Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Birthdays.....

Yes, that's plural!  We are celebrating two birthdays today.  

My oldest son, Paul....
This picture is in our apartment in Alaska.  You can see the sign out the window for Eielson Arms Apartments.  Do you think he wanted to go outside??

He's forty two today.....that is 4.2.  and hard for me to believe that I'm old enough to have a 42 year old child.

And the Superhero, who will forever be older than me!  At least for eleven months out of every year.

Happy Birthday!  I love you both.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hit or Miss.......???



We are preparing for a hurricane.  Hurricane Isaac.....which as of now is still a tropical storm....and as of now headed west of us.....and I hope it goes far enough west to give some rain to those who need it!  We don't.  

I've always been very nervous about hurricanes, or as the Superhero says "when the barometric pressure goes down, my anxiety level goes way up"  That's a true statement.  Oh, I know, everyone is nervous about a storm, but I usually go way overboard.

***** O.K. obviously this post never got finished so that's the before and now is the after!

We are praying for all those who got a direct or easterly hit from Isaac.  We were once again spared and only got lots of wind and some rain.  Of course, this morning we woke up to a little while of tornado warnings and lots of rain, but we aren't complaining!

I started to talk about how nervous I've always been during a hurricane's approach.  A native of Florida, I am no stranger to hurricanes.  

Note to family members....these are my memories and only mine.  They could be spot on and they could be the product of an overactive childhood imagination, but for the purposes of today, just remember they are MINE!
Thank you!  Whew!

O.k. now.....I grew up in a two story home and during an approaching hurricane our mama didn't want us to sleep upstairs.  I guess in case the top part blew off! In any case, I remember being scared when a hurricane was approaching and sleeping in the living room and eating by candlelight.  

I googled researched hurricanes in the late 1950's and figured those that frightened me most could have been Hurricane Flossie in 1956 when I was four.  Or maybe Tropical Storm Debbie in 1957 when I was five or maybe a later one when I was a little bit older.  Neither of these were direct hits but merely brushed the Panhandle of the Gulf Coast.  To be clear let me say we don't actually have to HAVE a hurricane, just be put on notice that one is approaching for me to start the anxiety attacks.  After all, my anxiety problems started young and although with age I am able to be completely hysterical rational and understand how to prepare when a storm is coming, it doesn't completely alleviate my heightened sense of impending doom.  

In 1995 as my nephew in Pensacola was preparing to wed in ten days and my own wedding was exactly a month after Hurricane Opal arrived it was especially upsetting to all our family.  I remember waking to my phone ringing very early and my sister in law saying something to this effect "there is a category 5 hurricane headed directly to your front door!"  I may have gotten the wording a little off but that's what I heard.  So I gathered my wedding dress and photo albums, called and learned where my eighteen year old was going to be during the storm and headed off to the Superhero's house.  On the way I stopped, along with every other citizen of the county, at the grocery store to stock up on diet pepsi necessities we would need during the storm.  I called my parents and they headed over to the Superhero's house with their own set of necessities.  Basically, we had a huge party with the following people......
The Superhero's parents, 90 something year old grandmother and his uncle, his brother and wife and our two youngest sons who were young.  My daddy and the Superhero's daddy had fun sitting in the garage on ice chests watching the wind.  I cooked spagetti and we settled in for the duration.  Even though Opal came in around Pensacola Beach, we got devastation all along the Gulf coast.  But both weddings went off as planned.....thank you Lord!

Below are a few pictures I took on my way to work in nearby towns shortly after the hurricane....

If you can't read this is says.....Anybody got an aspirin and the owners' names.  People marked their homes and tried to keep their sense of humor through it all!  
Doesn't look too bad does it?

Well, this is the other angle of the house.  It fell into the Gulf.....

This is just one example of homes and businesses we saw all along the highway.

Please don't misunderstand, I never want anyone to think I make light of a devastating situation.  I think people try to keep their humor because at times, it's all they have left.  All those homes have either been torn down or rebuilt and the Gulf Coast survives as it always does!  

 Many storms that have come near us during the years.......but right now I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to those in New Orleans and Mississippi who have gotten the worst of Hurricane Isaac.  I do assure you that the people all along the coast will rebuild and recover from this storm.  We are a tough breed here in the south!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A little trip......a little sun.....a lotta rain

After waiting out a storm last not yesterday because I'm really behind, we got packed in the RV and got over to the state park for a few days of beach and relaxation.......well in between rain storms.

