Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So much to say!

I have so much to say!  But honestly, no time to say it right now.  AHHHH!!!

There is wedding stuff

History vacation stuff....

And well.......just stuff.  

Since we got home, there has been so much to do that I haven't had time to sit down long enough to tell stories, but please keep checking cause surely I'll get to it soon!  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trips and things.....

Seems as if this is the wedding season!  We just celebrated the wedding of our son, David....where we enjoyed a wonderful day of love and laughter!

We are now busily preparing to attend the wedding of our nephew in North Carolina this next weekend.  

We're going to combine that with a little vacation trip, so we're getting the motorhome ready and loaded. Our little home on wheels is ready and we're ready for a little R & R....  Did I say ready?  I didn't mean packed and that's a totally different thing!

We've mapped out our course and know where we're going.

That's not often true in our lives.  We don't always know where we are going or even how we will get from here to there.

But Lord willing, we'll have a wonderful time of refreshing and watch two more joined together as one.

We're praying for safe travels and good weather!

Stay tuned for stories from the road!  

Friday, May 13, 2011

If you do nothing else....

If you do nothing else today, go over to Sara's blog and read her words.  Today is her birthday and she has given all who read this a gift.  

Happy Birthday Sara.  I love you faraway friend!  

Monday, May 9, 2011

And the winner is....


I came home Saturday to a package at my front door!

Now I was very excited because Debby over at Just Breathe had already posted that I won her Blogiversary giveaway.  So as soon as I saw this package, I tore into it took it inside to take a peek.

What a prettily wrapped package waiting inside.

And look what was in the package!  The Willow Tree figurine called Happiness.  She's beautiful. 

But look right below her.......a $20.00 gift certificate to Starbucks!  Which I'm really excited about because I'm too cheap to buy Starbucks for myself.

Thank you so much Debby!  You certainly lifted my spirits!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Wedding Story

On the day after the royal wedding in London, we had our very own royal wedding.  

It was a beautiful day, clear and cool, not a cloud in the sky.  Early in the morning, I sat outside on my patio and prayed that God would bless this union and would be glorified on this day.

On Thursday night, they had their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  

Talking about their vows.  Arwen and David decided to write their own vows.  I must admit I was nervous about David's, but well....more of that later.

 Practicing the walk down the aisle.
 The wedding party in order as they would stand on wedding day.
 Mother of the groom with groom.  

And with my new granddaughter, Devin.

The groom with his soon to be daughter.

As they call themselves......the posse

The bride and her daughter, do they look alike or what?

The bride with the posse

Rehearsal Dinner.  David and Arwen with David's dad and step mom.  His dad had just been released from rehab for a hip replacement that afternoon, so we were impressed he made it to the dinner.  He was the host and did a great job.

The same group with grandma added in....

David and Arwen with Russell and me and Russell's mom.  Matt was across the table but it was just too hard to get to that side to get in the picture.

Arwen with her matron of honor and best friend.

Some of the wedding party

More of the wedding party

That was a sweet night.  But the big event was even sweeter.

On the morning of the wedding, I took down a small box from my closet.  It held two little bonnets made from handkerchiefs and two cards.  Both of my two older sons got one of these at their births.  Click and read the little card and you'll understand how special this is on your wedding day.  I gave it to Arwen before the wedding.

The bride before the wedding with daughter and mother

 The groom's mama and two of his grandmas.  Grandma Duncan wasn't able to be there and we missed her so.

Our two youngest

This was a sweet moment.  David walked over and kissed me on the cheek.

And the wedding was on!  The wedding party started down the aisle.

My BIL was taking pictures with my camera and he wasn't able to get all of the wedding party, but this is the sweet little flower girl

And here comes the bride!

 The preacher asked David to start with his vows and he reached into his pocket and pulled out his notes.  David's vows were some of the sweetest I've ever heard!  I was so very proud of him.  Arwen's were beautiful too, they both just glowed with love!

The kiss

That happy walk back down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs.

 Proud parents

Bride and groom with their mothers

Tommy, Claudia and Charley

Russell with his mother

 Bride and groom with the other set of parents

Bride and groom holding a picture of Ashley and Adam.....we missed having them and David's brother Paul at the wedding

 The bride and groom

The reception

The wedding party

The cake was absolutely beautiful and their topper was so much fun

The groom's cookie cake

Missy and Kim.........Kim opened her home for the reception and we thank her so very much!

The garter

The bouquet throw

Nana and Charley having a bite to eat.......I promise that's not his wine.

Sister Cathy and Missy

Sister Debbie and her son Joshua

Matt, Tommy and my brother Michael.  We also missed my brother Steve and family who weren't able to make the wedding

My brother Tommy and bil Dick and some of the guys

Pappy and Charley

The three sisters

David with Aunt Lois and Uncle Tommy

The bride and groom got comfortable

After the wedding, I took Grandma Duncan her corsage and told her all about the wedding.

And so ended a beautiful day.  The weather was gorgeous, the bride and groom were happy and gorgeous and I don't think the royals did it any better!

I pray that David and Arwen will have a long and happy marriage and always keep Christ in the center.