Friday, October 16, 2009

Learning to trust.......the hard way.

 UPDATE!  My son finally got a call yesterday from cardiology.  They said they will see him, but their earliest appointment is Nov. 9.  He asked if it was his lack of insurance was the reason this was taking so long and she said oh, no!  I still believe that was the driving issue and we just kept on being the squeaky wheel long enough until they finally got the grease can out! 

Thanks for being so supportive!  


I'm warning you, if you don't want to hear some serious venting, stop reading now!

It has been a week since David spent the day in the ER finally being diagnosed with having SVT.  If you remember, I said at the time, this will work out.

I know it will, but it is very frustrating!  Not having insurance was a major hold up, but in addition to that the  ER staff didn't fill out the discharge papers correctly and didn't refer him to the cardiologist.  So all week, we have been trying to get an appointment to no avail!

With a lot of prayer, I have kept my cool under circumstances that make me want to scream!  Yesterday, we decided just to take his paperwork and go back to the ER.  The nurse there was so nice and helpful.  She called and explained the situation to cardiology, they still tried to say no, but she finally filled out the paperwork correctly, faxed it to them and asked them to make him an appointment.

Well, by this time the office staff is not real happy with us and isn't rushing around to make us an appointment.  Oh, and let me say, I told them we would pay cash for the office visit.

But the final straw for me was when my husband mentioned that he had had an echocardiogram there in June and that they made him pay the entire part allowable by our insurance.  We then found out that we only were supposed to pay $ do you think they have sent us a check?????   That would be NO.

This is what I call the business of medicine.  Where money is more important that help.  Especially when they could probably just use the money we've already paid!  No, I understand that won't happen.  I also am not sure the doctors ever hear this kind of thing. 

Can you tell yet that I'm frustrated???

Since, I am trusting God with this, I know whatever His will is will happen.  But it's hard to wait, especially when it's the well being of someone you love, your child.  

Oh, yes, and he can't return to work until he has a note from a cardiologist.


Tonja said...

Nancy, I am so sorry you are having such a tough time! I understand...sometimes they can drive you crazy.

I have had pretty good luck with this ... call and ask to speak with the office manager. Usually they will get to the bottom of things. And, if they don't...I have even sent a letter to their office...addressed to the dr...and marked it personal! Boy, you better believe you'll get a call back then.

So sorry...hope it will all work out soon. If not, come on up to Dothan, we have some fabulous cardiologists.

Cathy said...

Or Pensacola.....we can surely get something worked out....of course, I won't be home until around Weds!!

Mimi said...

Hi Nancy!!!
Oh my goodness, I agree, with anything to do with our health and people's lives, not our money but our lives, mistakes should Never be made!!! I would call the office manager, I ahve had to do that myself before and it does work or ask to speak to the Dr.!!!!!!
I hope your son is ok and gets the help he needs soon, I think it is horrible an American cannot get in to be seen yet all these illegals get free medical care all the time!!!!
It will all be ok, God is IN Control!!!!

Deb said...

I understand where your coming from....have been fighting with Dr.'s and their offices for my Mom and father in law...I have several rants on my blog....hope things work out...

Kee said...

So sorry that I have missed all of this.
I know firsthand how difficult it is dealing with hospitals and doctors without insurance. My prayers are with you family at this time.
Big Hugs!

Cathy said...

Glad to hear that he did get an appointment. I am sorry they couldn't get him in any sooner.