Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Fragments....

It's Friday and time for Friday Fragments hosted for the summer by the Unknown Mami.  Go on over and link up to dump all the leftovers from your week.


We took a small break and rode up to our property to do a little target shooting.  

My sister shooting.  

This is our man made pond at sundown.  It's about a foot deep and I don't think I'm kidding.  But it's kind of pretty.


You may remember my little episode with the deputies in the neighborhood and how I couldn't keep my mouth shut?  Well, as I was driving out of the neighborhood yesterday, I saw what was obviously a detective (at least he had a badge attached to his belt and a gun on his hip), stopped like an idiot, rolled down my window and asked if he was looking for someone.  OK, he was just walking down the street and I'm a curious woman!!  He said kind of sarcastically "should I be?"  I answered that I didn't know.  He did finally tell me that someone on our street had their car broken into overnight and he was walking through the neighborhood checking to see if anyone else had that problem.  WHAT???  He was walking.  It was H.O.T.  I'm thinking of keeping my mouth shut from now on, but just thinking....


On a stop at the bank, these two parked their wheelchair and walked into the bank.  He's not pushing anyone, that chair is empty, but if they want to sit and take a break an umbrella is attached.  Pretty good idea!  
It reminded me of the things on Betty White's show Off Their Rockers.  

This week has been long and tiring.  Mama's apartment at the retirement center has to be completely redone due to mold, that's right mold!  So many apartments have to be cleaned and it takes a while so residents move into a vacant apartment while the renovation is being completed.  Mama was supposed to move Tuesday.  My sister came to help and guess what? Right!  You guessed it!  They're not moving her this week and we really don't have a firm date.  This whole moving out and back in process is very confusing to all the residents and so it was frustrating that we were put on hold.  Sigh.


My car has an automatic lift gate and it's one of the features I really like.....except when I forget to use it properly.  We were taking a few rolls of paper towels and some other supplies to mama when we made a quick stop at T*rget.  Our purchases safely in the back, we took off.  There was an odd air leak kind of sound and I thought a window was cracked.  That is until I figured out I forgot to push the button to lower the back gate!  Not one other vehicle honked their horn or pointed as paper towel rolls flew out the back!  That was really special!  


I had a little scare while having a routine test right in the middle of all the other stress and while I was wondering if I should panic, this scripture came to my mind.

All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.  Psalm 139:16

All the days ordained for me
were written in your book
before one of them came to be.
(Psalm 139:16)

The Lord was reminding me that He alone knows the number of my days.

Everything turned out fine and I'll just have a recheck in six months. 

Wow!  My fragments are awfully fragmented. So I'll just say

Have a wonderful weekend!  

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday, Friday.....

I have heard it said before and I'm going to say it now.....I love Fridays!  Not JUST because it's the day I can dump all that leftover stuff in my head, but that's one reason.  So if you'd like to join in, go on over the the Unknown Mami and dump your brain!

Oh, and above all else (today that is) do this...


It happened again, I won something.  
Thank you to Chatty Crone for sponsoring this give a way!
I now enter any and all give a ways because you just never know when or what you might win!
This product is from Old World Gourmet and I haven't had an opportunity to try it yet, but never fear I will and then I'll come back and tell you how wonderful it tastes!  


OK.....these can just call them Prince Jack and Prince Mikey.....they are very particular about their beds and when this new one came along to replace the one Prince Jack chewed to nothingness, they decided they did not and were NOT going to use it at all.......oh, that is until the c.a.t. decided he would......then they changed their fickle little minds!  


This is birthday weekend central!  We celebrated Adam's birthday while he was visiting although he will actually be 17 tomorrow!
We miss you like crazy!!!

 And we are getting off I am packing the RV now HA in a little while to celebrate the third birthday of this little guy...

Who just happened to be born on the birthday of my Mother in Love...

Happy Birthday to you all.  God has richly blessed me with each one of you!  


OK, the Superhero thinks I'm busy packing so I'll wrap this up and say to each one of you, have a wonderful weekend and don't forget.....

Today is the first day of SUMMER!!!  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Here and there and gone.....

The first glimpse of him.....that's something that always burns into my memory.  Every time I see him, he's changed and yet the same.  It's most always at the airport.  When I see him come off the plane and start down the hall to where I'm eagerly waiting, I feel tears gathering.  I usually manage to keep the tears at bay as I'm sure he would be mortified.

