Monday, June 23, 2008

Is there a 12 step program for my doggie???

This little dog is waiting for Matt to get the laser light. He will stand up like that waiting forEVER! Bless his little heart, he's not bright, but he's sweet and kind of cute.

From the first time he ever saw a laser light beam, he was addicted. He goes completely nuts and when you stop, he gets really crazy. Really, we need to check him in to the Betty Fido Clinic!

I'm doing this senseless post about my dog because I'm nervously awaiting morning. Morning when I will load up my suitcases after carefully weighing them several times. You know, after each time I added this little top or these capris, just in case, and drive to Pensacola to board a plane to California.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled about what I'll be doing when I get there. It's just the getting there that scares me. Yes, scares me badly! I do have meds to help.....oh, yea, and my sister is going with me....but we don't have a parachute. My brother offered to get one or even two if we decided not to tandem jump!

Once we get there, I will have my arms full of grandchildren. I'm just too excited about that particular part of this excursion.

Oh, and the other thing, I actually managed to get my makeup into a quart sized zip lock. In fact, in my purse I even put my breath mints into a zip lock baggie. I'm so rule oriented.

My sister then asked if I thought they would really go through our purses to which I, world traveler that I am, said, "gee, I guess they could". You see at our advanced ages, we have to take an extra pair of, shall we say delicates in our purses. You just never know.

So, if it crosses your mind, say a prayer for us for traveling mercies.

I most probably won't be near a computer and yes, I'm having withdrawals as we speak. No, I didn't do posts to go out every day as if I were here. I'll be gone about 8 days.

The only post I did was on politics, which I wisely decided to delete so that none of my 4 or 5 readers would leave. I'll let you guess as to what my politics are. If you guess correctly, I might even do a post. I get kind of opinionated about politics!

Please don't desert me! I'll be back.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, handsome grandson. Adam is 12 today. I love you!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Weekend

Talk about a busy weekend! Whew! Of course, I'm totally panicked about packing to fly to California Tuesday. TUESDAY! I just can't believe I'll be leaving so soon. I'm horrible at packing so I've been in a stew!

These two are in town for a friend's wedding....

which made it a great time to have MIL's birthday dinner!

Even my mother came! She doesn't get out much because her arms hurt so badly. Speaking of arms, don't you think someone could have said "Put your flabby arms down!"? I'm just thankful I didn't have a flag painted on them! Good reason not to get tattoos girls! Believe me, your arms will flab too one day.

We had a great dinner and birthday cake and ice cream was the icing on the night. We even convinced Uncle Hugh to come! He looks like he's praying, I think he's just shy! :)

So Happy Birthday Mom, Mema, Mary Catherine! We really missed my FIL tonight.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Help needed....

Next week, I'll be flying out to California to see my grandchildren. My grandson will be having his 12th birthday and my granddaughter her 16th. You all know that, I've raved about it, but I do have a small problem.

I always give them money for their birthdays, but since I'll actually be there, I want to take a small "extra" gift. Ashley is getting the locket she wants, I've got a cute outfit for their little sister, but I'm stuck on Adam.

WHAT DO YOU GET A 12 YEAR OLD BOY????? Remember, it has to be small and light. The suitcase you know.

So if any of you have a 12 year old or know what to get a 12 year old, please, I'm begging you, let me know fast!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life gets back on track.....

Today was my first day back to my Thursday morning Bible study in a while! I co-lead with another girl who has pitched right in and been so faithful while I was out helping care for my FIL. It felt so good to be back. To sit around the table with these sweet sisters in Christ and discuss questions.

Oh, of course, next week I'll be out to California! I'm excited and nervous about going out to visit the grandchildren and their parents! Excited to see them all, nervous about packing and flying. O.K. packing. I know I have been to every store in our town looking for things small and light! These new packing rules have thrown me for a big loop.

Because I need my stuff. I really, really don't know how to travel light. It's a good thing I don't fly much or I would have to hire a professional packer!

Oh, and I don't do that great with airplanes. I get really scared, frightened, terrified.......get the picture? I'm not sure if I've told my airplane story before, so if you've heard it, just skip this part. When my soon to be 16 year old granddaughter was 5 weeks old, my then 12 year old son and I went out to visit. Oh, what a feeling when I walked off that plane and took that sweet baby girl into my arms for the first time. I'll never forget the feeling of love that just gripped my heart and has never let go.

