Friday, July 26, 2013

Instead of.....

Instead of doing what I really need to be doing this morning, I think I'll just stop and FRAG!  There are so many little fragments floating around in my head that even a fragmented post may not make sense!  But if you happen to have a few random thoughts rambling about in your head, join in with Claudya from the Unknown Mami and unload them here!

After unloading, go over and link up to join the party! 


Speaking of parties!  I'll tell you about a great one I'm planning.  I have been moping about the past week or four and this morning I read this "being quite the hostess myself, I throw pity parties fairly regularly!"  Joanna Weaver.....Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.  I read this to the Superhero who laughed out loud and agreed that the quote describes me perfectly.  He even offered to buy the favors!
Perhaps I need to count my blessings???


In other news......the sun is shining!  

I know many are experiencing drought conditions and I'm so sorry, but it has almost rained our entire summer and the ground is soaked.....I'm not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination on a good day, but my sister brought my some amaryllis bulbs and I had to plant them with little scuba diving suits on so they wouldn't drown!  
In other words, thank you Lord for this sunshine!!


I am having company starting next in a spurt of very unlike me, oh, I had better get some stuff, I now have in the freezer two gallons of spaghetti sauce, two pans of chicken enchiladas, about thirty twice baked potatoes and eighteen hamburger patties.  The Superhero is pretty sure I've lost my mind, but he's happy we're having company because I'm cooking!  I'm surprised he doesn't hire someone to visit often so I'll cook more!  All I have to say is, he shouldn't have spoiled me!

Here's one for the road....
Heard around here..
Me...I took six bags of stuff to Goodwill today.  
The Superhero....did you get a receipt?
Me....what do you think?
The Superhero....SIGH!


And speaking of getting things done, I really must go now and get something done.....have a wonderful weekend and as I always say...

Keep your chin up, even if you have to hold it that way!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Funky Town...

Last week was full of stress and sadness, seeming to attack from every side.
I had a shock that came out of nowhere (not really, of course, but nowhere for me) which caused me to think about my life in general and my witness to younger women in particular.  

In my sadness, I began to do a very little some organizing in my house.  Doing so, I ran across these words I wrote in one of my prayer journals some time in the past.......

When it's overwhelming....
When it's too hard....
When it seems as if not one thing will ever be right again......
There HE is...arms open...saying,
Come rest.  

Come unto me all you who are weary and I will give you rest....Jesus

I must admit that I didn't want that comfort and I didn't want to rest.  I wanted to fix problems or just make them go away.

I felt like this....

I could not stop crying.  

The Superhero is a problem solver, a's just what he does and early and often in our marriage, I would say to him I don't want you to FIX it, I just want you to listen.  One morning as he was leaving for work, I called him back and said to him......I want you to FIX this......and he said to me....I'm praying for wisdom about how to help you, but I can't fix it and neither can you.  Don't you hate it when they are right???

So although I cannot fix anybody's problems or pain, I know Someone who constantly goes with us through every single valley and through the rivers that threaten to drown.  This week I will be trying hard to be still and know that He is in charge and never changes.  He won't always FIX things, but He'll go with us all the way.

Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Fragamentary my dear...

It's Friday and the day we take all the bits and pieces of our week and throw them out there for you to enjoy.  Thanks to the Unknown Mami for hosting Friday Fragments for the summer while Mrs. 4444 takes a break.

We have had a few days of no rain and it has been a welcome relief.  The Superhero and I have been able to walk the last six mornings, even though we did get a little sprinkle this morning.  Many in our area had flooded homes and businesses.....places that aren't in flood zones and don't usually flood.  My heart goes out to everyone who had water in their homes!

Which brings me to a pet peeve.......there were lots of rainbows after the rain.....reminding us that the only thing the rainbow stands for is a promise from God.....that's all.


Two dear friends had birthdays this week.  Happy Birthday to old friend.....and Emily.....a young friend.  I use old in the nicest way as Sharon and I are the same age.


Many of you have heard on the news about the two young girls who were injured in a parasailing accident.  That was here at our beach and lots of prayers from all over the nation have gone up for these girls and their families.

