Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throw back Thursday.....

Of the jobs I had in my working years, there is one that stands much so that I worked there three times.  Every time I left for a "better" job, meaning more money, I was ever so glad when they called and asked me to return.  I did......every time.  

JASP was a program was for first time law offenders (sometimes second and third) and was an alternative to the court system.  One of the programs we offered was a parenting group and an educational group for the young offenders.  We had a very capable counselor who ran the parent group and another counselor and I ran the kids group.  The local newspaper did an article about our program and there we are in the clipping above with our group of kids doing our best to teach them to stay out of trouble!  At the time, I had a fifteen year old and an eight year old at home and often when I talked to parents, I actually knew what they were going through...... and I'd better leave that one alone!

I happened to find this clipping and not long after ran into my former co-worker in a local restaurant and had a good time reminiscing about days long past!  She still looks just like she did in that photo!

One of the funny stories, and there were many, was of the parents group.  The counselor running that group was a young guy with a great sense of humor.  One night when the parents were whining discussing the fact that their children hadn't suddenly become angels, he said to them.......It took you fifteen years to mess them up and you expect me to fix them overnight???  That got their attention! 

Many of those young people went on and became law abiding, productive citizens.  A few didn't and we would see their names again......sometimes several times.   

But that newspaper article......that was my fifteen minutes of fame.  

It was the last actual outside the home job I would have.  Three months after I married the Superhero, I "retired" to stay home to help raise two more boys!  That was nineteen years, how time flies!  Thanks for the memories!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Please don't pass out if you happen to check in here.......since my last post was August 31, I thought I would try and muster up a post or maybe a few and maybe more often.  Today a few snapshots of life from the last few months.

It's been a very different year and I'm going back to August for a few minutes.

Two friends and I have birthdays close together and we always try to get together for a joint celebration.  Literally some years, it is the ONLY time we see each other......even though we all live in the same town. This year we had a wonderful overnight trip to the beach, compliments of Sharon on your left.  

We had a great time together.......see you next year girls!  

But with the sunshine there comes rain and we had another death.
This beautiful, intelligent, sweet young woman who was like a daughter to my sister and part of our family for many years, died suddenly and we will always miss her.  

There were the constant flow of birthdays that come with a big family.  

Our dear friends departed for Uganda to spend six months as missionaries with the goal of being full time.  This picture is from their Farewell for Now Party.

Thanks, Mark and Laura for all you do in service for the Lord.  Man do I miss you!  

September went by in such a the end of the month, we had a family reunion.  Now not nearly all of us were able to be in town, but here are a very few of the first cousins.  My daddy was one of ten children, so you can let your imagination run wild with how many of us cousins there are.....unfortunately many live too far away and couldn't make the trip.

It was strange not having mama and something of a shock to realize with the exception of two aunts, we are the oldest generation in our family.  

After the reunion, we had a sisters/friend get a way

The beach was absolutely breathtaking and we had a great time of refreshment and bonding except for that one part where someone told me my hair was scraggly!  Thanks to our sweet nephew and niece for making this happen!

We proceeded to speed through the month of October.  We had a few more birthdays.

Then the Superhero and I loaded up MIL and our dogs and headed down to spend a few days with the little grandchildren, oh, and their parents of course.  

Back home just in time to celebrate our 19th anniversary!  The Superhero didn't want to take this picture......said it was cheesy......but, oh,'s not like he reads my blog and I love this picture!

I have to say these years have really gone by so quickly and not to be cheesy all mushy, they've been wonderful!  

Now it is just a little more than a week until Thanksgiving and already the Christmas decorations are everywhere.  I like celebrating my holidays one at the time so my Christmas decorating will have to wait until December.  

As Thanksgiving nears, I have to say with all the trials and troubles and sadness that has been part of this year, there have also been blessings and I am thankful for many things!  

Whew!  I either have to blog more often or quit!