Monday, February 2, 2015

Without her...

Without her, life is very different.  
A year ago today was the last day of mama's life.  It had been a long, long eight days.   Mama was completely unresponsive all those days as we sat with her or in her living room.  We talked, reminisced about our family life.  

She was unresponsive except for a brief moment in time when her caregiver came in and.....
Angela stood over her and talked to her.  Mama started making noise like she was trying to say something, but not like she was actually conscious.  That was an emotional moment.  

After she died, I wrote this post which talks about how I and perhaps my brothers and sisters felt at the time of her death.

Now?  A year later?  My head is so happy that she is in heaven with Jesus and daddy and all her brothers and sisters.  My heart misses her in many ways.  I miss her voice, her laughter, her quick wit.  I sometimes stop and think I haven't called her today or I need to go over to see her and then I remember.  

I'm thankful the memories we have of our parents are good memories.  

The memory of the righteous is a blessing.....Proverbs 10:7

A little added note.......Mama loved the Superhero and the Superhero loved mama, but he's not one to say a whole lot.  He came to see mama one of the nights shortly before she died.  I think he may have been shocked at how unresponsive she was, but he started talking (remember he's a man of very few words!) and he thanked mama for me!  I can't remember what else he said because I was sobbing by that time.  I can remember one of my BIL's saying.......thanks Russell, now what will the rest of us say?