Sunday, May 20, 2007

Trying Again

Well, I'm trying again at this blogging thing. The name of my blog "Too Wonderful for Me" comes from Job 42:3 I know that our God is so big and so sovereign. He knows so much that will escape my mind until I see Him in glory.

I know this, I love Him because He first loved me! He called me and made me his. So, I hope if anyone stumbles across this and reads it, that they will find in this something that directs them toward Christ.

My husband is a wonderful Christian man who keeps me sane and gives me a lot of guidance and between us we have four sons and 3 grandchildren :). See two of them above! They live in California and I don't get to see them near enough! I'll try to refrain from saying "grandmotherly" stuff! I could, mind you....I could!

O.K. that is it for now...I'll try to be more interesting in the future!