Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Things that make me go hmmmm.......and the latest....

The last six to eight months have been such a blur with a LOT going on in my life and the lives of those around me......but instead of talking about that today, I thought I would just talk about nonsensical kinds of things....

When I'm standing in line to checkout at the grocery store, I always glance at the covers of magazines and lately one thing has flown off the cover and slapped me in the face.....

On the cover of one magazine, this title grabbed me.....How to look great in your 30's, 40's and into your 50's.....WHAT?????  So what about us 60 somethings???  WE want to look good, WE still care.....WE aren't OLD!  Maybe I should submit an article about looking good or at least wanting to all your life!

The craziest things happen from time to time......the other night, the Superhero and I went to eat at an Italian restaurant that is not only one of our favorites, but owned by our sweet, Italian neighbors.  We had a nice leisurely supper after a stressful day and as we were walking out another couple was coming in so we stood back to let them enter.  My mind was on a completely other planet at this point and I was just navigating on cruise control so after the wife entered the gentleman guy continued to hold the door open for us.......I walked out and then the Superhero walked out and said thank you.  This ordinary looking, polite man said you are welcome and then snidely added .......you're welcome too mam.  I honestly didn't understand what he said at first, thinking he said you're welcome MAN!  Then it hit me and I asked and the Superhero laughed out loud and said, yes, he did indeed chide me for not saying thank you!

My blood pressure boiled because I AM A REALLY NICE PERSON......REALLY I AM!  So nice that I said I was going to go back in to explain the "two flesh become one" concept to this man and inform him that my husband was thanking him for the both of us!  The more I thought about it, the worse I felt because of course, I don't like anyone to think I'm not nice!  
The poor Superhero is still hoping I'll get past this and forget it so he can forget it too!  

So just in case you read this, sir......THANK YOU!!!  
And if I wasn't so NICE, I would find you and punch you in the nose. *****

This handsome guy graduated from high school!  

And this handsome guy too...


I don't know how everyone else feels, but I think political correctness has run amuck in the last few years and it's getting to the point of being ridiculous!  I probably shouldn't elaborate on that one too much, but anyhow......just thought I would throw that in at this point since I'm rambling in general.


We took a little trip down to see our youngest grands and had a great time.  

While we were there, our son took us to his new office and.....ahem......we hope he kept his job after the grands got through with the office!  

Charley typed a memo.....

John tried on a hard hat.....

AND....signed a few forms that he felt should go out immediately!

Pappy with one happy grandson and one not so happy one!


Me too, Nana!

Swimming with Pappy and Nana...


We hope our older grands come this summer and I'm working on that now.  Wishing they all lived a little closer!


Recently, the little grands made the trip here to see all of us in North Florida.  As you can see, we had a wonderful toy for them......the basket we put our newspapers in until trash day!  They loved having Pappy give them rides!

Charley went with us to Sunday School

And....loved being a part of this little group!

 We had a little cookout/swim day to celebrate Charley's 4th birthday......Uncle David and Jordan joined the party.

Pappy and Nana finally got a picture with our little guys .......

and we snapped a four generation picture with Mema, Pappy, Tommy, Charley and John

 Mommy, Daddy and boys

Charley had a great time blowing out his candles.....can't believe he's four!

John just had a great time playing

Charley got a balance bike for his birthday.......he wanted to know where the pedals were!



Near the end of the day, Charley politely asked Uncle Dick if he could have a turn in the wheelchair!  I guess he thought Uncle Dick was hogging the wheels!

Only one brother was able to be with us....

Uncle Matt came after work...

Pappy is always the cook

Thanks Uncle Mike for keeping the cook company!

To those of you who have emailed and been so sweet to ask how I was doing, thank you!  I know this is just rambling and way too many pictures, but it's the best I can do at the moment.