Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Friday again......

And on Friday, I try to participate in Friday Fragments because the word fragment suits me!

Thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting Friday Fragments.  Head on over to visit her!

I do feel fragmented with the bathroom remodel going on and can't wait until it's finished to show you how pretty it is!  But not yet!


I love my Kindle, but the bad thing about it (or the good thing about real books) is that you don't see everything....say about the author.  I'm reading a book right now about a woman who gets divorced and in the title it says memoir, but I'm not sure if it's a true story or not.  I want to know because she's right on the mark when she talks about the emotions of divorce!


I had an appointment with my psychiatrist this week.  Yes, I have a psychiatrist....I highly recommend you get one too!  I was working my courage up to tell her I had weaned myself of one of my medications because I wasn't having appropriate emotional responses and to tell her that now I was, but not inappropriate ones.  SO......I thought my appointment was for a certain time and on my way to said appointment, her office called to say I had missed my appointment.  I BURST into tears.....well, that's appropriate right???  Just say yes........they quickly told me to come in later that afternoon.  Now I had to explain why crying over a missed appointment is normal.  She was very sweet about it and told me I knew myself better than anyone HA! and that I seemed to be doing just fine without that medication!  And she didn't tell me to find a new doctor.  I was afraid she would.  Did I mention I suffer from anxiety??  Oh, yes, I'm not crazy.....just anxious.  and maybe a little crazy.  I'm also pretty sure she's including me in the book she's probably writing!

I know I've said this before but tax season is almost over!!!!   This makes me very, very happy.  Except for the part where we didn't make reservations at our favorite RV park on the beach and now they're filled......oh, well.......I'll just be glad to have to superhero home before 8 pm at night!  


Even though he gets home late, the superhero and I are walking every night.  I'm starving myself and losing weight very slowly.  Very, very slowly.  I now count ounces lost.  The really sad thing is I know I'll have to eat this much less than I'm used to for the rest of my life in order to keep the weight down and I love to eat!


I think I'll take my fragmented self into the kitchen for my paltry little breakfast!  

Because for now, I'm all fragged out!


Needled Mom said...

I love reading your "frags"!!! You are so funny.

I'm glad that your doctor gave you the advice that you know yourself best. That is so true. The best part is that YOU had the sense to change things up.

Hey....loss is better than gain when it comes to weight.

Enjoy having the superhero around!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Oh I could have definitely written this post ... except I'm not getting a bathroom remodel. :-( I wish I were!!!

Just one word of advice: it's going to get worse on the maintaining your weight. As you get older, your body needs fewer calories to maintain ... so you'll need to eat even less as you get older! :-(

Unknown said...

I hate when the house is torn up too... right now I'm not remodeling anything but the kids have been home for a week... almost the same thing, right?

debi said...

GReat post! I too think everyone should see a shrink. If insurance paid it I think I would do so once week...I used to love seeing mine. I saw it as a non judgmental visit with a friend :-)who knows my story.
My best weight tip from Weight Watchers...fill up on fruits and veggies...all you want....and do the water thing. No more than 3 oz of chicken, beef ....4 of fish. Keep moving and you will lose! Good luck...can't wait to see the bathroom...

Stella said...

Yes, we do know our self better than anyone but sometimes it's hard to remember that. Glad you have the courage and insight to know what's best for you. Keep up the good work.

Keetha Broyles said...

I taught my kids class the story of Job Wednesday night, and while reading Job I found the verse from which you get your blog title!

Sometimes crying is a very appropriate response.

I stopped trying to maintain my weight. I'd rather be happy than thin.

Fisherhubby would rather be married to a happy wife than a grouchy albeit thin one.

Dawn said...

I should join the Friday Fragment club, since everything I write lately is fragmented. But I can't seem to get going every week any more!!

As for knowing about the author - just google her and you should find her web page and learn about her.

Glad tax time is almost over! Too bad about your fave spot.

Dawn said...

BTW - on the weight thing - ARGHHHH!!!

Cathy said...

Yes, losing weight is very hard, especially after 60!! I have been working on mine since Jan 2 of this year and am finally seeing results....glad I saved my too small capris from last year...I will also save my too big ones now, just in case. I feel better about myself and my blood pressure is much better, but it is hard. Good luck sister!!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I think you are right... everyone should have a psychiatrist... it makes me nervous when I hear that someone's GP has prescribed them an anti-depressant/psychotic/aniexty med... I want to! No!No FWIW, I don't have one and have never been medicated, but if I thought I needed to be, I'd go to the right darn dr!

I just put my taxes in the mail... you reminded me, but now I am panicked that I didn't sign the federal before I sealed the envelope... I know I signed the state, so I MUST have signed the federal!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm glad you have a doctor. I went for many years and have been thinking about going back!
Now this is simple: Google the author!
Now did you cry about the RV place being filled up? That would have me crying. Glad tax season is almost over and way to go on the walking.
We didn't put the weight on overnight so coming off slow is the best way although it does piss me off!!!

His Song to Sing said...

Sorry I don't get around to commenting on all your posts, Nancy. I definitely need to cull out my Google Reader as I had 130 something posts waiting on me to read this afternoon. I really do enjoy reading yours ... especially these Friday Fragments. Makes me feel better about being so "fragged out" myself!

Good luck on your weight loss journey. I was on one too until Hal brought home a case of Thin Mints! I was doomed! They're gone now so I guess I can get back on the wagon.

Anonymous said...

DON'T STARVE YOURSELF! Woman we really need to talk.. You won't lose weight and keep it off if you do that! lol I recommend therapist also!

UnicycleRose said...

I really enjoyed reading that, a week late, but it made me chuckle none-the-less. I love how frank you are about your Psych, very cool and real of you! I love that! And that is a funny story how it all played out. That is awesome that you and your Superhero are walking together. It is great talking time AND you are burning calories. Don't starve yourself too much ;0)

Deb said...

I'm playing catch up on my happy you made it through another tax season...hope you get some time for relaxation...

Deb said...

I'm playing catch up on my happy you made it through another tax season...hope you get some time for relaxation...

Mrs4444 said...

You are a cutie-pie; I enjoy the voice in your writing :)

Still not sure if you're referring to menopausal symptoms, since having to eat less to maintain the same weight is also one of the horrible side-effects. Grrr

Great job on knowing yourself well AND choosing the right doctor :)

Thanks for linking up!