It was a wonderful trip. I turned 40 while we were there. I slept on a cot in this young families apartment. Cots aren't for 40 year old grandmothers.

Eight days later, we boarded a plane to return home. I was exhausted, I mean down to the bone.

I hadn't flown much and hadn't been to an airplane bathroom since my now 37 year old son was 15 months old. But, nature and the soon to be long forgotten free soft drinks took their course, and I finally had no choice but to get in a long line for the restroom. (rest being the thing I needed most).......

I got into the bathroom, which in airplanes is the size of a postage stamp, thought I locked the door, sat down to "rest" and with my elbow resting on my leg, holding my head up. Suddenly the door opened....that's right it just opened and there was a man who was every bit as mortified as I was. Just at that moment I glanced over at the mirror and thought to myself,oh, my gosh, I didn't realize how really wrinkled you get when you're tired well, you can stay in this tiny room until you land, or you can just muster up whatever dignity you have left and exit back to your seat. I exited, the guy was nowhere to be seen, but a little girl in line, oh, maybe 10, was snickering. I'm thinking the guy probably jumped out of the plane, I never saw him again.

I inclined my seat the 1/4 inch it reclines and promptly went to sleep only to wake when we landed at our destination.

I am fully expecting this flying experience to be much, much better! It will probably help that there are no more free drinks on the plane!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Recently, Russell's cousin and wife and their 5 children visited from Arkansas. We had a little family get together while they were here and this is a picture of my MIL's cousin, who was raised as her brother, Uncle Hugh and Russell's cousin Russell! Obviously, there are several Russell's in the family.

Russell is a minister of music and is very talented! We enjoyed the day, with kids swimming and cousins visiting.

The church pew they're sitting on belonged to my friend. When she died, her girls gave the pew to me and it has a place of honor in my home. It reminds me of her, she was such a faithful Christian.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get a licence before you cross that line.....

Fishing line that is.

On our camping trip, we took a ride to just have a look see at all that quietness.....and this is what we found. Apparently if you fish on one side on the sign, you need a Florida fishing license, on the other side a Georgia license. I wonder if the fish know the difference?

Monday, June 16, 2008

A few days of rest

We took off in the motor home (better known as the ARE. V.) last Wednesday afternoon for a few days of much needed rest. It was a beautiful, secluded place just two hours away, a very secluded place, but beautiful. Well, it WAS in the country. The nearest grocery store was, well convenience store comes to mind. We take most of what we need, but we always forget a few key ingredients! It was a very secluded place. The camp host was nice. He rode around on a scooter making sure no one was whooping it up too much in all that seclusion . No sir! All quiet after 10 p.m. don't ya know! All I did after 10 p.m. was take the dogs out in the pitch black, dark, secluded place.

We watched a couple of movies I took, walked the dogs, read and let's see, oh yea, rested. We couldn't fish because we didn't have a boat. My brother told us to take a boat, but we already pull our car so we couldn't take a boat too! Maybe next time, he'll come with us and bring his boat.

The other thing we did for entertainment was eat. Now that I'm working out on the Wicked Wii (I renamed the Wii Fit), I always know exactly how much I've cheated as soon as I step back on the little darling. 4.4 lbs. gained. In 4 days!!! Is that even possible??? Talk about adding to depression.

This little restaurant was great.....seafood (good seafood) buffet, all you could eat plus drink and tax $7.00. No kidding...$7.00. We were stunned, but full.

Speaking of depression, we were near the Florida State Hospital, so I decided to go for a ride while hubby was studying. For you that don't know, it was formerly known as an insane asylum. The buildings are from the 1980's and they have been beautifully kept up with rose gardens everywhere. My husband was afraid they were going to keep me and wanted no part of that!

It was the first time in our married life that neither of us had a father on Father's Day. My daddy died 12 years ago, just 6 months after we married, and Russell's dad died in May.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sad Update

Little Audra Elizabeth left this earth today to live forever with Jesus. She fought the good fight! Please pray for her family, especially her mama who wanted her and loved her so.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I may not be....

I may not be technologically all that savvy....but I am sitting here in charge of my husband's blackberry (I fondly call it blueberry which drives him crazy!) He's out pressure washing the driveway and can't hear it ring, so I'm officially in charge!

Actually, we were both working outside. I recently cut back a lot of border grass that had just gotten out of control, so I put 18 bags of cypress mulch out before the thunder got so loud that I decided I could possibly be hit by lightning if I didn't get inside. We really are the lightning capital of the world. Maybe the US? We have a lot of lightning!

