Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Fragments......The Friday Before Christmas

Well, I hope you're all ready because we're on the final countdown to Christmas!  

This Friday, I'm participating with Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments.  Go on over and visit others who have posted the left over thoughts from a busy week!

Something I really love about Christmas is getting cards and especially those with pictures!  Here is one of my favorites this year, our youngest grandsons!  Isn't this a great card?

Another favorite this year is exchanging cards with many blog friends!  How wonderful to get to know each of you better and looking forward to getting cards!


I've been wrapping ........literally......up the last of the Christmas things to do lists.  The last thing is cleaning house so if today is the last day for the world, maybe I'll wait until tomorrow to clean!  


One funny thing happened this week.....

The Superhero asked me why I did something a certain way and this was the following conversation....

Me ...You don't even know me!

Superhero.....YOU don't even know you!

Ha!  Could he be right??
He's cute that way!


I always put my Christmas cards around door openings......I took this picture days ago, I now have them covering two door openings!


I bought my two spoiled dogs beds thinking that at least during the day, they might enjoy them......of course they have to sleep in our bed at night.

Ha!  I couldn't force Mikey (grey) into one of them.....

 Jack stayed in about five seconds, then made his way out.....all the while you see who is thoroughly enjoying the bed!  Max, the cat!  Who now goes from one to the other relaxing in style while the two bad boys won't go within ten feet of the beds!


And for those of you who didn't exchange cards with me this year....

Merry Christmas from this Florida couple!

The back says....

Praying your Christmas is full of the joy of Christ's Presence.

I truly pray that for each one of you, dear friends!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your Christmas card is adorable!!
I am cleaning house today, wrapping presents later and baking on Sunday/Monday. I feel very organized. I am posting our Christmas card on Monday. My husband has a quick witted like Superhero and makes me laugh! I haven't taken a picture of Skye yet. I need to pick-up some new Christmas PJ's for her and then I want to try using a string of lights....we shall see how that goes! Merry Christmas....

Tracy said...

You have so many cards. I think we have received four this year.

Keetha Broyles said...

You were soooo sweet to send me a card. But mine back to you will be on my blog - - - on Sunday.

I'm one of those bad bad bad people who should be spanked 'cause they don't mail out cards any more.

The dogs/cat bed story was great!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I LOVE getting Christmas cards ... and am so glad that I have one from you and the Superhero! ;-)

Needled Mom said...

I so enjoyed your card. It really is a wonderful tradition.

The story of the dog beds is hysterical. I'm glad that someone can enjoy them ;)

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Mrs4444 said...

Your card is gorgeous! I don't send them anymore but enjoy receiving the photo cards:)

Finished up my wrapping today! Too bad you still had to clean, huh?

Thanks for linking up. Have a wonderful Christmas :)