Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Of Course We found it!

I wonder seriously if I will ever learn to just relax and trust the Wonderful God who with his Word created the entire universe to do what He does best......care for us. We prayed and prayed for just the right place for our son to live while going to college away from home for the first time. We arrived at the Q & A....and sometime during the long talks, I stuck my hand up and said "housing".....to which was replied...."oh, one of our second year students just bought a house and is looking for roommates".....WHAT????!!!!! So we call and make arrangements to go look, and we walked in that house and it was like we were home.....we liked the people who own the house, the location is perfect and we said "who do we pay?" .....Sooooo, with that burden lifted, we are now enjoying the process of getting ready to send him out into the world. Wow, is God great or what?! But of course, why am I always so surprised when He does just what He says He will do? Working on that. I sure wish I knew how to post pictures because i have a couple of good ones.

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