Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Day seems like I'm getting further and further behind each day!  A lot to say but no time to say much.  Graduation day dawned and we were all super excited.  It started early, so we were up and dressed and out of the house (Katie's house that is) and on our way across town to Southwestern College where they were having the ceremony.

Maria and her friends and family had gotten there really early and gotten front row seats!  The sweet girl even brought cushions for this old Nana and old Aunt Cathy!  Those cushions may have saved my life!  The risers were concrete.

They also made a big banner.....

And placards with her name for all of us to hold.....

We were having a very good time!
It was hot and Ashley was waiting until the last minute to don her gown!  She visited for a moment before she headed down to get in line with her classmates.

Proud mama

Brother.....Adam waiting patiently.  Isn't he just the most handsome??? 

Daddy (my son) and Jessi waiting for the star!

AND the star of our day finally walks to the stage!  What a feeling. Doesn't she look so happy???

Then it was time for family pictures.
Ashley was talking to her Uncle David who was in Panama City! 

Ashley with her sister Angelina, mama and brother Adam.

After graduation Paul and Jessi, Cathy and I and the kids went for breakfast.  It was really good!  We had such a good time together enjoying breakfast and conversation. 

While we were gone, Maria and family and friends were fixing up for a bbq Mexican style!

The tables were set and things were decorated so pretty.....but the food???  Out of this world!  Maria's family can cook!  We ate and ate....the only thing I didn't try was a dish that looked sort of like green beans with onions.  It was cactus...yes, you heard right.....when you looked closely you could see where the prickles had been.  Nope, I didn't try that dish.

The cake was not only pretty but delicious!  

One of the best decorations on the table was....

the diploma!  I did have a picture of it, but decided I probably shouldn't show it without editing and well, I'm not such a good photo believe me when I say she has a beautiful diploma!!

Katie, Beau and Anna Cross came for a while.

Adam did a little trick skateboarding...

Later she opened her cards and presents.

A very nice and momentous day drew to a close and Ashley's weary Nana and Aunt Cathy drove back to fall exhausted into bed!

Saturday morning rolled around and we lazed around with Katie at her home for a while, drinking coffee and talking.

We called to see what the kids were doing and found that Adam had been sick all night and wasn't up to doing anything.

We went to get Ashley and she wanted to go to a movie so off we went to the Prince of was a cute movie.  But it was very cold in the theatre!  Thankfully there was a W*alm*rt next door where we got Ashley a little jacket.  I thought Aunt Cathy might fight her for that jacket before the movie was over!

Sunday, we got up and dressed and went to church with Paul and Jessi.  Their church meets in the elementary school in Ashley and Adam's neighborhood so I knew just where to go.  Paul and Jessi were waiting for us and took us to our seats.  They were greeters and had to get back to work!  Zoe, Jessi's little girl was there too and we were so glad to see her!

We enjoyed church and afterward they had a hot dog lunch!  That was nice...they are doing lunch for 4 weeks to start the summer.

Jessi and Zoe
Paul with his mouth full...sorry son!

There was more to Sunday, but that's for later.  Now I need badly to hit the publish button because I'm tired! 

I hope you all like pictures as much as you can tell I like them!


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Graduations are fun - - - so glad you got to go!

Just Breathe said...

I love trips like these. Family is so much fun to visit with. Looks like the graduation was great and nice looking cake!! Proud moments.

Needled Mom said...

It continues to sound like it was a great trip. I am enjoying all the wonderful family photos.

Yes, why is it they keep theatres so darn cold???? Are they afraid we will fall asleep in there?

Cathy said...

I did try the cactus.....just let me say that everything else at the cookout was wonderful!!!

LBDDiaries said...

Beautiful people and awesome day! What else did you eat aside from not eating the cactus (which I hear is delish, by the way). I live vicariously through other people's meals (smile)!

BECKY said...

Hi Nancy! Looks like a great time! And you have been one busy gal!

Love your header beautiful. Saw the pics of Kristie, Emily and the girls! I know they sure appreciate your hospitality! I did when I was there!

Hope you're having a wonderful summer so far! I can't believe that graduation was outside!! Down here the "feels like" temp has been in the 100's!!

Have a great day!

Dawn said...

What a fun day - glad you got to go to church with Paul.

Cactus - where's the picture?? I wonder if I would have tried it.

The food sounds wonderful - I would have been a frustrated person, not able to partake of most of it!

Don't worry how long it takes - it's lots more fun to have too much to write about that have a dry spell!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I know you are so proud! Great pictures! She is beautiful!

Deanna said...

Hi there!
Aren't Graduations great? Nice pictures of loved ones and this exciting event. Very nice occasion.

Thank you for stopping over at my blog. I enjoyed hearing from you.

God bless and may you have a sweet week,
d from homehaven

Together We Save said...

Wonderful pictures!! You have lots to be proud of!!

Gigi said...

Looks and sounds like it was a celebration full of great memories!

Amber said...

Hey Nancy! I have a confession...I *might* have been a lurker on your blog! Haha! Thanks for stopping by and commenting...I noticed Russell has a little crafty side =)...I keep meaning to ask him about his card making skills!! So sweet! Have a great weekend!