Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sorrow mixed with Celebration

It was a long weekend.

From telling our mama that her sister had died to speaking with my cousin and my sisters at my aunt's funeral celebration.  

Speaking at a funeral was a first for me and I think for my sisters too.  We were all scared and nervous, but it was so easy to talk about Aunt Bernice because she had made such an impact on our lives and created so many memories.  

Some pictures from the day.

Aunt Bernice

Aunt Bernice and Uncle Stuart

At the cemetery, there was this very strange headstone.  You have to look closely, but it's an angel kneeling with her head in her arms like she's crying.  There was no name, no clue to who it might be for, just this weeping angel.  Very interesting.

From the cemetery, we went back to the church where they had graciously fixed lunch for the bunch of us and it was delicious!





Aunt Bernice's grandson and his wife

Great granddaughter Kaitlin, husband Kristain and great great granddaughter Haley

Great granddaughter Laura and son

My BIL and brother

Youngest brother and nephew 

Sister Cathy and her husband Dick

SIL Pam with mama

Brother Tommy, sister Debbie, me, cousin Danny and sister Cathy

The back (I call it the front, but apparently when you live on the water the front is facing the water) of Aunt Bernice's house

Mama couldn't get in the house but got around front.......with a little help from family

to this view

SIL Lois, me, sister Cathy, sister Debbie, brother Tommy, cousin Ann and mama

Just an interesting thing....back in 1964 or 61 depending on how you read the numbers, my sister wrote her name in the cement poured for the driveway at Aunt Bernice's

This is a picture made many years ago of my mother and her sisters....L to R
Mama (Margaret), Aunt Grayce, Aunt Joyce and Aunt Bernice

This is a picture of me and my sisters on those same steps
If the house itself looks different, it's because they added a sunroom on but kept the same steps.

That's all folks....hope your week is going well.


Needled Mom said...

I am sure it was a difficult week for all of you. I was wondering about how your mom would take the news. Sometimes they surprise us.

What a beautiful setting for a home.

May your next week be quiet for you!

Dawn said...

Funerals for saints are always such a mixture of joy and sorrow. And it's too bad that it takes a funeral to get us all together, but that's what's happened to us with the passing of two uncles two summers in a row - seeing cousins for the first time in decades. I hope your mama is doing well. I know it's hard to outlive everyone - my MIL is going through this right now, just losing her best friend at her facility. She's been sad, and we think it brings up other grief that she has "gotten over" somewhat.

debi said...

Thinking of you tough this must especially be for your Momma....can't imagine losing a sibling.


Deb said...

so sorry for your have a beautiful family...

Cathy said...

Thanks for posting is beautiful!! It was my first time to speak at a funeral also, but as you said, it was easier than I thought it would be. Aunt Bernice was such a huge part of our lives growing up and even when we were grown. When you think that my almost 12 year old granddaughter wore the Christening dress that she had made many years many children have been Christened in that dress??
She was a very special lady to a lot of people....thanks again for the are pretty special yourself!

Sweet Tea said...

A life well lived...
I'm sorry for your loss.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Funeral are so draining. Sounds like it was a beautiful service.
I love all the photos you shared and what a sweet house she had.
What a view! That tombstone looks so interesting. It certainly depicts the pain of loss. ((HUGS))

Stella said...

I know how hard it was for your mother to lose her sibling. They take so many memories they share with them when they go. But there is always the joy of seeing many of the family members you haven't seen in a long time. Peace and blessings for your and your family this week.

Auntie Bliss said...

All this looks and sounds so familiar...maybe we have parallel lives?
Sorry about your aunt.

Our church has been feeding families like that for a couple of years. It sure blesses people.

Mimi said...

Oh man, what a difficult sad week you had, My heart goes out to your MOMMA, loosing her beloved sister. I loved all the pics you took, made the story that much more real. I love her house and the fact she faced the water all those years, man she could tell some interesting stories of coming storms, or hurricanes or just stories that relate to the water. How wonderful your family all came out to celebrate her wonderful life. A very fulfilled beautiful life. She is NOW your guardian Angel.
big Hugs to you,
I am off to the SUNSHINE STATE...taking My Mom to Orlando for her 75th Birthday, she wanted to go to the parks and go to mhe beach!!So 8days in the sunshine state here we come!!!Would have been interesting to bump into one of the candidates last week, but I bet it was crazy with all the media tagging along!!

His Song to Sing said...

What a legacy our loved ones leave behind! Looks like you and I have been in the same place the last few weeks. So sorry for your loss.

UnicycleRose said...

That is wonderful that you spoke at Aunt Bernice's service. I am sure you were nervous, but honored this very special woman. Blessings to your entire family ;0)

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your family seems so wonderful. And the pictures of your aunt are beautiful.

That angel is very interesting--I wonder who it was made for.