Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow, the week flew!

Well, this week has really gone! I can't believe it is Friday already! I know you were all just worred sick about where I might be~!

Wednesday, my brother and I went over to Pensacola to sit with my sister while her hubby had shoulder surgery.

Jack hates it when I leave. To punish me, he goes into the bathroom and sits with his head turned and pouts. Yes, it makes me feel bad. Sorry, Jack.

Here's my brother and my niece in the waiting room......where we waited, and waited and waited some more.

Poor Cathy was getting more and more nervous! She finally got someone to tell her that it was indeed taking longer than expected, because the doctor had to do more than which point, well..............let's just say she got totally and completely hysterical was a tiny bit upset. With good reason!

After much more extensive surgery than planned, tons of instructions that no one could remember later, they finally got home. Then the fun began in earnest! Just look at him........he doesn't look like he's just had surgery!

Get well, soon! Be sweet to your caregiver!

My sister is taking great care of her husband.......they have an anniversary in February......hope they don't kill each other first!

And just in case you bored, here's something for you to read backwards! (Click on the picture to read it in bigger letters.)

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Superhero saves the day........again!

That is my husband with his laptop solving a problem for usual!

For reasons I probably shouldn't go into on my blog (even though you know I'm an open book) I have to do a payroll every week. Always the day I do the time sheets, I'm in a bad mood. I am not a bookkeeper, I am just in this position because....well, I'm in this position. I had a particularly bad time with the job and complained (yes, Bible study ladies, it is a sin! AND I'm sorry) apparently quite a lot, so tonight husband decides to make a spread sheet to make it easier for his little wife. Maybe he's just tired of hearing me whine???

I don't know, maybe you all know how to do spread sheets and know all the formulas and such, but as for me, I thought spread and sheet went on the bed! No, my husband didn't think that was funny either. I worked with people.....delinquents....they couldn't do the math any better than I could. My husband is very good with numbers, spread sheets and probably most anything else you could bring to mind. I asked sweetly for him to show me how to set it up so I wouldn't have to ask him every week. He replied, just watch me. go his fingers like a race horse out of the gate, he puts on his concentrating face and I'm just lost. He worked on it for an attention span isn't even that long!

At one point, I asked how he knew what the formula for each cell was and he just looked at, and please don't miss this ladies, your husbands will love this.

Are you ready?? I was frustrated and said,and I quote......"you just think I'm stupid because I'm stupid!" I didn't mean to add that last stupid in there, it just slipped out.

We both had a great laugh! He set it up, he saved it, he put it on my computer and now.....I have to utilize my new spread sheet. I'll find out next week if I'm a good student!

I'd like to say congratulations to one of the young mothers in our Bible study....she missed our study yesterday because she was having a baby!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Year's Miracle!

This morning I got a call that changed my day! My friend whose son has been in the hospital (mostly in ICU) since December 3rd called to say he will be going home soon! HOME! I could hear the joy in her voice. When Matt went to the hospital, the doctor told the family that he didn't expect him to live 48 hours. Many times during his stay in the hospital, they had moments when he was close to death. He had multi organ failure.

My friend's faith never wavered. She was very aware that she could lose yet another son, but she was always aware that God's will would be done! More importantly, she trusted God that whatever He chose to do was right.

Prayers started from so many places, and have continued. Even nurses in the hospital were praying and let Linda know they were. She told me that it not only comforted her in dealing with a critically ill child, but it renewed her faith in people. In America. She said that in a time when we hear so much about removing Christ from everything, to know that people worldwide were praying made her realize that there are always people who are faithful to Christ.

Continue the prayers! And thanks from a grateful family and their friends!

But I have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me. Psalm 13: 5-6

Monday, January 19, 2009

For the love of George!

Please go over to Tonja's to read the article honoring George W. Bush.....

I want to thank Tonja for taking the time and for honoring our President!

If you want to see pictures of his years in office, you can go over to this link which was left in a comment at Tonja's.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my BIL Dick! He's old, but I'm not supposed to talk about it, so shhhhhh!

Happy Birthday Dick!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Whew, made it through....

The night! I almost turned the burglar alarm on, but since we've never used it, I figured I would just set the thing off if I messed with it, so I was right there living on the edge with just the doors locked!

