Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Do you ever just feel like putting a cereal box over your head and pretending life isn't a whirlwind???  Oh, by the way, that's my dear friend Mary Grace who will kill me for using this picture, but it best describes how I feel!  Anyway, don't you think she looks cute with a cereal box on her head???

The past few days have been like a movie in fast forward.  Mama's sick,  so Friday I was off to take her to get a chest x ray so we'd be sure she didn't have pneumonia with the weekend coming.  As we were driving, I got a phone call from my son's dad saying he had been taken to the ER from his job and they thought he was having a stroke!

That was the longest x ray appointment!  I got mama back home and flew off to the hospital across town (we live in a small town).  Thankfully by the time I arrived, they had him stable.  They actually had the crash cart and were fixing to shock his heart to get it back in to normal rhythmn.   The doctor in the ER said he has SVT (Supraventricular tachacardia) or episodes of the heart beating way to fast.  Any of you who read MckMama's blog will know that's what her baby Stellan has.  I don't think David's is anywhere near that bad.

They found a medication that reverted  his heart into a normal rhythmn.  
As he was being discharged, the hospital doctor said he has to see a cardiologist sooner rather than later.
He doesn't have insurance!  But that will all work out.

Oh, yea, he can't go back to work until he gets clearance from a cardiologist, so he'll have no money and no insurance.  What a combination! But that will all work out.

The weekend went by so fast I can't recall much of it except we did have a wonderful church service.

There was a funny little thing that happened at church....without explaining or getting into theology, our denomination baptizes infants.  We were having the baptism of a 2 and 4 year old.  After the questions had all been asked and answered by the parents and the preacher was actually baptizing them, the little girl,2, was fine with it.....but when he poured water on the 4 year old boy's head, the little boy said Hey you got water on my clothes.  To which without a pause, the preacher said You oughta see what the Baptists do!  I thought I would roll out of my pew.
 Before I knew it the days were blowing by and it is already Tuesday!  So today my younger brother had his second complete hip replacement.  He did fine, but tonight he is in a LOT of pain. 

It's good to catch up with you all and please pray David gets the right doctor and gets this under control!
Thanks guys!


The White Family said...

All I have to say is, thank goodness you can't see my face!

Katie and Beau said...

I thought that was MG! And that was a long time ago before you had your kitchen re-done.

I'll be praying for David.

Cathy said...

Did you find out his room number???

Keetha Broyles said...

Sounds like you've had several really tough days all in a row.

Good thing your feet are firmly planted on The Rock!!!

Love you

Thinking of you

nancygrayce said...

Michael is in room 267

nancygrayce said...

I don't know why Mary Grace, you're beautiful!

The Hatcher's said...

My goodness! What a whirlwind! We'll be praying.

Gigi said...

Wow - you have had a lot going on, haven't you?

I had to laugh at the baptism comment - I bet the whole congregation was just rolling!

I pray peace for you and yours...

Dawn said...

I wondered where you'd been - what a week! I hope things calm down soon.

I did get a kick out of the baptism comment from your pastor. Nazarenes do full baptism too! I love those services.

Mimi said...

HI Nancy!!!
Wow, what a week-end you had!!!
I will be Praying for your Momma and your son, our sons are like our little boys forewver and no matter their age theya re little to us, but I know you are like my age so your son can be no older then 30???? So that is some serious medical thing going on. I will Pray!!!!! I hope some sort of resolution can come about with medical insurance for everyone, I like what we have and we can afford it, provoided by my husbands employer plus our part, but overhaul the system for the ones who have none or can't afford what 's out there, not overhaul the entire thing. Our son is in Law school and has nothing but Major medical, so all those little things we have to pay for.
the whirlwind will slow down

Tonja said...

Nancy, Am just getting around to reading, and can't believe so much has gone on with you!

Hope your Mom is better, and did not have pneumonia.

So sorry to hear about David's troubles. But, so many times this can be taken care of with meds. Don't wait on getting him to a cardiologist, though.

Well, I AM Baptist, and you're right...you get EVERYTHING wet! That is hilarious! Quick thinking by the pastor!

Remember to take care of yourself in all of this! Your family will be in my prayers!

Kristi said...

Good to catch up with you, Nancy.

Yes! I want to put a cereal box on my head sometimes! And yes! You should see what Baptists do! hahahaha!!!