So, I came in and showered, even though you really shouldn't do that in the lightning either! I was really dirty! DH played worked in his RV (by the way, I pronounce that verrrry southern, like this, ARE V), just so you know, until the lightning and the rain stopped and then went back to work pressure washing. I chose not to work any longer as I was clean and all.

Which brings us to why I've been placed in such a position of responsibility with the Blueberry :). Something isn't working right in the RV and he's waiting for a call from someone who may be able to tell him how to fix that something. I don't know what it is, just that I can't help. Oh, I mean except by waiting for the ringing of the phone. Hopefully, I can figure out how to answer!

We went to a beautiful wedding last nite.....It also would have been the 60th wedding anniversary of my inlaws. So after the wedding, we skipped out on the reception and took MIL to dinner. All of us children and grandchildren sent her flowers to honor the day. When I called the florist, she said they could do it, but that it was a very busy Saturday with weddings. The reason? The date was 06-07-08, and apparently many people wanted to be able to say they were married on 6 7 8.

But when these two got married it was 06-07-1948!

So this Sunday is drawing to a close. Oh, an update on the mama and baby I asked you all to pray for! Glad I remembered! The mama is doing great! So is the baby!!!! 1 lb. at birth, but she may have gained some by now, I don't know. She has a long way to go, but way to go Audra! Please keep praying. This is the best prayer group I've ever known!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life is just soooooo daily!

And is that just too true???

This life is not easy. Things are always going this way or that way, or the wrong way.

Hey, but on a more pleasant note, well not pleasant, but anyway.....our youngest who is home for the summer bought a Wii Fit! Today I worked out 24 minutes and felt like I had been in the gym for an hour.....It's great! I did balance, aerobics, strength and one yoga stretch. I'm here to tell you it is a hard but oh, so fun way to work out. I immediately got on the Internet trying to find know the boy does have to go back to college at the end of the summer.....and there was not one to be found. There is even a Wii tracker??? Who knew? He says I can use it every day.....I wonder if I'll be able to turn it on?

On the down side, the hateful thing figures your BMI and told me I was overweight! Did it think I somehow didn't know this and needed to be reminded??? NO! But I figure if I work out on that every day, by the end of the summer I should look good! Oh, wait, it isn't a plastic surgeon, but maybe they'll come out with that soon! I'll be so happy!!!

Please, on a serious note, pray for my niece's friend and her family. She had her baby at only 24 weeks. The mother was very sick, but is getting better. The baby weighed 1 lb.1 oz. She is hanging on.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Reason That We Sing....

Our church's youth choir just returned from the 16 choir tour! Every year they present a homecoming concert and tonight was just one of the best! At the end of every concert, they invite the alumni choir member to join them on stage to sing "The Reason That We Sing".....tonight there were almost as many alumni, including our son, as choir members! I love the song, and when they all lift their voices together in praise, I cry. I just do, can't help myself.

Copy this and paste it into your browser. This is actually our choir 2 or 3 years ago. It will bless your heart!

Monday, June 2, 2008


This comes over from Dawn at

In your entire life, have you ever....gone on a blind date? Yes, I don't recommend it.

...skipped school? Once, got in small town? Don't skip school.

...watched someone die? Yes

...been to Canada? No, but I'd like to!

...been to Mexico? Yes, my grandchildren are Mexican and I went the first time when my granddaughter was 5 weeks old.

...been to Florida? Oh, yes, I live in Florida! :)

...been on a plane? Yes. HATE IT! The only reason I fly is because my grandchildren live on the other side of the country.

...been lost? Many times! I have a horrible sense of direction. I get lost in town and I've lived here my whole life!

...been on the opposite side of the country? Yes. And I'm going back this month for my grandchildren's birthdays!

...gone to Washington, DC? Yes, I even have a funny story about it.....I went for the day with my 2 sisters and their husbands. While we were there, they stopped all traffic for the president's motorcade. President Clinton was returning to the White House. He passed by and then we crossed to the parking lot and a rat ran across in front of us. My brother in law quipped "Now we've seen two rats today." Now, why would he say that??

...swam in the ocean? I live on the world's most beautiful beaches. I swam in the Gulf of Mexico....but I almost drowned as a child and I have a very healthy respect for undertow!

