Saturday, September 18, 2010

Too Random to Name

As days, weeks and months go sliding by
As dawn and sunset light the sky
My head turns fast, I heave a sigh.....
Why, time must you so quickly fly?

September is filled to the brim with birthdays in our family and friends.  So we celebrate in one way or another one birthday after another.  Actually, when you have a family as large as ours, there doesn't seem to be a month without birthdays.

I won't name them since I'd surely forget someone and that would be disaster!  

My life is so blessed with family and friends.....both old and new.

Some friends that I have only known a couple of years are special to me and called to ask me to come to a piano recital for four of their children.  I was excited to go hear these kids play, not expecting much since they have only been taking lessons for a year.

They were all great.  I enjoyed their recital so much and appreciated them asking me to come.....I'm not near my grandchildren and they're not near their grandparents, so it did us both good.

My Iphoto isn't cooperating with me so this post will be pictureless!


Since I started watching Hoarders, I've cleaned out three closets and my computer desk.  My husband is so glad I started watching that show.  It scares me to think I'm just one piece of paper away from turning into a hoarder.  I may have exaggerated a little bit or a lot.  But those people had to start somewhere.
Hunting season and football season....just a bit much.


One of mama's good friends at the retirement center is very near death.  When someone there dies, they put the flag at half staff.  I didn't realize that I was holding my breath today turning in until I actually saw that the flag was standing tall!  So glad. It's hard on everyone there when one dies.


I've been thinking a lot about how decisions and actions made and done when we're younger have life long consequences.   As an older person I think I watch the younger people and want to scream out....No, don't do'll have to live with it all your life.  Then I realize that everyone has to make mistakes and learn in their own way.

There are times when I watch my children doing things that are going to have lasting consequences and although I have learned for the most part to keep my mouth quiet, my heart still aches for them and those that are affected by their decisions.

When those thoughts begin to take root, I try to stop and remember Philippians 4:8

Tomorrow is the Lord's day and I will be glad and rejoice in it!  :)


Needled Mom said...

Sorry to hear about your mom's friend. It is so difficult on everyone involved with their care when the end finally does come.

Happy birthday to everyone this month. We have quite a few this month too, but with a large family...what month doesn't???

Dawn said...

Yep, that was about as random as my last one! Sometimes we just have to do a "brain dump."

Consequences - and the ripples. Oh, yes!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Tonja said...

Well, you have been doing some deep thinking, my friend! And, I so agree with you. Would that we could save those we love from the mistakes we made. But, we didn't learn from our parents and they won't learn from theirs. How nice you were able to share in your friends piano recital. I'm sure your presence was a blessing!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I can relate to so many of the things you mentioned. I'm sorry but I can't imagine what it will be like when the kids take those big circles out of their ear lobes!!!! How sweet of you to go to the recital and sweet of them to ask. Gee maybe I should watch hoarders if it could motivate me!
So glad the flag wasn't half staff.
I can only imagine the gutt feeling when you see that. Enjoy all the celebrations you have coming up and if you could it would be okay with me if you slowed these last few months of the year down :)

Gigi said...

So glad the flag was still flying high!! It must be hard to live in that close community knowing that someone is preparing to go Home...

...sigh, yes - it's so hard having the benefit of a few years' wisdom and still not being able to save our loved ones from themselves!

Stella said...

What a lovely full life. Birthday parties, piano recitals, a Mom to visit. I am glad the flag was still flying.

Kat said...

I know what you mean about wanting to scream STOP when you see younger people doing certain things. I wish someone had yelled a few times at me. LOL


Mimi said...

Our church passed out yellow rubber bracelets about a month or two ago(time sure flies, seems like yesterday) any ways the bracelet read, remember 4:8 and that being said, it made you conscientious of what you did and said. But after our little family disaster, I forgot it all, I said What needed to be said, yes, for 28 years this cousins daughter has been a spoiled brat-now adult bully and I stuck up for myself and for my nephews wife, she called her a transvestite of all things, she is one mean GIRL, and sadly ,my cousin just has never taught her to be nice, my cousin is one of the sweetest --kindest people you will meet, she raised this brat/bully because her husband has always treated her with NO respect at all, called her dumb-stupid and so on and therefore, I think Her daughte rlearned to treat people like she does from her dad.
OH well, it needed to be said and I am Not sorry for telling her --that mit is time to make her act like an adult.
OH wowowowow, sorry I brought all that up on your page!!!!
But life lessons need to be taught from early early on, I for one am doing that with our little one so we do not have a spoiled brat.
Have a great week
happy birthday to all of yours!!!
We have alot of Sept.birthdays too!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved the post....sounds like random lives at your house too...

Katie and Beau said...

Wait a minute, when you say that you "want" to scream, "don't do it!", I feel like you're implying that you keep it to yourself and we both know that's just not true. Afterall, you didn't get the nickname ladynag by keeping your mouth shut, did you?!

Just kidding! I sure do wish you would have screamed a little louder before I went and got my tattoo!

Call me tomorrow xoxo

Loui♥ said...

and oh what a sweet and dear
Mermaid-"sister of the heart" you are!!
love you bunches!!!