Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Too Wonderful for Me

December 7, 2005
First Blog.......I feel kind of weird but modern for attempting this.....I keep thinking well nobody will ever see my blog anyhow! This is me.......right now I'm recovering from deviated septum surgery and am beautiful colors of the rainbow and don't feel like anyone would want to see me in my rainbow glory, so this is an old picture. I'm not sure what i'm doing anyway, so we'll see.

We just came through a wonderful Thanksgiving season. I'm so thankful most of all for the sacrifice of Christ, born to die so I might live! As the absolutely most undeserving creature ever, He is so wonderfully good to me. We spent Thanksgiving in Pensacola at my sister Cathy's home. Lots of family and friends gathered to eat and eat and eat.....and eat. Fortunately for me......I had surgery shortly thereafter and promptly lost my turkey fat!

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