Growing up in Smallville a small town, we didn't keep our doors locked much. With as many as we had coming and going, we would have kept the locksmiths in business. We did have one of those chain locks. The chain was long enough that we could open the door, stick our hand in and unlock the door. We just didn't have to worry about burglars and the like back in the good old days!

Funny though, since it was supposed to be a hard freeze last night, we left the pool pump on which meant the cleaner was going too. Every time the cleaner comes to the surface, it sprays water either on the doors or my bedroom windows. Even though I'm used to that sound, it caused the dogs to sit up and have a bark or two! The sound is like 20 light knocks on the glass doors or windows. Anyone who has a dog knows what the sound of a knock at the door causes!

Speaking of the boys, they have both been having a few health issues lately. Mike has allergies and an ear infection and has to take a pill twice a day. He HATES taking them and runs when he hears me get the bottle out, but lets me pry his mouth open and shove the pill down his throat.

Now, Jack.......well, he's a horse (or dog) of a different color. He has jaws of steel and if you do manage to get them pryed open, he bites the fire out of you! Last night, before the guys took off for the woods, I asked Russell to give Jack his bite and Russell was done! I finally got a crow bar dropper and managed to keep his mouth open while I stuck my finger and a pill down his throat. Hey anything for my babies!

I'll bet this is the most fascinating story you'll read today! Have a great Saturday and stay warm!

Friday, January 16, 2009


After an impromptu pizza and cake birthday, these three took off for the great unknown to hunt for the elusive deer! Matt drove in from a long week at college in Jacksonville and Tommy from a long week at work in Ocala to join their dad in a hunting trip for the weekend.

O.K. they are in bliss! Oh, and me, you ask??? I'm in bliss too....I put my pajamas on, popped a movie in the player and settled down with my dogs for a little rest time!

That is right after my next door neighbor came to ask if I knew someone had been prowling around the neighborhood. WHAT??? No! I, of course, didn't know or I wouldn't be here by myself with two attack cats and two sickly toy poodles! But here I am and not a bit afraid! Actually, I've had very few times when I was afraid of being in the house alone. Just a few. Did I mention that I've been scared a couple of times?? In my whole life???

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt!

Happy Birthday to Matthew! He's 23 today. Matt is a joy to have as a son! He's so much like his dad, which is a very good thing! Here is Matt with his cousin back before Christmas. Matt's on the right.

He's a man of his word, very trustworthy, has a great work ethic (works every vacation from school), is very focused on what he wants in life and knows his Lord in a personal way which is the quality that matters most! Matt has a great sense of humor. Occasionally he even walks on the wild side.......of course, his dad and I know nothing about that!

When Matt and I first met, he had just had his 7th birthday. The time has passed so quickly since then....thanks for letting me be a part of you life, Matthew! You have been a good son and are a great friend!

Have a wonderful day today, but don't forget to study! :)

We love you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All Call for help.....or maybe just advice!

This is my mama. She lives in a beautiful assisted living facility and has her own two bedroom apartment with her own furniture so it is just like home. She's lived there for 4 years and has been so happy.

Her level of care has gone from needing a little help (which the CNA's that work there can provide) to needing help with most things (which is beyond the scope of their care).

She currently has around the clock caregivers, but it is draining her financially and at the rate she is spending money for care, she will only be able to live there about 1 more year.

We hope to find someone who is willing to live in and would have their own bedroom and all meals free and a small salary.

What I'm asking all of you, is have any of you been in this situation and what did you do to take care of your parent?

We have considered moving her in with one of us, but she would be so unhappy and none of us could care for her fulltime.

Her mind is very sharp, she has a wonderful sense of humor; her body is just deserting her. The cartilege in her shoulders is basically gone and her legs are weak. She walks only short distances now.

Any advice would be so appreciated along with your prayers for wisdom on the part of her children!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Take the dogs to the vet day.....

These two had an appointment at the vet today. Just their annual checkup....of course Mikey has allergy problems and Jack is crazyhas issues! By the time we got out of the vet's office we might as well be taking toddlers to the doctor in more ways than one!

First, we go in.....Mikey is walking on his two back legs he's so excited and is on a short leash, while issue boy has to be pulled or carried. I carried him so I wouldn't look like an abusive pet owner.

