Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Fragments

It's Thursday and I'm here and I'm going to try to participate in Friday Fragments!  If you would like to dump those left over thoughts from your brain go on over to Mrs. 4444's place and join in the Friday party!


So here go my disjointed week's thoughts.

We have a sweet friend who was in the Homecoming court for her high school.  My brother's friend came with his convertible and my brother rode shotgun while I took pictures.  

She was a finalist and isn't she gorgeous!  Sweet too.....the theme of Homecoming this year was the 20's Flappers and she was perfect!

The driver and bodyguard......on the right is my brother

It was a hot day and the parade lined up an hour before the start of the parade.  There were three school bands and about fifty or so cars.  The parade started went ONE block and turned the corner returning to the parking lot.  That was it and I was a little shocked! But it was fun and we were honored to be part of her special day.


Mercy Uganda, the mission we are involved with just celebrated five years!  During this time, our dear friends have made many trips to Uganda, raising money for several wells in remote villages, bringing sewing machines in and teaching the women to sew giving them a way to make a living for their children.  Other projects include teaching agriculture skills, starting livestock programs, teaching hygiene and obtaining sponsorships for children to attend school.  Mercy Uganda has bought a small amount of land and Mark and Laura hope to move there summer of 2014!  Each year we have a fund raising banquet and last week we held our annual banquet with a Christmas theme.  Ladies in our church decorated tables and it was indeed a winter wonderland.....

Lots of stuff for bow trees!

Homemade pillows

Tables.....they weren't for sale

Silent auction items from Uganda.....homemade nativity....

The Superhero bid on this and won......I actually just realized it wasn't this picture but one like it...

 Our local newscaster on the left.....Meredith Terhaar.....emcee.....a PA friend on the right who has been to Uganda with our team doing medical work.

The founder of Mercy Uganda....Laura Knetzer.....she and her husband, Mark have given their lives completely to this ministry.  She's also my dear friend and I love her.

It was a great night!

The strangest things happen in Walmart.....a few days ago, I was buying a few groceries and in the checkout line I felt someone behind me a bit too close.  I value my personal space greatly.  When I finally turned around an older man (not creepy at all) said "I love your ring".....speaking of my wedding ring.  I answered that I did also, but that I loved the man who gave it to me so much more.  He said "well, he must love you a lot" that point I decided I wouldn't tell him that I actually nagged the heck out of told the Superhero a few years ago it was time to upgrade :)....then he said this and I tried not to laugh...."I'm as bad as a woman, I love diamonds"  Just a sweet little event.


MIL is doing very well after her knee replacement surgery!  This is such good news.

My last blog post disappeared!  Just poof....gone into wherever things go to in internet space.  My sister noticed and asked me about it and when I tried to find it....yep....gone!  I have no idea what happened or how to retrieve that post!  

And with that thought in mind......I opened a fortune cookie one night and it will be very prosperous if you use your creativity.  I guess I am not destined to be prosperous!


I know this post has a lot of picture overload!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Tracy said...

That was quite a short parade for the amount of people/bands it had. Blink and you missed it I guess.

debi said...

I lost a post once and actually found it and retrieved it...nope, can't remember how I did it :-) Aww old memory, sagging south the list goes on. If it should come back to me I will let you know!

Loved this little post and the photos, especially love photos! What a great cause...our church has three tribes in Africa we support...I especially love to here that they get fresh water. I just can't imagine life without it.. Grateful I am!


Unknown said...

The photos of the Homecoming parade are very nice. A one block parade route is short, but hey, at least they did it.

noexcuses said...

I truly believe that one could never have too many photos. Kudos to you and your church for all of hard their work. I copy my posts to a zip drive because I'm paranoid that I, too, will lose something I made.

Nonnie said...

The young lady is gorgeous! Hopefully there were other events that day for her to enjoy her special day.
I'm sorry your post disappeared. You had some great pics on there of you with your grand kids. Ay chance of re-creating it?
The tables were pretty. I like hearing reports of things that are being done to reach out to others in these practical ways.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes she is beautiful!! I love the picture you won. Sounds like a wonderful banquet. The sweet man at Walmart. Glad to hear your MIL is doing well. So are all your posts gone?

Doreen McGettigan said...

Lovely girl in the short parade! We have one on the 30th of November. It takes forever but is always good.
The banquet tables look so lovely and I agree such a great cause.
Honestly there never is a dull trip to Walmart,the characters in those stores, oh my!
Have a blessed weekend...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

What a nice looking girl very pretty we don't have homecoming parades here down under.

I have never lost a post thankfully

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What a short parade ... glad it was a nice one even though it was short. So glad to hear that your MIL is doing well. What a wonderful mission to be involved with,

LBDDiaries said...

Your brother is very handsome! I can't believe they only drove a block - so funny! Love the header picture - I miss water. Ponds just aren't the same. You can never have too many pictures - and you are a very creative writer so guess you gotta change your confession!

Sweet Tea said...

Loved all your photos. What fun that type of banquet is - hope you raised lots of money for your wonderful cause.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like your Mercy Uganda is really making a big difference in many lives. That is wonderful and the banquet looked very successful too.

The homecoming princess looks beautiful. How fun to be a part of it!

Glad your mom is doing so well. It is always difficult at that age.

I love your new header, but miss the picture of the two of you.

Cathy said...

I missed this post until tonight...I agree about you being a very creative writer! I missed that talent....and all the other ones too, I guess I just have to settle for bring the oldest and most gorgeous sister(wow, see how I snuck that little bit of humor in?)

Diane said...

I just love a good parade, we have our Christmas coming up in a few weeks, so lots of marching fave. I'm like you at the check-outs....I like my personal space and almost always someone is right behind you in your space zone. Great post! Diane

Mrs4444 said...

I lost the diamond in my wedding ring a couple of years ago and never bothered with replacing it, though I do wear a fake-diamond ring in its place ($20).I'd rather take a nice trip than have a new wedding ring,so that's what I nag Mr.4444 about.

What great work, the Ugandan mission. It must feel amazing to be part of something so impactful. The fundraiser looks like a really nice event, too.

Glad your mom is doing well.

As for the lost post, if it's important to you, you could try Googling the title; sometimes you can find a "cached" copy of such things. That's how I once retrieved a bunch of blog post photos that I'd accidentally deleted.

Thanks for linking up! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!