Saturday was really nice.  We stayed down at the beach and actually in the water most of the morning.   
We rode our bikes back to the RV around lunch time, got ready and went to eat lunch and shop a little.  Then back down to the beach hoping for a sunset....but not to be, the clouds were taking over the sky and blocking out the sun.  Not to be disappointed, we swam and floated for a long time just enjoying the water and if you've never just floated around in salt water, you must do it and soon.  Just after we got back to our chairs to sit and read for a while, a little family walked by and asked if we had seen the shark!   Thankfully, we hadn't seen it or we might have had a mild to major attack trying to get to shore!

All set up in our favorite place with our books, cooler and chairs. Time to relax!

The water was gorgeous!

 Yes, I'm showing off my weight loss......I wore this bathing suit in Disney World in 2008 and it hardly covered my stomach.  Now it fits and I'm enjoying it again.....or should I say for the first time!

We went to bed to thunder Saturday night and woke to storming rain Sunday morning.  We looked up churches in the area and started our day worshipping at a small and very friendly church.  After church we grabbed a bite to eat and went to the movie where the rain brought in tons of other people making us really glad we got there early.  

Monday, same weather....... rain, rain, rain.....So we headed off for a little shopping and decided to eat lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, P.F. Changs.  I wanted desert and they have miniature ones which are about three bites so we had the "Great Wall of Chocolate" in a shot glass and shared the tiny thing!

Back to the RV where we were entertained by the sound of falling rain all through the afternoon and night.

BUT......Tuesday dawned and the sun came out!  We could hardly load our cart fast enough and get down to the beach.  This time, we packed our lunch determined to spend as much time on the beach as possible.

The Superhero hooks that cart with all our things to his bike and we cycle about a mile to the boardwalk.  Then walk the long walk down to the beach.

Looking out from the boardwalk at that gorgeous Gulf!

These clouds worried us for a while.....

But this continued to draw us...

The red flags were flying and when we stood ankle deep in the Gulf we could feel the pull of the undertow....

The surf was up!  These pictures don't show how high the waves really were.

We stayed at the beach until 4 in the afternoon, then packed it up and headed back watching some bad looking clouds.  Sure enough, about five minutes after we unloaded our cart, the rain came down in full force.  

Wednesday morning it was time to get ready and head home.  Our short vacation was over but we enjoyed every moment, even the rain.  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Instead of packing.....

the RV for our trip tomorrow, I'm reading blogs and thought I'd try and do a Friday Fragments early....
Oh, how I wish I was one of those people who scheduled posts instead of sitting down and doing one on the fly.  Oh, well.......that's just my procrastinating self.

So go on over to Mrs. 4444's place and join in for Friday Fragments.  It's fun and you'll meet new people.

We did something this week that we very seldom do......went to a the actual movie theater.  We went to see Hope Springs and although I thought Meryl Streep was good and I love Tommy Lee Jones, I didn't care for the movie.  It was a little too much sex talk for me, but the Maine scenery was absolutely breathtaking.  To add to my discomfort, the theater was as full as I've seen it in a long time and I was sitting in between my husband and a strange man.....he was only strange because I didn't know him.  Nevertheless.....I moved closer and closer to the Superhero as the talk got more and more graphic.

If anyone has seen The Odd life of Timothy Green I'd like to know how it is before I go see it in the theater.  But Hunger Games comes out on DVD next week and I do want to buy that one because it was good and I can watch good movies more than twenty times once.


Since we're getting ready to go away, Russell washed the RV the other evening while I waited for him to finish so we could walk.  Our walking is limited to in between thunder storms, so he poked his head in the door and said maybe I ought to go ahead without him because it was clouding up and I said o.k.  Then I thought a moment and thought but what if it starts storming while I'm walking???  He doesn't call me Miss Positivity for nothing!! The Superhero had already thought of that and promised to come get me if it so much as thundered.  In case I didn't mention it two people were hit by lightning near us and both died.  I have a healthy fear of the stuff.

So off I went.  All was fine until I was almost back home and I saw one bolt of lightning but knew it was far off and I had time to get home.  In about a minute I saw the Superhero's truck headed to get me.....awwwwwwww.  I signaled to him that I was fine and he knew I was almost home, so he turned around.  That man loves me!  Awwwwww......


Sometimes when I'm reading to mama, she tries to go to sleep, so lately I sit real close and give her a little nudge when her eyes close.  She says "Owwww, stop hitting me"  I just grin.  I wish she would stay awake in the afternoons because then she would sleep at night maybe!  Another attempt I make is reading so loudly they can probably hear for several apartments. 


Everyone have a great weekend!
I gotta go pack!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All About the Sunshine

Makes me sooooo happy to see the sun shining!  It makes me sorry I whined about the rain or maybe not.  

