Friday, November 22, 2013

Where were you?

That is the question of the day today on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  

But first, it's Friday and you know what that means!  Time to dump out the remains of the week and link up with Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments.....

Let me start with a big Happy Birthday to our youngest grandson, John Daniel.  John is a sweet, happy boy who lights up any room.  

On his actual birthday, he had a birthday cupcake......his party is this coming weekend.  Sadly, we won't be able to attend.

Happy Birthday big boy!  Pappy and Nana love you!


Between talking to nurses for mama, taking the dog to the vet and going to the eye doctor for myself, I feel all doctored out for this week. Keeping up with it all is tiring and I live by the calendar in my purse.  Whew!


This weekend Mercy Uganda is having a warehouse sale.  We put a big dumpster at the warehouse because there was a lot trash!  The Superhero and I went over after church Wednesday night and as our headlights hit the dumpster I spied a body hanging half in and half out and and I freaked for a moment thinking there was a dead body that had been dumped.  Thankfully the body moved and I saw my very first dumpster diver.  It was nice that he was taking trash and making it his treasure.  How I wish I had a picture.
He didn't exactly look like this, but you get the drift.


And now to the question of the day.....where were you when John Kennedy was assassinated?

I was in the sixth grade and was at school.  An announcement came over the school P.A. system.  A very emotional voice informed us that the president had been shot and asked that we all stand and have a silent prayer .  That's all we knew as we silently stood and prayed.  Yes, praying in school was very common 50 years ago.  Moments later another announcement came over saying that the President of the United States had died and school was immediately dismissed.  My friends and I walked home in silence.

When I arrived home, I went to my room and cried.  

My grandmother especially loved President Kennedy and had a replica of his rocking chair.....
The rocking chair with the book The Torch is Passed

I love this picture because they look so happy

And who could forget that little salute

No matter our politics, it was such a sad and tragic day for our nation.  Even fifty years later, I cry watching the coverage on television.


It seems like there is very little blogging time lately and I'm late.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Fragments

It's Thursday and I'm here and I'm going to try to participate in Friday Fragments!  If you would like to dump those left over thoughts from your brain go on over to Mrs. 4444's place and join in the Friday party!


So here go my disjointed week's thoughts.

We have a sweet friend who was in the Homecoming court for her high school.  My brother's friend came with his convertible and my brother rode shotgun while I took pictures.  

She was a finalist and isn't she gorgeous!  Sweet too.....the theme of Homecoming this year was the 20's Flappers and she was perfect!

The driver and bodyguard......on the right is my brother

It was a hot day and the parade lined up an hour before the start of the parade.  There were three school bands and about fifty or so cars.  The parade started went ONE block and turned the corner returning to the parking lot.  That was it and I was a little shocked! But it was fun and we were honored to be part of her special day.


Mercy Uganda, the mission we are involved with just celebrated five years!  During this time, our dear friends have made many trips to Uganda, raising money for several wells in remote villages, bringing sewing machines in and teaching the women to sew giving them a way to make a living for their children.  Other projects include teaching agriculture skills, starting livestock programs, teaching hygiene and obtaining sponsorships for children to attend school.  Mercy Uganda has bought a small amount of land and Mark and Laura hope to move there summer of 2014!  Each year we have a fund raising banquet and last week we held our annual banquet with a Christmas theme.  Ladies in our church decorated tables and it was indeed a winter wonderland.....

Lots of stuff for bow trees!

Homemade pillows

Tables.....they weren't for sale

Silent auction items from Uganda.....homemade nativity....

The Superhero bid on this and won......I actually just realized it wasn't this picture but one like it...

 Our local newscaster on the left.....Meredith Terhaar.....emcee.....a PA friend on the right who has been to Uganda with our team doing medical work.

The founder of Mercy Uganda....Laura Knetzer.....she and her husband, Mark have given their lives completely to this ministry.  She's also my dear friend and I love her.

It was a great night!

The strangest things happen in Walmart.....a few days ago, I was buying a few groceries and in the checkout line I felt someone behind me a bit too close.  I value my personal space greatly.  When I finally turned around an older man (not creepy at all) said "I love your ring".....speaking of my wedding ring.  I answered that I did also, but that I loved the man who gave it to me so much more.  He said "well, he must love you a lot" that point I decided I wouldn't tell him that I actually nagged the heck out of told the Superhero a few years ago it was time to upgrade :)....then he said this and I tried not to laugh...."I'm as bad as a woman, I love diamonds"  Just a sweet little event.


MIL is doing very well after her knee replacement surgery!  This is such good news.

My last blog post disappeared!  Just poof....gone into wherever things go to in internet space.  My sister noticed and asked me about it and when I tried to find it....yep....gone!  I have no idea what happened or how to retrieve that post!  

And with that thought in mind......I opened a fortune cookie one night and it will be very prosperous if you use your creativity.  I guess I am not destined to be prosperous!


I know this post has a lot of picture overload!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!