet.

The days are flying by.  Tomorrow night, or should I say Friday a.m., they are going to the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie.  It's so much fun just watching them and what grandparent doesn't love seeing grandchildren having fun?  

If only time would slow down a bit.  Ahhhh......but I'm enjoying every moment. 


Needled Mom said...

It looks like she is enjoying the visit as much as you are. Just treasure the moments that you have with her. The days go by much too quickly. If only they could understand their lives have just begun........But, we didn't believe it either at that age.

Dawn said...

What a fun, fast week! I know Adam missed being there, too.

PCovi said...

I am going to be a really great grandmother one is going to be so fun!!!
Flat Princess did get her photo made today...I'll wait until she is back in the country and show both :)

Sweet Tea said...

What a week of fun and great memories. Ashely is a beautiful girl and I LOVED the funny picture where it looked like she might take a bit out of the Frog. LOL

I understand your thoughts because I feel the same way. At this point in my life it is rushing by and I want to press "PAUSE" and savor it all. I "get it".
We're lucky gals!

Justabeachkat said...

She is adorable!!!!!!!!!!! I know you've had a wonderful time. Lucky you.


Mimi said...

I so enjoy your GRANDS visits!!!I get a small peek into what I hope to be doing when My grands are older. Going to the beach, laying on MIMI'S bed and talking....oh such sweet memories to be made.
I love your beach area, it is indeed very beautiful!!!
One day we will be back!!
have a great weekend
hopefully she is there for a few more weeks

Midlife Mom said...

What a wonderful visit!!! I know you missed Adam but hopefully he will be able to come next time. :o) The beach pictures make me yearn for sun and sand! We are getting the sun right now but we don't have much sand at the lake.

The mask on the horse is to keep the flies and bugs out of his eyes. We have horse flies, moose flies, black flies, gnats, all kinds of stuff that can drive them bonkers. They can see perfectly well out too. :o)

The Hatcher's said...

Looks like Ashley is loving her visit! So glad you could spend this time together.

debi said...

What great memories you have captured on film....

So apparent how you love that girl...


Debby@Just Breathe said...

What fun pictures. Looks like it has been a fantastic trip. I know you are going to miss her. ((HUGS))

Katie and Beau said...

Fun! I know y'all are enjoying girl time together. I wish Adam was there to share it with y'all.

LBDDiaries said...

What beautiful pictures! Love the gulf - we used to go to Port Aransas every year on vacation; haven't been in awhile and this makes me homesick! Beautiful girls - all of you.