But this is how I felt today yesterday. It's raining again today......but yesterday and the day before made a huge difference in my extremely poor attitude!  I was all smiling and sunshiny!

I'm going to try and keep that attitude going because this this will be a busy week.  We are getting ready to go on a little RV trip over to our favorite state park near Destin for a few days of rest and relaxation.  A little recharging of our batteries which is much needed.  Russell is looking forward to a little shopping now that he's lost weight.  Sunday when he was getting ready for church, he came out of his closet and I said uh cannot wear those pants they are huge!  That put a big grin on his face!

Speaking of kitchen tile grout that gets dirty and discolored, I mean we were weren't we? Well, ours was awful so I bleached and scrubbed and have been painting the grout with a colored sealant.  That helped me come up with this tiny bit of advice for the rest of you....DON'T!  I think grout is meant to be discolored.  It is very hard and back breaking to paint those little lines, wipe away the excess and continue.  I have done a lot, but still have a ways to go until all the tile area is done.  But when and IF it gets completely finished, it will look so much better.
But next time it gets dirty.....well, let me tell you it won't be me painting those little lines.


And most the important thing on everyone's to do list today is to VOTE!

I was very happy to show my photo I.D. and verify my date of birth.  Quite frankly, I don't know what the fuss about showing I.D. is all about!  I mean, come on, if you registered to vote didn't you have to show some form of I.D.???  Just do it!  

Hope the rest of your week is great!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Help and

The absolutely Marvelous Melynda needs our help!  Please go over here and take a look at what you can do to help her.



Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just look out the window....

No!  I didn't want to get out of bed this morning when my earlybird the Superhero woke.  Thunder....that's what I woke up to and rain.  I'm so sorry for all you that are in the drought areas and I pray for you to get rain, but if I'm totally honest, I'm tired of having it every single day.  Sigh.....

But since I was awake, I had to get out of bed and drag myself into the kitchen to make that first cup of coffee.  The words "I'm officially down in the dumps" may have slipped out of my lips when the ever cheerful Superhero announced he was off to the woods.  Where does that man get his energy???  

Shame then came along to take the place of down in the dumps as I remembered how very blessed I am.  Shoot!  Can't a girl just be down in the dumps for thirty minutes or so???  Then I looked out the door from my kitchen and saw this.....

Those two tiny white things are magnolia blooms in my neighbors yard.......they have their faces pointed up, outstretched in SPITE of the rain as if they actually welcome the rain.  

And then I saw this.....

This is my side yard filled with water and I remembered that I have always wanted waterfront property!  So I am trying to count my blessings and stop having a pity party since the only attendees are my two little dogs and my cat and they are paying no attention whatsoever and are horrible party goers!  They shall get no treats!

Trying to lift things up a little, our Mercy Uganda team is in the field!  Even more exciting this year as several people are on the ground there in Uganda for the first time.  This year's trip includes a physicians assistant, a physical therapist, an attorney and several others.  Mercy Uganda has teamed up with Bob Hayes and so much work is being done.  It will be so exciting to hear all about this trip when they return later this month.  Go visit both these sites to learn more about the mission and what is happening in Uganda.

We had birthday supper for David this week.  

With his favorite, chicken enchiladas and cookie cake!  Matt was able to come and we all had a good time celebrating David's 35th!  They are planning on a canoe trip later today and I'm thinking that may or may not happen!  

Mama isn't talking much these days and so there isn't a lot of conversation going on.  She loves a good book and was always an avid reader until her shoulders got too bad to hold her books and her eyesight dimmed.  We've been reading a great book together this past week or so.  I read the book a while back, but have actually found that I'd forgotten a lot of it so it's new for me too........I know, imagine that!.....  The book is What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.  If you've never read it, I recommend it.  When I'm reading to mama, I skip the curse words because for one thing I always wonder why on earth they need those words to make their point in the first place?  Anyhow, I choose not to read them out loud.  If you know anyone who is lonely, I would encourage you to read to them.  Reading is so great in that you can read for fifteen minutes or you can read for an requires only a short window of time in your day.  Just do it!

We have enjoyed the Olympics at our house and will be sad to see them end.  It's good to see the USA win so many gold medals and each and every time they stand on that podium and put their hands over their hearts while our National Anthem plays, I cry. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, David!

Last year I wrote his birth story, you can read it here

It is very hard for me to get my mind around the fact that today he turns 35!  Well, at 2:08 PM to be exact.  So technically, he's still 34 as I write this and at my age I'm clinging to technicalities! 

From this happy boy.....

To this happy man.....

Happy Birthday

I love you!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Whirlwind week.......

