Friday, February 4, 2011

The House.....the Home

When I was about 17 months old, my daddy finished building our big brand new house and we were ready to move.   Being the baby, I was left with an aunt and uncle so I wouldn't be in the way the move would go more quickly.

Since I have no memory of that time, due I'm sure of the trauma of leaving one home for another, I rely on mama's memories.  She says that for the first few days of living in the new house, I would hang onto my baby bed crying I want go my home  You can imagine the snotty nose and hiccups if you've ever seen a small child cry dramatically.  But wasn't I advanced to already be speaking in sentences??

My parents raised six children in that house along with anyone who needed a place to stay for a day or ten.  When I was a child, I thought our house was huge.  Not until I was an adult did I notice it wasn't all that big.   For many years we had only one bathroom!  Try to get a visual of eight people and one bathroom.  We somehow made it work, although my sister did walk in on my brother once and he slammed the door and almost cut her finger off...drammmma!

One of the neat things about a two story house is the under the stairs closet.  Over the years we would each have a stair in the closet where we wrote our names with whatever current absolutely till you die love we had at the moment.

We would write mostly in pencil __________ loves ____________forever!  All those relationships lasted approximately two weeks.  We drew hearts when we were in love and broken hearts when we would "break up".  We had to leave those memories behind when the house sold.  The buyers wouldn't take the house without the stairs.  Some people are so picky!

My parents lived together in that house for well over 50 years.  

We grew up in a great neighborhood with lots of friends and we were just down the street from the bowling alley.  We could walk to the skating rink.  We had a great childhood.  O.K. there were up and down times and I'm not sure how our parents kept their sanity.

Several years ago mama sold the house to move to an assisted living facility.  Below is what I wrote to express how we all felt about the house.....but really about the home it became as we all lived there.

 Isn't it wonderful when a house is a home because you're loved?

By the way, did anyone notice it's February!?!?


Cathy said...

You failed to mention that I fainted two times after that finger incident. Those are the only two times I have fainted in my 62 years. Also, I had to get stitches and wear a splint, and I was in Jr High(now referred to as middle school) and just imagine which finger it happened to be!!!!

What made you go here today?? Was Mama talking about it? It made me cry!

Deb said...

sounds like it really was a great home....nice post

nancygrayce said...

Ummmm, I thought about the finger thing....but this is a G rated blog! :) I don't know what made me go here.

Tonja said...

Funny, that we both are writing about houses! Great minds and all! I know exactly how you feel. When we moved to the Creek House, I had a really hard time letting go. So much 'life' happened there. I raised my boys there, learned many lessons there.
But, like the saying goes...Home is where your Mama is!

debi said...

Nancy, what I nice story about your house of love. It made me think of my childhood home and just how many memories come to mind with each room :-) Thanks for taking us back with you for a visit!


Anonymous said...

we also had 1 bathroom and it was hard, I understand that one. Its been 5 years since the house I grewup in sold. I remember driving by one day becuase I heard it sold and since I was in town to visit my folks in the nursing homebi drove by, stopped across the street to stop and sob watching the people who bought it gutting it out with a huge dumpster in the driveway. I didnt have any good memories there but it was weird to see someone else there. I am always dreaming that I Get to go inside and see how different it looks. its sad to me.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

We had one bathroom but there were only 3 children, I just can't imagine what that was like. But we don't miss what we don't have. I love what you wrote, absolutely beautiful.

Dawn said...

We always lived in parsonages - most too small for a family of 7, and always with just one bathroom. I can totally relate.

Love the stairway story, and all the memories. We don't have any emotional ties to any one house, but Mom had a way of making it "home" wherever we were.

We moved into a bigger house with 3 levels with Kevin was 17 months old - Kristen was 3 1/2. We were so excited to have room, but the kids were scared to death to be upstairs by themselves, so we ended up having less freedom than in the small house!!

The Life of Carol said...

That was so sweet. It also made me get weepy. It's nice you have those wonderful memories and now you are making more memories in your pretty home.

Sheryl said...

hahaha first i was getting ready to say something about how this post touched me and then i read cathy's comment....cracked me up!!

but truly, what great writing. to have such wonderful memories of your home and your family, what a gift!