Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2015 Continues

The words in a hymn state much of what 2015 held...Sorrow and joy flow mingled down.  That's what 2015 felt like lots of sorrow and lots of joy.

One of our DIL's mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer about the same time as our BIL was diagnosed with the same cancer.  DIL's mother, Rosie, died after only a few months, while our BIL, Johnny died at the beginning of 2016.

DIL Arwen with her mother Rosie....so thankful Rosie got to see Arwen and David married

Russell's sister and husband Johnny with children and grandchildren.  Daughter Sarah not pictured.

A good friend of ours who had been very successfully battling cancer for a few years suddenly became very sick and it was discovered that the cancer had reappeared and even though he fought and his doctors fought, Mickey lost his battle in June.  

We had a quick visit from one of our sons and his family and the grandsons enjoyed Pappy's tractor

And a little target shooting

Supported our local sheriff when he put In God We Trust stickers on patrol cars.  As you might can tell, we stood in the rain. 

Did a little fishing with the Superhero 

Had a cousin reunion.....with just a few cousins

My Aunt Evelyn, her daughter Jo and husband Steve.  Jo is also battling cancer 
Mercy Uganda fund raiser......my dress was made for me by a Ugandan woman and is the traditional kind they wear, except their sleeves are puffed much more! 

Our favorite missionaries and friends, Mark and Laura.  

Enough for now.......there are exciting things to come....

Monday, February 22, 2016

2015 Highlights

So.......here I am again.......over a year later, I'm going to attempt writing a blog post!  I miss you all and confess that I only get by to see all of you every now and again, but not because I don't want to know what's going on, but because the days seem to get away from me and before you know it the day is gone and it's time for the Bachelor bed.  
The Superhero and I have decided that we are officially getting older.  Our bodies are telling us this in so many ways.  The Superhero had some heart testing done this year and thankfully, he has a heart and it will be ok as long as he takes his meds and follows doctor's orders.  

I started volunteering at our local hospital in the NICU as a Cuddler.......one who holds and cuddles premature babies.  What a wonderful experience.  I wish I could show you photos, but there's Hippa and all that so just trust me......the babies are adorable and appreciate being cuddled.

My brother, the oldest of the clan, turned 70 in 2015!  
He had a great party!  Since only gag gifts were allowed, this was the one I made for him......since I'm trying to keep myself from saying political things, you can figure out what the gift is dart board of a young man not to be named with darts.  Can i just say it was his favorite gift?  

Brother Tommy loves to BBQ and isn't this a great cake!?  

Fun times.

In April of 2015, my sister Cathy and I went to visit friends in Key West!  Native Floridian or not, this was my first trip to Key West and it was so much fun!

Katie, Minnie and AC.......friends fortunate to spend three years in paradise

Coconut from tree in their backyard......not my cup of tea! 

Thanks to our gracious host, Beau!

Katie and Beau

Key West is the sunset capitol......gorgeous!

That gets us through April of 2015.....

Of course other interesting things happened....
Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc., etc., etc.
But enough for today.  I'm started and I'll continue 2015 later!

Glad to be back

Monday, February 2, 2015

Without her...

Without her, life is very different.  
A year ago today was the last day of mama's life.  It had been a long, long eight days.   Mama was completely unresponsive all those days as we sat with her or in her living room.  We talked, reminisced about our family life.  

She was unresponsive except for a brief moment in time when her caregiver came in and.....
Angela stood over her and talked to her.  Mama started making noise like she was trying to say something, but not like she was actually conscious.  That was an emotional moment.  

After she died, I wrote this post which talks about how I and perhaps my brothers and sisters felt at the time of her death.

Now?  A year later?  My head is so happy that she is in heaven with Jesus and daddy and all her brothers and sisters.  My heart misses her in many ways.  I miss her voice, her laughter, her quick wit.  I sometimes stop and think I haven't called her today or I need to go over to see her and then I remember.  

I'm thankful the memories we have of our parents are good memories.  

The memory of the righteous is a blessing.....Proverbs 10:7

A little added note.......Mama loved the Superhero and the Superhero loved mama, but he's not one to say a whole lot.  He came to see mama one of the nights shortly before she died.  I think he may have been shocked at how unresponsive she was, but he started talking (remember he's a man of very few words!) and he thanked mama for me!  I can't remember what else he said because I was sobbing by that time.  I can remember one of my BIL's saying.......thanks Russell, now what will the rest of us say?  

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Goodbye 2014.......

I really can't say I'm sorry to see you go, it's been a hard year!

I'm counting on 2015 to be a great year!  
But before I say goodbye, I just have to post about Christmas. 

It was a quiet Christmas Eve and morning at our house.  We went to Christmas Eve service at church then had a light supper at my MIL's.....then home to bed.

Our Christmas morning tradition continued with the Superhero cooking a huge breakfast.  This year our crowd was slim.  The youngest flew to Minnesota, and three sets of children and grandchildren live far away.  That left us, MIL, son David and his wife Arwen and son Jordan and our nephew.  We managed to put away homemade hashbrowns, sausage, bacon and pancakes!  

This is after breakfast because I forgot to take pictures during the cooking!  

MIL and nephew

Then the present opening started.....
Grandson, Jordan

David and Arwen

After all the gifts were opened
everyone left and the Superhero took a much deserved rest.

Later in the day, we all met at my brother's home for our annual Christmas dinner.  We all take our special holiday dishes and there is so much food!

Even though five of the six of us were at Christmas dinner at my brother's, it was a relatively small crowd.  Here is just a little sampling of our afternoon.
Grandson, Jordan with my sisters

BIL Dick saying a big hello

Sister, Cathy and BIL Dick.....look at that hair!  It's backkkkkk.........

The Superhero and me

Son David and my brother, Tommy.....our gracious host every Christmas

DIL Arwen, David and brother Tommy

Niece Joneida and nephew Dickie

Four of my great nieces

My niece Jennie and her sister 

BIL Mike and sister Debbie

Nephew John and niece Amy

Three sisters......we try to get this picture at every get together

Two great nieces

My MIL and my brother's MIL

Since I didn't put a tree up, I thought it would be nice to get a picture of my brother's tree.  

My sister, Cathy, brother, Tommy and cousins Claire and Ellen

SIL Lois (the other half of the host team) and her granddaughter, Lauren.......who just became engaged!  

The youngest generation got the clean up job this year

Few of the guys 

Brother Michael

SIL Pam and her sister

We had a wonderful afternoon.  There was a little bit of bittersweetness during the day missing mama and BIL Mike's mama this year.  
But we couldn't be too sad when we stopped to realize they were celebrating with the REASON for the season!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that 2015 will be the best year ever for us all!

So long 2014......