One of the girls went home yesterday to Indiana and the other remains hospitalized here locally and will be transferred for additional surgery soon.  

I watched the video many times and each time I was struck by what a miracle it is that these young girls are alive!  They very high winds.....a 13 story condo, a power line and crashed down onto some cars in a parking lot.  As a parent, I cannot even begin to imagine the horror.  So thankful they are recovering!  #####Parasailing is unregulated#####just say no!


I had blood drawn this week for my regular physical and stood up for myself and requested I NOT have a particular person who tortures me when she draws blood.  I have decided I am at an age where I have to speak up for myself in the health world!


It wasn't a good week for my sweet mama.  She had a terribly confusing day Wednesday and it wears both of us completely down!  

The way I see mama....

The way those who didn't know her before see her....

I pray God's mercies are new for her every morning!  


I haven't had a heard around here comment for a while so here's a new one.....on our walk this morning, I was asking the Superhero if he would show me how to do something on the computer and he looked at me and smiled and must be the beauty of this outfit because you are NOT the brains!  I may or may not have left him wounded on the walking path!


I hope you all have great weekends!  I am behind in reading and hope to catch up soon!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Charley 2013

Number three!  Just a moment in time ago we were standing outside a delivery room door waiting for our sweet Charley to come into this world and now he's three.  

This is the first year all the grandparents were able to be in town for his birthday party.  We made a very quick trip to the party, getting there the night before and leaving the day after.  We also took Uncle Matt and Mema, on whose birthday Charley was born.  

As I was the very extremely unofficial official photographer, I will tell the birthday boy's story in goes!

Charley had a pirate themed birthday party held at a local park.

Daddy built this pirate ship's mast.

Unfortunately the official photographer didn't get the family picture centered with the mast but you get the idea  

I loved this jello ocean with orange slice pirate ships floating

 Pappy held Charley up so he could ring that bell

The ship's mast with party balloons which soon floated off into the trees

Lots of good food

Pappy and Uncle Matt 

Pirate cake

Daddy with Charley blowing out his candles

The mention of cake was the only thing that brought all the kids together 

 Whadda ya mean I've been sticking my fingers in the cake??  I'm innocent!

Uncle Matt and Great grandma keeping baby John out of the sun

This is a great park and Charley and friends had a wonderful time

A hot, sweaty, tired Charley saying I'm done.....lets go home

Later in the day, after naps, Charley opened a few of his gifts.  

And possibly the highlight of the night was Charley going over, taking the power cord to the computer and using it as a microphone while he sang the alphabet song!  A natural performer!
 When he finished singing, he plugged the power cord back into the computer as smoothly as a performer replacing the was priceless!

Cousin Chris happened to be passing through town and stopped in for a visit.

The Superhero with sons relaxing.

Our DIL with her family, minus John who was asleep

Uncle Matt's gift was a child's trampoline which was a huge hit with Charley!  Here he is mid air

Uncle Matt, Nana and Charley

And of course, one of the all time favorites with children.......the box!

Family picture minus the official photographer of course with Uncle Matt, Mema, John, Tommy, Pappy...also known as the Superhero..and Charley

Daddy, Mommy and their boys

 The four generations 

Matt, Grammy, John and Tommy

Nana, Pappy and Charley

The weekend ended and our crew headed back home.  

Happy Birthday, sweet boy

Thursday, July 4, 2013

America, America.....

God shed His grace on thee...

and forgive us as we have left behind those things we know to be right, that are self-evident.  

If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.....2 Chronicles 7:14

Christians, let's pray!

Yesterday, at the retirement home, they were singing and at the end they sang patriotic songs.  To watch those elderly men and women struggle to stand during this song was truly inspiring and brought tears.  Even mama.....who cannot stand.....put her feet on the floor and tried until I put my hand on her arm, reminding her that since she can't stand, it's ok.  

Oh, land that I love where have you gone and can we ever get back to where we once started?

Hope you all have a happy 4th!  It's raining here in sunny Florida, so all celebrations have been cancelled.