There are other dogs in the waiting room. Nice, well behaved dogs. Sitting quietly in their owner's laps. NOOOOOO, not my babies. They go crazy immediately trying to get to the other dogs and whining. Other dog owners look at me with pity. I know what they thinking. Maybe she should get help for them. After a while they quiet down and we wait for ONE hour. Told you it was like taking kids to the doctor didn't I?

When we finally get back in the room and they get their dreaded shots and we find out Mikey has an ear infection and needs medication for that AND his allergies.....AND that they both need special for the allergies and one for Jack who throws up a little too often. Especially if he's on my bed. Usually on my side! Oh, and the vet offered to put Jack on prozac, no kidding. I told her I would work with him more at home. I won't, but she won't know until next year. AND she said we need to hire an animal behaviorist for him. I needed one for my children too and since they didn't get one, I can't in good conscience get one for my dog!

Take another look at them. At bedtime, Mikey always has to have his chicken and Jack always has to have his man legs. Yes, I said man legs. It used to be a whole man, but Jack chewed his upper body off. Then Mikey chewed one leg off, so actually I guess we should call it man leg. Anyway, they can't go to bed without them!

Did I mention they are just like children!? Maybe I need the behaviorist!

I finally did get productive today. I shampooed my carpet in the living room and scrubbed the tile in the kitchen. I did a few other housewifely things too.

I do realize this is so boring, but I wanted to make sure you didn't think my life was too exciting.

Actually, there are some really serious things happening right now. Humor, and the hand of the Lord, has always been my way of coping. If you think of us, pray for a few unspoken requests!

Monday, January 5, 2009

On the fifth day of January......

I realized that I had made NO resolutions. Well, I made one to start exercising again and lose ____ lbs.

But then evil boy, otherwise known as youngest child, made sugar cookies. He makes some great sugar cookies! He finally hid them which was really good for me!

Uh oh, I caught him with his eyes closed! This one is going to make a great husband! He's so much like dear old dad, he cooks, he can just about do anything he sets his mind too. Very important quality in a husband. He's really smart too!

My other resolution is really the most important. Read and study the Bible more and spend more time praying. We start our Thursday morning Bible group again this coming Thursday and it's a brand new one for us called, Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges I've just started reading and so far I am really enjoying it and think it will be a great study. We have some women in our group who can discuss with the best!

AND I also followed husband's lead and used the step and weights for 20 minutes today......he worked out for 30 but he's just got more stamina than I do. So, I'm not skinny yet, but I sure am sore and will be moreso tomorrow.

The rest of this is so random. I just read this again, and I need to make a correction. The first of this is random too. I'm sorry but my mind is going fast.

Friday, Russell and the two younger boys men went to the woods for the weekend. Tommy killed a big buck right away so back to town he came, dropped the poor murdered corpse at the meat market, stopped in for a moment to beam and went right back to the woods. Then, oh dear, oh dear, Russell killed a hog. WHY???? He cut the hams and loin out for US TO EAT. I mean, for him to eat. I just don't eat anything I've seen running through the woods. Don't even tell me how hamburgers are cows, I know that but I didn't watch them run freely and happily down a trail.

If we invite you over to eat, I'd ask what the meat is if I were you!

On a completely other note, my granddaughter informed me she's now a vegetarian. ??? I'm not sure where that came from, but good for her! She'll be the healthy one.

O.K. that's it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another year is gone...a new year awaits!

And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. Isaiah 58:11

This scripture from the prophet Isaiah is my prayer for the year 2009.

Dear Lord,

May you guide me continually and satisfy YOUR desire in my life. Make my bones strong and make me able with your strong arms around me to withstand the trials and sorrows that surely will come......please water me like a garden as only You can with a spring of water, that living water that never fails!

Thank you for your Word that gives us guidance, comfort and shows us how to live. Thank you that it never changes, that You are the same yesterday, today and forever. Give me the ability to rejoice in all situations....knowing that this world is not my home. AMEN

Another year has passed quickly, they're passing a little too quickly these years are.

I started a long, month by month, post like I did last New Year , then I decided that was then and this is now and I don't really want to recap the entire year.

I'll just put it this way, there were times of great and overwhelming joy. There were days of great and overwhelming sorrow! But through it all, the Lord has brought us to another brand new year.

He has already written the post for next year. He has a plan. I trust Him.