Saturday, January 30, 2010

What in the world???

O.K. have any of you ever clicked on the handicap symbol at the end of the text box when making a comment?  If so, any idea of what that is that happens?

My sister asked me about it.....since her husband is in a wheelchair and seemed perfectly qualified to click on that symbol, he did.  After she told me about it, I clicked on the symbol and got the same response.

First, click on wheelchair.....wait a few seconds and you'll hear a ping, ping, ping.  Then someone talking a foreign language?  

Anybody know what this means?  It sounds ominous!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Please Pray for Lisa.....

I have always loved that their are so many prayer warriors in this blog world!  I have a new friend that needs our prayers. 

Lisa is facing some really hard days ahead and will need all of our prayers!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday stuff.....The week in review

First, run over to Mercy Uganda to see what our team is up to on this latest trip to Uganda.

What an exciting week we've had around here....first a little not so good advertising for a restaurant we really like in San Destin.

I have been telling my sister and her husband for months about a really nice Mexican restaurant at Grand Blvd. in San Destin and that they should stop by sometime on their way home and try the food.  They are big Mexican food lovers.

Sooooo.......they did just that Thursday evening after a very stressful day here interviewing people for live in care for our mother and all that goes with that, a good Mexican meal and a margarita sounded like the ticket so that was the night they stopped to try the one I had so highly recommended. 

They got into the restaurant and asked if they were in time for happy hour.  Yes, they were, but happy hour was only in the bar area.  In the bar area are the bar and booths.  As you can see, either might pose a problem for my BIL.  So my sister asked could they make an exception and let them have it at a table.  NOPE.  They were not rude or impolite to my sister and her husband, but they just weren't making an exception despite the fact that he couldn't sit in the bar area.  

My sister thanked them and they walked out, rode down the road and had a great meal at J*m and N*cks BBQ.    I am deeply disappointed in this restaurant and think they were just plain wrong!  Kat, this is one of your favorite restaurants too!

O.k. enough with the complaints.  Sort of.....

Monday.........found out my thyroid was way out of whack.  All I did was go in to make sure my bloodwork was o.k. and to get prescriptions.  That's all, there was not supposed to be any surprises!

Tuesday........Bible study with a group of women that I love and had a great Bible lesson on the disciples.

Later that day, had a thyroid ultrasound and found out I have some small nodules....probably nothing to worry about.  I love it when they say that.  Check again in six months.

Wednesday.........Found out I actually do have a backbone when I got a call complaining that the CNA's at the retirement center where mama lives were having to actually do something for mama.  We have had around the clock care for over a year and they haven't had to even touch her......but she's been having a few hours alone for ONE week and I have been there almost half of those hours which may be why smoke started coming out of my ears and my head started spinning around  I decided I needed to have a talk with someone.  I happened to be turning into the parking lot at the retirement center when I got that call, and so just walked right in to see the head nurse.  I was NOT loud or anything like that, but I did remind the nurse that mama actually pays to be on assisted living.  I think we got that worked out, although I've gotten a couple death stares from the complainers. 
  Later, kept three of the most adorable toddlers in the church nursery during our Wednesday night service.  Two are walking and one is soooooo close! 

Thursday......took the boys to the vet during a break in the storm!  Later I went to the mall and turning into the parking lot saw this...

Poor guy, earlier it had been to the roof!  This happens often when we have a large amount of rain in a short amount of time.  The ditch just blends in with the road. 

Later, four of us siblings got together with mama to interview a potential live in caregiver.  We really liked her.....I would appreciate any and all prayers that this works out well!

Also on Thursday we found out something really wonderful...... I know I've already told you, but I just have to say it again.......I know I put up the ultrasound already, but once again......It's a boy!  Of course, that was the highlight of our week.  The most interesting thing is that they did a video and posted it on FB......I won't tell you how many times I've watch it....four.  So far.

Friday........I had coffee with my other sister who spent the night after our day of interviewing, then she left to visit her MIL and mama and I just can't remember the rest of the day!  Crazy huh?

Saturday........... hubby and I rode out to some property we have and just looked around.  We found a sectional sofa with recliners, lots of shingles, lots of beer bottles and various other things that people dumped there during the week.  Nice.  If you're ever in the market for cast off furniture or burned out cars, get in touch and we'll strike a deal! 

Today........ we had a wonderful day of worship.  Time to remember Who is actually in charge and that He can handle any and everything!  After lunch, I went to visit mama until she went to supper.  I've been reading to her and started to do that today......we both fell sound asleep!  Woke up just in time to walk down to the dining room.

Now, I know you are all fascinated with my week and now you can relax knowing that I survived!  :)

We continue to pray for the people of Haiti, the people of Uganda, the leaders of our country and all soldiers and their families everywhere!  We also, DH and I, continually count our blessings!  

