Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Palm Sunday.....Anna Cross Baptism

I have been blessed in my life to have good friends young and old.  Last Sunday, I was privileged to attend the Baptism of one of my dear almost daughter's daughter.  To make a great day even greater, the whole family was able to be there together.  

They had rented a beach house and everybody came into town to spend time together.

When we arrived at the church, the first service was still going on so we waited and this is what we saw.
And this.....

It was Palm Sunday and all the children had palm fronds, getting ready to enter the sanctuary.  This donkey was obviously portraying the colt that Jesus rode into Jerusalem.   I was wondering two things as Mr. Donkey was walking, were they going to walk him down the aisle in church?  and many of those little boys were thinking  that they could stick him with a palm frond .......they didn't!  That was a good thing!

The children walked down the aisle, without the donkey, and sang.  Then it was time for Anna Cross to be baptized.  She was so sweet and good.  

After she was baptized, the preacher walked her all through the church.

  In the last two years three babies have been added to the family!  Here they all are and I'm going to try to get this right.....Mary Grace with her husband Mikey behind her on the left holding their baby Grady.  Standing next to Mary Grace is Marie.  Behind Marie is her son Beau who is married to Katie in front of him holding Anna Cross.  Right behind Anna Cross is Charlotte and Tony, known as Nanny and Big Daddy.  Emily is top row next to her dad.  Sadly, her husband wasn't able to come and we missed Jeff.  Last on the top row are Brian and Robin and their twin girls, Addison and Emma.  They are becoming quite the large family!

Brian and Robin and their girls.

Anna Cross looks so happy for me to be holding her doesn't she?  She kind of has that please mama come get me now look!

My sister holding one of the twins.

After church, there was a gathering at the beach house where the family is staying.  This was the first time they have all been together in a long time.  The first time all the new little cousins had been together.  Lots of friends joined in and a small reunion took place that was so much fun!  
I'm just going to put some pictures up and not try to name everyone!  Some will know them, some won't, but if you're like me you just like seeing other people's pictures.  If you're not like me, skip on down!

O.K. I am going to comment on the above picture.  I believe Aunt Mary Grace had these made for the twins!  I absolutely love these bibs.

O.K. I have to identify......a good friend Jason with his daughter.

Katie with friend Maggie and Maggie's mother.

Katie with friend Macey.

Katie with friend Ronnie.

Katie with friend Roxanne.

Emily with brother in law Beau

Brian and Mikey

Carol with Anna Cross

Emily, Mary Grace, me and Katie.

Marie, grandma, with Anna Cross

Sisters and brother with spouses and children.

Ronnie with my sister, Cathy.

Sisters holding sisters!

Three sisters, Katie, Emily and Mary Grace

Anna Cross on the trampoline!

Carol put Anna Cross right to sleep.

Me with Anna Cross.....does she look like she's trying to get away again???

Aunt Katie with Grady

There are so many more pictures, but I think that I've posted enough for today!  It was a great day and so good to see the whole family plus lots of friends!


The Hatcher's said...

You got a lot of good pics! We enjoyed seeing you! I love the picture of the sisters holding sisters! Hope my girls are as close as you and Cathy.

Gigi said...

Beautiful! Memories are made of such times as these... :)

Have a blessed Good Friday!

Cathy said...

Your pictures are great. Thanks for sharing!!

Katie and Beau said...

We had a great time visiting with you. Thanks for making the drive over even during your busy time. We miss you already and can't wait until June!!!

Thanks for posting all of those pictures.