Adam, my first, he's gotten so much taller.  He'll be seventeen in a few days and he's grown from a little boy to a young man.  He'll be a senior this year..... how did that happen??

As he was coming off the plane, we could hear applause.  We thought it was either for him or for a group of soldiers that were also on that flight......but Adam told us that it was actually for a man who was waiting on bended knee and proposed when his girlfriend got off the plane.  How sweet!  And just how did he get through security?  And wasn't he relieved that she said yes??

We had a really wonderful few......very few....... days and tried to pack in as much fun and as many memories as we possibly had been a year since we last saw Adam.

Below are a few glimpses into his time with his Florida family.
Adam flew into Pensacola where the airline prices are far more reasonable.  He flew the red eye for the first time ever so I went over the day before and spent the night with my sister and her husband.  Adam got in very early!  We went back and visited with these two for a little while before we started the hundred mile trek home.

The weather wasn't great when we got home, but later in the day Uncle David and Adam got in a little pool time.

We, meaning the Superhero, cooked out for supper and we had a few visitors.  Uncle David and Aunt Arwen.

My two MILs.....two of Adam's great grandmothers.

Adam visited his other great grandmother, my mama, at the retirement community where she lives.

We have a huge large family and not everyone was in town, but we were glad Aunt Lois and Uncle Tommy could join us for dinner.

Uncle Matt and Adam.....and Mikey

Adam and Pappy

We did a little target shooting.....

and a little skeet shooting too.  I didn't shoot skeet but it sure was fun to watch! 

He did a little resting.  

And a lot of fishing.  This fishing was done in a big pond called Blue Pond.....fresh water.  

We saw some big fish, but they just weren't interested in being caught on that particular day.

More fishing.....this time salt water.  These red snapper were obviously interested in the bait and we ate really great seafood this night!

Adam has a lot of family in Florida so after a few days with us, he went to spend a few days with his Grandpa Mike and family.  

We had a wonderful time making memories and we miss Adam!  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday in the south.....

Oh, yea.....once again I am pretending to get a jump on Friday Fragments by starting this on Thursday......afternoon......when I should be fixing supper for the Superhero who worked all day and is mowing the grass.  Although to be fair, I pulled weeds this morning.  

Friday Fragments is a place where we can dump small bits and pieces that don't make up a whole blog post.  Mrs. 4444 is taking a break for the summer and Unknown Mami is taking over Friday Fragments, so go on over and add yours to the bunch!


OK.....I may just need to play the lottery this weekend.  I won another give a way!  To say I'm shocked is mild.  Look for a post about this newest win later and also the millions I'll be winning playing the lottery.


I thought I'd call my fragments Friday in the South today because it's hot, hot, hot here.  I am not complaining because when it was cold, cold, cold I promised I wouldn't complain about the heat!  Promises!


I have been having such a great time with my grandson this week!  He's really growing into such a wonderful young man and I'm so proud of him.  He'll be a senior next school year which means I'll be going to a California graduation next spring.  Yay!!

He took this picture of me obviously biting my nail and thinking.....I guess those two things go together.  I had no idea he was taking this picture which in my opinion makes cell phone pictures dangerous!  


Last week Mercy Uganda had a fund raising dinner.  My contribution to the dinner was peanut butter pie and I was there early to bring the pies and help stand around while more creative people decorated.  When the guests started arriving, one of my friends asked if I was aware I had on TWO DIFFERENT EARRINGS!  I turned and asked if anyone else had noticed this new trend I was trying to start and one of the ladies said yes!  I had worn these earrings all day and not one other person said a word, so thank you Betsy!  


My niece had an article on her face book about diamonds.   According to this article diamonds should no longer be used to become engaged and that they really are a terrible investment.  Ahem.....I humbly disagree!  I do remember the Superhero once telling me that diamonds are a bad investment.  I just sweetly noted that they are a great investment in relationships.  I'm sorry, I'm a woman, I like diamonds!  So I say ignore that silly article!


Father's Day is this Sunday.  
I would like to remember those children who are not in contact with their fathers for whatever reason.  All the commercials have got to be hard for them to watch. 


Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Winner and Winning!