Have a great week! 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!!

It's official!  We are having a grandson!  We are so excited and grateful that God would allow us to be part of this new little life that He's knitting together right now.  

Oh, that he grow to love you Lord!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A wedding story.....

Long, long ago in what seems like another life, three women were blessed to be friends and have small, small children who played together.

There was one little girl who loved to sit on my bar and eat cheese dip out of my crock pot.  We were so afraid she would be fat.  

The children all grew up and went many different ways and the little girl who loved to eat cheese dip so very much became..........a 6 foot model.  Yes, on the cover of a magazine.  I guess she worked out a lot!  Not really, she just had really good tall genes!  Then she became a chef....I think......then she started making really gorgeous jewelry.  Now, she's a wife.  A very good occupation! 

Yesterday that little girl, all grown up, got married!  

They had a small private family wedding, then a reception for family and friends.   Below Christy and her new husband are just entering the reception.

Does that girl look happy?  The new husband is trailing along behind.  I was so glad I got to see her in her wedding dress and veil! 

Here she is with her brand new father in law and two other guys that just got stuck in the picture.  I wanted a picture of her entire dress!

The bride with her mama! 

The two girls on the left are sisters, Ashley and Lauren and a friend.


The brother, Troy.......he and my son, David, are the same age. 

The bride made these beautiful cupcake cakes!  AND all the little take home treats.


The grooms cake.  The monogram and border are made from M & M s.


The three friends who produced these and even more children!
Strange, we looked a lot younger then.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!

The youngest of our four boys turned 24 today.  It's really so hard to believe that they're all so grown!

Not to grown up for a cookie cake!

 Tommy, Daddy and Matt.

Since he's also about to graduate from college, we thought this sign was appropriate!

Our children are all grown up!

Matt,  we're proud of you!

And of course, we love you!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta laugh


The precious boy was just trying to save my life.  I tried it, AFTER we figured out once again how to turn the thing on, and it nearly killed me.  Russell got a good laugh though, so it was worth the pain I'll have tomorrow!


After a long, tiring day, you really need a good laugh.  I always manage to get one and here is today's stress buster!

I do mean after a very stressful day, I ran to S*m's Club.  I bought the WII game Just Dance, cat litter and depends for my mom.  At the register, the guy looks at the Just Dance game and says is this for you???

To which I reply in my sweetest voice  Yes, why do I look too old to be dancing?

Cashier......Oh, no mam, get your groove on!

Get your groove on????  The training sessions need to be longer.

Then I noticed him looking in the basket at my other items.....

Don't forget I had a huge container of cat litter too.....

The evil woman living inside wanted to say.......Oh, I spread that cat litter on the floor, put a depends on and shake my booty!  

But, I didn't.....I just smiled.  Once outside, I laughed out loud.  So of course, I got some more oops, she's crazy looks.

Look, people.......what part of stressful day didn't you get???

I'm ready now to put that disc in and boogy......or excuse, me, get my groove on!

Got stress???  Laugh!  It really is the best medicine!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddie

This is Maddie when she was just a toddler....please ignore the vacuum cleaner.....

Maddie really loved our old dog, Sam!  He was so patient with all the little kids....we miss him!

I know!  We can't believe it either!  Maddie's eight years old today!

Happy Birthday sweetie, Mr. Russell and I love you!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My newest follower!

My niece!  I'm assuming she's been lurking here and just decided to come out and comment!  Yay!!!  

Below is my niece and husband at her brother's wedding back in July.

She is my brother Tommy's daughter.

Debbie reminded me that my cousin's husband, a great art teacher, designed the new tornado at Bay High School.  And so, I think I'd better clarify for the record that I don't hate the new tornado, I just liked the old one better.  Maybe because it was our know the old tornadoes' tornado!

Also, I really must say to all family members that read my blog!  First THANKS!  I love my family so much, each and every one.  I mean we did put the fun back in dysfunctional!  I'm mainly speaking of myself here!

But second, I can't start worrying about what each and every person thinks or I'll go crazier!  Russell says that would be such a short trip that I can't take that chance!

I never, ever mean to be mean spirited.  I just talk here mostly.  Just random thoughts that scurry through my mind.

So, if you lurk.....come on out and comment!  I'm not sensitive....oh, unless it's a day when I am.  But I do want to hear what you have to say....all of you.  Any of you.

On this colllllllddddddd day in January, may you each have a wonderful and blessed day.  I'm off to get ready for a bridal shower!  More on that later!

Welcome Debbie, I love you!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Prayers for the soldiers

Often times, the really hard stuff in life, like war, just becomes news on the television.  We wince when we hear and see the bad things that happen, but it doesn't really touch our own lives.

