Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just look out the window....

No!  I didn't want to get out of bed this morning when my earlybird the Superhero woke.  Thunder....that's what I woke up to and rain.  I'm so sorry for all you that are in the drought areas and I pray for you to get rain, but if I'm totally honest, I'm tired of having it every single day.  Sigh.....

But since I was awake, I had to get out of bed and drag myself into the kitchen to make that first cup of coffee.  The words "I'm officially down in the dumps" may have slipped out of my lips when the ever cheerful Superhero announced he was off to the woods.  Where does that man get his energy???  

Shame then came along to take the place of down in the dumps as I remembered how very blessed I am.  Shoot!  Can't a girl just be down in the dumps for thirty minutes or so???  Then I looked out the door from my kitchen and saw this.....

Those two tiny white things are magnolia blooms in my neighbors yard.......they have their faces pointed up, outstretched in SPITE of the rain as if they actually welcome the rain.  

And then I saw this.....

This is my side yard filled with water and I remembered that I have always wanted waterfront property!  So I am trying to count my blessings and stop having a pity party since the only attendees are my two little dogs and my cat and they are paying no attention whatsoever and are horrible party goers!  They shall get no treats!

Trying to lift things up a little, our Mercy Uganda team is in the field!  Even more exciting this year as several people are on the ground there in Uganda for the first time.  This year's trip includes a physicians assistant, a physical therapist, an attorney and several others.  Mercy Uganda has teamed up with Bob Hayes and so much work is being done.  It will be so exciting to hear all about this trip when they return later this month.  Go visit both these sites to learn more about the mission and what is happening in Uganda.

We had birthday supper for David this week.  

With his favorite, chicken enchiladas and cookie cake!  Matt was able to come and we all had a good time celebrating David's 35th!  They are planning on a canoe trip later today and I'm thinking that may or may not happen!  

Mama isn't talking much these days and so there isn't a lot of conversation going on.  She loves a good book and was always an avid reader until her shoulders got too bad to hold her books and her eyesight dimmed.  We've been reading a great book together this past week or so.  I read the book a while back, but have actually found that I'd forgotten a lot of it so it's new for me too........I know, imagine that!.....  The book is What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.  If you've never read it, I recommend it.  When I'm reading to mama, I skip the curse words because for one thing I always wonder why on earth they need those words to make their point in the first place?  Anyhow, I choose not to read them out loud.  If you know anyone who is lonely, I would encourage you to read to them.  Reading is so great in that you can read for fifteen minutes or you can read for an requires only a short window of time in your day.  Just do it!

We have enjoyed the Olympics at our house and will be sad to see them end.  It's good to see the USA win so many gold medals and each and every time they stand on that podium and put their hands over their hearts while our National Anthem plays, I cry. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Deb said...

hope your dumps leave soon...glad you have rain we could sure use it here...

Juli said...

I always cry over the Anthem. ALWAYS. It has been raining on and off today all day. The air is so thick you can cut it. In fact when Oldest and I went for our run, I had to cut it down because I was having a hard time breathing.

But I know that this weather brings rain... and lower pollen counts... and really nice flowers along my fence.

There are always two sides to the coin. It's a choice we all have to see which we want to look at.

Needled Mom said...

I cry too each and every time!!!

You are allowed a pity party once in awhile. Yucky weather does that to me too - especially the foggy summer we have had.

Don't you love the big gorgeous magnolia flowers? The leaves are really neat too.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Hope you're able to climb out of the dumps soon. ;-)

Chicken enchiladas - ooh, yummy! I may have to make some soon!! I love them ... I don't know why I so rarely make them.

I'm sure many of us in the drought-stricken areas have already offered, but in case no one has, I'll willingly take all that rain off your hands. ;-)

Dee said...

Dear Nancy, the thing about being down in the dumps is that most of the time we see or hear or smell or touch or taste something that delights us and we simply must rise from the ash heap of self-pity and shout out, "Yes! Life is full and rich and beautiful. Thank you to Oneness!" Peace.

Mimi said...

Well we did get some late night rain the other night...but what fun is rain at 1 a.m. ??????Our little grand wants to put her rain boots on and play with her umbrella in the rain!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Son!!!
That cookie cake looked good!!!I am dieting and doing my 30-45 min on the tread mill everyday!!We have a fall cruise coming up and I want to wear a swim suit!!!!
I will be popping into Orlando soon...gonna help my daughter move.......this time into her New HOME!!She is a HOME OWNER!!!!!
Yeah for that!!
it's a small world can be annoying ...I get it!!!

Cathy said...

We have had many changes in the last four years! I guess one constant is rain in August, Olympics and horrible politics every four years. How about some new blogs?? You are so talented����☔️☔️