Saturday, October 12, 2013

Deal......or no Deal?

 Wonder what deal or no deal means?  It's me.....I can deal on some days and then find it hard to deal on other days.  Oh, just like you?  Good, I hate doing things alone.
It's been a stressful few weeks and I'm pulling myself up by the bootstraps or flip flop straps as the case may be.

I'm late, but I'm joining in on Friday Fragments where we empty all the small things that are floating around in our brains.
Thanks to Mrs. 4444 for sponsoring.

AND Christmas is coming.....I love Christmas but not the gift buying part so 
after reading a post over at my friend Debi's blog, I rushed over to look at her daughter's etsy site.

I purchased some lovely Christmas gifts from Jackie at Saltboxhousesigns.  If you haven't visited I highly recommend going over and browsing for your Christmas gift list!  I can't wait to show you pictures but alas will have to wait until Christmas.  I have already received the gifts and they are top quality and so perfect for what I wanted.


Although the Superhero does not read my blog, he hears me talking about it on a somewhat regular basis on the rare occasion.
 And lately I may or may not have been in a good mood.  I apologize Superhero even though you'll never know because you don't read my blog.
So........this morning when I mentioned that the bar was messy, he jumped up and said ....... who can fix that?????  SUPERHERO! While I was laughing hysterically, he cleaned all the clutter from the bar and wiped it down sparkling clean!  The Superhero did two things for me.....he cleaned the bar and made me laugh.  Of course, he did make the snide little remark that most of the stuff on the bar belonged to me!  

But no matter....


Have you heard of the country Facility?  Yes, it has to be real because I talked to a woman from that country on the phone last night while trying to register something I had purchased. We spent a wonderful 45 minutes together with me mostly saying "huh"  or "could you repeat that again, I don't seem to be able to understand you"......At the end of the conversation, I asked where she was know as in country?.......and she answered "Oh, I'm in Facility".....sigh.  The worst part of that conversation was that awful moment when I realized the reason other than language that we couldn't understand each other was that I had ordered the wrong thing and no matter who I had been talking to or from what planet it wouldn't have worked.......  SIGH......

The next day I chatted online with her brother Zen.....I kid you not, although he did say he was in the Philippines!  


Last night we ate at a local restaurant and this was our view.

There was live music and he sang my kind of songs which was really nice.


Lastly, I must post this now because if not I could miss my window of opportunity.  I just discovered this is National Pet Peeve week.  
My personal Pet Peeve is honking horns!  I just absolutely cannot honk my horn and I hate to hear others honking.  We spent one day in D.C. 20 years ago and there were so many things to love about the city, but my goodness no one can drive without honking their horns.  I wanted to get out and ask if anybody really thinks gridlocked traffic will move if you honk your horn enough!

That's it for me......
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.