Oh, that is unless it involves someone we know and love.

The picture below is of a dear friend of ours, Don Tibbetts being greeted by his toddler daughter when he came home in 2004 from Iraq.  This picture was in the Orlando Sentinel and was called Tears of Joy.  If you look closely, you'll see tears on Don's face!  He missed his daughter's first and second birthdays. 

You may miss this, but she has a little American flag in her hand.  

Sunday, he'll miss her 8th birthday.  He's on his way back to serve another year.

Maddie made this poster to go above his bed so he won't forget how much she loves him!

Don and Nikki have another child now, 4 year old Charlie.  Here's is Don explaining to Charlie how to handle things at home for him while he's gone. 

Don and Nikki at the sending off ceremonies.  That's another thing I think we often forget.  Mamas and daddys leaving mamas and daddys back home to take care of things they are used to doing as a team and making decisions alone and praying they are the right ones.

The kids were all making posters for their dads and moms.

There are just no pictures that can truly show the depth of sacrifice these families make for our country.  I listened to each soldier saying how proud they were to serve.

Please take the opportunity to pray for all of these families, those left at home and those in harm's way.  My heart just aches for them all.....especially, Maddie, who really gets it this trip.  Her mama says she has cried like an adult since her daddy left.


All the kids got dolls and can put their parent's picture in the face portion.

You can see that Maddie and Charlie are keeping their daddy doll close by and safely bucked up.

Nikki said Maddie took hers to school with her today and when Nikki asked her if she was sure she wanted to take him, Maddie just teared up and sobbed,  Don't you think they know where he's gone?

God bless all you soldiers and keep you safely in His arms!  

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday

This morning these two shaggy boys headed to the groomer, thinking why???  Well one reason is that Jack, the little black demon bites me when I try to brush him.....especially his ears.  I think he has little man syndrome! 

On the way to the groomers, I passed my old Alma Mater.....the same high school my mama graduated from and my MIL and FIL AND almost everybody I know, well except my BIL who went to the only other high school in our day....ahemm

When what did I see when I looked up at the school's billboard? THIS...

 This is my great niece!  Amanda Bluejean Banks!  Her actual middle name is Kathleen....but her grandfather calls her Amanda Bluejean.  She is a fourth generation graduate of Bay High School!

Good job girlie!!!!

We're all so proud!

While I was lurking walking around the outside of the campus, I took a picture of the tornado!  Back when I was in high school there was a different tornado in the courtyard.  One that frankly, I liked better!  It had a least that's how I remember that tornado! 

What a day......After the picture taking episode, my car was strangely drawn to T. J. M*xx.  Just as if it had a will of it's own.  Things were on sale and seemed to just appear in my buggy!  As soon as I possibly could escape, I got out of there and headed to the mall to buy a wedding gift for a really special young lady!

I don't know how many of you have shopped in D*llards lately, but there are very few sales people.  In the wedding department there were none.  I searched until I found a young man who came over to help.  Does anyone else find that the younger generation doesn't have the same sense of humor we have?????  In fact some seem to have no personality at all.

While making my purchase, the young man asked if I would like a gift card enclosed and I replied yes, thank you, I would.  I asked him to put the following.....

May God richly bless your, Miss Nancy and Russell J.  The young man looked up and said to me......are you a miss or a mrs.  ?  I said, I'm a Mrs. but I'd like you to type Miss on the card please.  Did I need to explain to him that this young lady had called me Miss Nancy all her life?

Trying to lighten things up, I said to the disgusted young sales man....You know, you have to have a certain sense of humor to work with the public......especially elderly ladies like me.  Not a blink of his eye, not a crack of a smile.  Oh, well!  I'm just rattling on while my cheese wafers cook.  For the shower.....for the sweet young lady that's getting married.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Later in the day when I went to pick the dogs up from their hair appointment, Mikey looked great......Jack looked.....well, see for yourself....

Poor little guy, they not only cut his ears short, they shaved them and cut his head so short that he looks......let's just say he's not beautiful and he knows it!

Well, folks, on that note I think I'll say goodnight! 

Monday, January 4, 2010

So far....

It's been a good start to the new year!  Nothing special, no resolutions....just a peaceful, easy feeling....hmmmm.....I think there's a song about that. 

This is the first year in a long time that it's staying cold for days.  I like it!  I like being able to wear more than two sweaters in the winter.  Without sweating!  

Russell came home, started a fire and we just warmed by the warmth! 

We felt kind of like this........

Oh, if you have a chance, run over to Mercy Uganda to read about the team that will be going to Uganda in about two weeks!  There's a lot of excitement when gearing up to go.  Read all about it!