What a weekend!  A winner came for a visit and I actually won something! Can you beat that for a great time?

Here's my winner!
My grandson Adam flew across the country to visit with his Florida family and we couldn't be more excited.
So excited that he deserves his own post which will come a little later.

So on to the winning!  
Never in my life have I considered myself lucky when it comes to contests.  Then I watched the movie The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio and changed my opinion of winning contests.  Just enter, cause if you don't, you sure won't win.

So I now enter all blog contests and give a ways and I've won a few.  Recently I won three in a short period of time.

I didn't exactly win a subscription to Blue Mountain Cards but was asked to review their site after commenting on a review from Chatty Crone's site.  I agreed and have used their ecard site to send a birthday ecard and am sending a Father's Day card to my husband.  It's a great site with lots of ecards.  I especially love the interactive cards.  Go on over and try them out!  You won't be sorry.

Next I won a bottle of homemade maple syrup from Mrs. 4444.  Oh, man, that is some good syrup.  I had my grandson try some out on pancakes this week and he really loved that syrup!
He won't be happy with me for posting this picture.  But the bottle in front of his plate is holding the homemade maple syrup and it is delicious!  Thanks Mrs. 4444!  Oh, and please keep it quiet that I actually cooked breakfast.......I have a reputation for serving cereal and pop tarts to uphold!

I also won a dress!  Yes a great dress that I won on Blissitydoodah!  

This gorgeous dress is from Shabby Apple.  I really love it and am sorry that I'm not modeling it for you, but it's a little too small.  I actually put it on with the help of the Superhero and he took some pictures, but......I decided that you might like it better hanging here!

Below is one of my favorite parts of the dress. 
This is info about one of the women helped by Shabby Apple and since you probably can't read it there here is what it says....

Thiruvannikovil, India

Age:  35, widow
Children:  one son, one daughter
Current loan: 2nd loan, 589
Business:  Bamboo Weaving
Microfinance client since: 2003

"I am now confident that I can take good care of my children and also provide them with a quality education.  This is my life's ambition."
To find out more about Shabby Apple's commitment to helping women worldwide you can read about it here.

So thanks to all who offer giveaways!  
Enter, it's fun!  

Remember to be watching for a grandson post!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The Superhero would like to give a big shout out of thanks to my sister, Cathy, who came and took care of me and mama while I had surgery last Tuesday.  His relief was obvious!  I'll just leave it at that and go on with the story.

I have to say that this was the best surgery experience I have had.....the surgery center was great!  We got there about 5:30 a.m. and I was a nervous wreck and that's quite the understatement. I got right back, into a gown and onto a stretcher where I was afraid I would be freaking out waiting a long time to get things going.  But soon someone from anesthesiology came in to start my I.V. and get the drugs going so I wouldn't be bouncing off their walls and scaring the other patients.  

I'm smiling because I have drugs!  You should have seen the smiles on the faces of the nurses!  Let's just say everyone concerned was thankful for that medicine that makes you relax!  This is the only picture.....thankfully Cathy deleted the after photo because I wouldn't have been too happy to see that one on facebook!  Right after this picture was taken, I drifted off to la la land and woke up some time later all finished and ready to head home minus a gall bladder.

Fast forward to today.....or today.....cause it is now a full week since the surgery and I had my follow up appointment today yesterday and besides not lifting heavy stuff, I'm a free woman and those are the doctor's words!  The Superhero is happy that I can't milk the situation any longer.

This sweet get well picture came yesterday from  my dear little friend Anna Cross!
Note the crab she drew for me!  I love this and it made me feel so much better!!!

So.....I'm really glad that is done and over and I'm on to the next thing for the summer.  Our oldest grandson is arriving next Saturday!  We are all very excited here in Florida that one of our California grands will be here for a few days.  We have to pack a lot of love, hugs and fun into the small amount of time we'll have to visit!  I'm reeling over the fact that Adam will turn 17 this month.  So check back for pictures!

And since it's now another day I've fast forwarded to.....and yes another day, as in it's Wednesday now......Happy Birthday to my friend Tammy!

This is us in 1990, I don't think we've changed do you?  Tammy is nine years younger than me and is a sweet, gorgeous girl that I love and wish the happiest of days!  

Well, to make sure this gets posted today so I don't have to fast forward again....have a great rest of your week!