...had your booze taken away by the cops? NO! My daddy would have killed me.

...lettered in a high school sport? No.....I wasn't much of an athelete.

...cried yourself to sleep? Many times. It sure stops up your nose though.

...played cops and robbers? Yes, as a child, we neighborhood children played that and war all the time.

...played dolls? I played with dolls until my early teens. I got a Ken (of Barbie and Ken) car once for Christmas.

...recently colored with crayons? No.

...sung Karaoke? No, but I've heard some really horrible karaoke singing

...paid for a meal with coins only? Yes.

...done something you told yourself you wouldn't? I probably shouldn't go into all that.

...cheated on an exam? No.

...made prank phone calls? Yes, Also rang doorbells and ran....Bad Girl!

...laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Yes, and that's pretty gross!

...caught a snowflake on your tongue? No, grew up in Florida

...danced in the rain? I've played in the rain.

...written a letter to Santa Claus? I don't remember if I wrote a letter, but I did believe in Santa until the middle of elementary school.

...been kissed under the mistletoe? No.

...watched the sunrise with someone you care about? I can't remember ever being up that early and if I was I was so grouchy that I probably missed the sunrise!

...been arrested? NO.

...blown bubbles? Often.

..gone ice-skating? No, I grew up in Florida

...been skinny dipping outdoors? Actually, yes, at nite with my husband. It was scary and I wouldn't do it again. You can't see at nite you know.

...had a nickname? Terrible teasing ones. My last name was Duncan, so I was called Duncan Hines, my nose was big so I was called Danny Thomas and the "nose knows"

...been to Africa? No.

...eaten cookies for dinner? Oh, yea

...been on TV? If I have I don't remember.

...stolen any traffic signs? No. Once again, the father who would have killed me.

...been in a car accident? Not until this year and I had someone back out of a parking place and hit me and then someone ran into the back of my car at a stop sign.

What is your....

...mother's name? Margaret

...favorite drink? Diet Pepsi

...favorite alcohol? I like a glass of white zinfendel with dinner.

...birthplace? Panama City, FL

...favorite vacation spot? California because the grands are there.

...favorite salad dressing? I don't think I have a favorite.

...favorite pie? peanut butter!

...favorite number? I don't have a favorite number.

...favorite movie? I love movies. I'm not sure I can think of a favorite.

...favorite holiday? Thanksgiving.....all the food, no presents to buy.

...favorite food? Mexican

...favorite day of the week? Friday, I always think I'll sleep in Saturday morning.

...favorite brand of body wash? No favorite.

...favorite toothpaste? I really don't have a favorite.....we're using pro health right now and it is NOT my favorite, it leaves a film.

...favorite smell? Cookies baking!

Do you have any...

...tattoos? I hate tattoos too, but my eyeliner is tattooed.

...body piercings? ears

Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4

What do you do to relax? Put in a movie and get in my bed.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? I'll be 65 3/4.......hopefully having fun and still growing....mentally, not physically!

This was just a fun thing to do....if you do it, let me know in my comments.

Busy Weekend.

It's official! Summer has arrived and it is hot! But it is beautiful and sunny.

Oh, yes, today is also the beginning of hurricane season. We start watching the coast of Africa for any development, then tracking it to see where it is headed. I'm praying they all go far away and hit no land mass....they make me nervous.

I love these flowers....they come back every year and require little to no nurturing. That's a good thing!

This has been a very busy weekend. Our church has called a new senior pastor. Our senior pastor is going to be assistant minister for missions. He will be spending more time in Uganda and possibly other places. Friday nite we had a time of fellowship and getting to know Cory Colravy and his family. It was lots of fun and they seem to just fit right in with everyone. Blogger isn't letting me link (don't even say it) but this is the link to our pastor's website. It is very interesting and tells everything you need to know to go to Africa.

Saturday morning the elders met with him to ask him questions, have him ask them questions and just get to know each other.

Saturday afternoon, I attended the 80th birthday party for my aunt. This is she and her 3 children.

Saturday nite, we attended the 50th Wedding Anniversary for a sweet couple in our church, then met Russell's mother, his nephew and wife and his nephew's wife's parents for dinner.

This morning, we had breakfast at church, then a question and answer time with the new pastor elect. He preached, we held a congregational meeting and voted UNANIMOUSLY to officially call him to be our pastor.

We went home, I went into a mini coma for a couple hours, got up and went back to church. This has been a full weekend.