Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Hearts...

February......the love month.  I admit that I sometimes feel pitiful when I watch commercials before Valentine's day and know that it is right smack in the fury of tax season when my husband is way too busy to think about bringing home presents.

But he does,  he brings home the best present every single day.  Him.  He's a gift.  He's a treasure.
He may not be the most romantic.......although he sometimes surprises me when I least expect it...but he's the man of my dreams.

And he's such a funny valentine!  Tonight as he was eating the low carb chicken parmesan I cooked, he asked if it was low fat and I proudly said, no.....low carb..... and he said "well I guess the bread kills that huh?"  I forgot!  Oh, well.

While we were eating supper, he asked if I would be o.k. with him picking up something for supper on Valentine's day because he will be too tired to fight the crowds and go out to a restaurant.  And that's o.k.  Really o.k.  He'll be here and I'll be here and that's all that counts.  Besides, any time I don't have to cook, I'm good with that!

So real Valentine commercials probably would do better to show what true love is......someone who is real, solid, there...not just a romantic, although romantic is good.

When the flowers die and the jewelry is relegated to the jewelry box, he'll still be right here.....coming home every night after working long days to make sure I'm taken care of....I'll take that, I'll take him!

He's a sweet heart....

I have lots of sweet hearts that I love.  I have four sons and two great daughters in law.  I have several absolutely wonderful and beautiful and brilliant grandchildren.
I have lots of siblings and a great mama and MIL.
I have friends, really great friends.
I even have a few extra children God gave along the way.

I have a Savior who loves me.

Who could ask for anything more?  So when I'm watching the commercials and hearing of all the romantic gestures, I'll close my eyes and see the man who loves me.....and I'll remember that my heart still beats a little faster each time he walks through that door and I'll remember that he walks through that door every day without fail and I'll say a little prayer of thanksgiving.  And I'll forget that every so often we get mad at one another....we forget quickly.

We love because He first loved us......1  John 4:19


Dawn said...

Beautiful, friend. And so true. All the hype is about "romance", not true, lasting, abiding, getting-through-all-the-junk love!

And for the record, I don't send cards either - I don't buy cards at all any more - way too much money for the few minutes they will be looked at, then tossed. Not very romantic, but very practical!

But it's fun to see that so many others do and that they send them here to be stamped.

Dwight is very sick this week so I will be canceling our reservation at Mimi's - so sad, because we never make reservations, and rarely even go out bacause of the crowds! And as I said in my post Kev's birthday always trumped Valentine's Day for us when he was home.

Have a great day and enjoy that dinner brought in!

Needled Mom said...

Who could ask for anything more!!!!!

I actually get disgusted with the Valentine commercials. In fact, we were laughing the other day when the one with the big bear came on. I told my hubby that id he came home with one of those I would send him to the looney bin.

I agree with you that there could be a better and more true way of showing what a real valentine is.

Like you, we will have dinner at home and enjoy it more than going out. Neither of us enjoy the poor service of busy restaurants on Feb 14th.

Happy Valentine's day to both of you.

debi said...

That was so awesome....I hope your husband gets to read it!

I've never been the flowers, candy or take me out kinda gal....a card and time spent always fills my heart.

Have a blessed day with your man!


PCovi said...

haha! I'm laughing because those commercials gag me. They are pretty sappy which isn't true to life.
Some of that diamond jewelry is kinda ugly...don't know who is designing it. Looks like a worm. :)
Bet you feel better now :)

Emily said...

Real. Solid. Stable. That's definitely better than a commercial!

Happy Valentine's Day!

UnicycleRose said...

My husband is not Mr.Mushy-Romance either. Not. even. close. Remember that the only perfect man died on the cross! Enjoy your dinner!

Libbie said...

Soo true...all of it... Oh & I love reading about good solid men! They make good love stories....I feel the same way about mine :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I had to laugh, the bread doesn't help make a meal low carb! Great post. You have so many blessings to be thankful for.

BeautifulDees said...

Oh I thought I was reading about my husband....it sound's alot like him,I also have a good solid man who love's me.
Thank you so much for your comment's it really does help.

BeautifulDees said...

Oh I thought I was reading about my hub's...He is a real solid man also.
Thank you so much for comming by and commenting, it help's alot to share with other's.
You seem like a real neat gal.
Love ya,Debbie:)

His Song to Sing said...

What a nice tribute to your sweetheart, Nancy. Sounds like we are both blessed with wonderful husbands who we can always count on. That's a rare commodity these days!

Mimi said...

Sorry it is late, I was sick.
I agree, LOVE is simply LOVING and to have that, nothing else is needed!!!I love the people who LOVE my friends, so tell HUBBY thank you for loving you!!
big hugs,

Stella said...

Thanks for the reminder that it is the day to day that counts in the long run. What a lovely tribute to your marriage and your husband.

Mercy Uganda said...

Knowing you and Russell as I do makes this blog entry even more sweet. You two are such a precious couple and I see God's love in both of you.....you are both blessed to have each other!!

Amrita said...

Hi Nancy, thamks for stopping by and visiting my blog. the lord is good

Tonja said...

What a wonderfully sweet post!. Hasn't God richly blessed you and he! I am so happy that you can look around you and say, "It's good!" So many folks never get to that place. Have a happy valentines day and all the blessings that come with!

Cathy said...

This was such a sweet post! Happy ❤️ Day!!