It's Friday as hard as that is to imagine.  The weeks are flying by and time is slipping like the sands in an hourglass....oops can you tell I grew up watching Days of Our Lives?  But it's true!  Where does the time go?

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 today at Friday Fragments to unload my week.

You've heard the old saying "nothing tastes as good as thin feels"?  Or something like that.  It's true!  And this comes from someone who loves to eat.  But  besides not having a muffin top, there is another huge benefit to weight loss.  This week I had my annual physical and got my blood work report.  My cholesterol dropped 62 points!  I am almost to the normal range.  Also for all those who are tempted to tell me I'm too thin, I asked the doctor and she said and I quote "absolutely not, you are healthier than you've ever been".  So let's just put that one to bed for good!

Another plus???  The Superhero decided to eat sensibly too and he's lost over 35 lbs.  Of course, men lose faster than women and that kind of hacks me off, but I'm so proud of him and when we went to buy new shirts because his old ones were hanging off his new and improved body, I saw how good he felt about himself! Win Win.....


Although it didn't happen this week, my granddaughter went to Hawaii and this is one of my favorite pictures!  

In BIG news, this sweet girl was born!  She was actually four weeks early but decided she was ready to get moving in the outside world!  
Meet Georgia Grace!  Brand new daughter to one of my like a daughter daughters.  I couldn't be more excited for Jeff and Emily!  


My computer is acting up and I don't know how to fix it.  Usually when I'm reading your posts, I can switch back and forth from your blogs to mine, but now when I try to do that, the internet just shuts down.  ARRGG!  The Superhero says.....I could help you but you switched to the dark that he means I have a Mac....oh, well!  


I am fascinated with the swimming and gymnastics portions of the Olympics and last night was jumping for joy for Gabby!  Not only did she give God the glory for winning the gold medal but that smile lit up the whole arena!  Every time they play our National Anthem on that stage I cry.  I'm emotional like that.


Well, friends, have a great weekend!  As for me?  I'm all fragged out!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Enough...... huh? .......

Yea, I know....I'm stuck on the birthday....but hey, how often do you think I'm gonna turn sixty?

Just thought I'd tell you about a few things I did for the birthday day, week, month.....year?

First, thanks to all for the birthday wishes assuring me I would go on even though I'm elderly.  Each and every one is very special to me.

I have five siblings and four of them were in town last weekend and we went out to eat for my birthday and my younger brother's birthday.  You remember him right?  Anyhow.....we missed the baby brother and his wife who have recently moved out to Texas and couldn't be with us.

We are a big, loving....mostly...., loud family and we had a great time.  Below are some scenes from the night.

Me with my eighth birthday present

The honorable eldest and his sweet and beautiful wife

My beautiful older sister.....thank you for organizing this party!

The beautiful youngest sister and her handsome husband

The old lady and her hot husband

My brother, the fifth child, and his beautiful wife

All of us the waitress could fit in the picture

And the rest of us

That was a really fun night!

Sister Cathy brought me this fun wine glass so of course I took it to the restaurant.....yes, I washed it first.....

Sunday night some friends took us out to dinner to celebrate...ever notice how people really notice when you become elderly??? That was another fun night of laughing our heads off.

On my actual birthday, I started off the day with a kiss from my Superhero as he headed out the door to work.  

I heard from every one of my children which made me so happy!!!

I went to sit with a friend and when lunch time came, decided to walk........parking is scarce where we were.......over and get sandwiches from a little shop nearby....when I left it wasn't raining.....I'm pretty sure you can figure out where this is I came out of the sandwich shop it was storming!  Blowing rain and huge drops.  I had my umbrella and so was able to keep the upper half of me and more importantly the food dry.....but my white pants were soaked and spattered with mud.  
But I didn't lose my parking space!  

We ate and then my friend got the call to meet the doctor in another waiting room.  
I witnessed a miracle after lunch that day.  Best. birthday. present. ever!

Leaving there, I went to my mama's to give her a kiss and thank her for giving birth to me and putting up with me for sixty years!  She said.....are you really 60!?
Notice the look of disbelief  

I headed home and the superhero came to pick me up to go to a movie and out to dinner.   The Superhero refuses to buy cards because they're so below is the card he made me...

This, boys and girls, is one of the many reasons he has Superhero status.  In case you can't read it, it says I love you in seven different languages!  The boy is brilliant!  I had already bought a few my own present.  He did also bring me two Ugandan necklaces, which I love!

My sweet MIL and Russell's Uncle had come by the day before and left cards and presents.  

Thanks to all who made this such a special birthday!

Most of all thank you to my Father in heaven and let me leave you yes, I know you thought I'd never end this with this verse that has special meaning to me....

Every good gift and ever perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father.......James 1:17