Friday, June 3, 2011

Adventures of the Flat Princess

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be talking about a wedding and a vacation, but the Flat Princess informed me she could not take this heat any longer and that I absolutely must send her on down the road, preferably in a northern direction.

So here we go.....

The princess arrived way back in March.   I'm ashamed she's had to stay so long,  but I think she's had a good time.

We sat and talked a while when she first came and she told me all about the places she's been and her adventures.   She arrived here in the south from visiting with Dawn.  Her adventures reminded me of a favorite childhood book by Rachel Field called Hitty.....Her First Hundred Years.  If you've never read this book, I recommend it to adults and children alike.

She went to a Mexican restaurant with us and became quite enamored with a certain chili pepper!  

Of course, in Florida, she had to go to a tourist trap store, where she met Mr. Frog.  

She went to visit with my mama and they got along quite well.

She went shoe shopping with me.....she wasn't crazy about these so we put them back.  She actually insinuated they might be a bit young for me!

I am pretty sure her favorite outing in our fair city was a trip to my massage therapist.  I had to pry her off that table.  I explained that the knots in her neck couldn't possibly be as tight as mine.

The princess visited a bit at my husband's office.

She attended a wedding shower.

Gave my sister some advice on how to love dogs

Attended two weddings, but her dress was just a little inappropriate for such occasions, so she stayed out of sight in my purse.

The Flat Princess could not possibly visit a beach town without a trip to the beach!  I took her out to P*er P*ark where she insisted on a ride on the carousel.......this is the same carousel I rode on as a teen, just in a different location.  You will have to click on the picture and look closely to see her.  The young man holding her was totally humiliated and probably went home to tell his parents about the crazy lady who made him hold a flat doll!  At least he has something to talk about and I nicely edited out his face so he wouldn't sue me  he wouldn't be even more humiliated!

This is a better picture of the carousel.  

She also took a look at the ferris wheel, another relic from the past

Finally, we trekked across the highway to the beach side in 100 degree heat so she could gaze at the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico.  I wasn't planning on her actually getting sand in her stitches, but we had an adventure.

As soon as I put her on that railing, she blew over and into the sand on the section of beach where you are NOT allowed to walk.  As I glared down at her trying to figure out how this mature woman was going to climb over and illegally retrieve the insulted princess, a young man came rolling by on his skateboard.  Noticing my dilemma,  he stopped to ask if something had blown over the railing.  And, yes, as a matter of fact, I had to tell him that the little lady laying flat on the sand needed to be rescued, but that I didn't want him to get into trouble going onto the forbidden sand dune restoration.  With no effort at all, this sweet young hero jumped over the railing, got the Flat Princess.....who by this time was wondering if she was doomed to die a hot death.........and jumped back over and graciously handed her to me.  I was beyond relieved.  How would you explain losing the Flat Princess???

She explained rather snippily that she didn't want to swim and there were yellow flags up so I didn't make her.  I had on jeans and was hotter than a dozen firecrackers so a little dip would have been nice, but I realized she had been through a lot, so we trooped back across the highway and hurried to the air conditioned car.

Last night, we all said goodbyes as she needs to resume her travels.  Even the dogs were sad to say goodbye!

We have had a great time with the Flat Princess.  You can read more about her here.

If you would like for her to visit you, please email me your address.  Believe me, she'd like to get moving!


Needled Mom said...

Did she still have some CA memories to share with you? You did an awesome job entertaining her. I chuckled at her misadventure of going into the sand dume. ;~))

Dawn said...

Very fun post, Nancy! She had a great time in Florida. I hope she gets to go somewhere else soon. I'm so glad to see her adventures.

Deb said...

too funny...I don't think she would enjoy the Texas heat..

Cathy said...

So the amusement rides are from Miracle Strip...I wonder why I did not know this fact!! This is a really cute post!!

Auntie Bliss said...

My first book report when I was little was on Hitty :)
I need to read it again b/c I have forgotten the story.
The princess was wrong about those shoes! Cute!
I'll be glad to host her at my house...

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, she had an awesome time with you. So glad that boy saved her! I thought those were school projects, didn't she have to get back?

Tonja said...

How fun is that? What a neat thing to do! And, I cknow exactly where you crossed the rood to go over to the beach side. Wish I was there right now!