Thursday, June 10, 2010

California Graduation.....Part 2

My sister writes in a little book during trips....I don't have a copy so I'm trusting this memory of mine to remember each day.  That's pretty scary since by supper every day I can't remember what I had for lunch!

Thursday, we got up, lounged around with Katie for a while then drove over to see the grands.  We took Ashley and Adam shopping.  Ashley needed a dress to wear under her cap and gown and Adam needed jeans.  We went to a nice BIG mall and had lunch then shopped.

Before we left, Ashley did a little show and tell with her cap and gown. 

Katie and Anna Cross came to go to the mall with us and got to visit with Maria.  Rental car in the background. 

We also got to visit with the grands' delightful little sister Angelina.  She already has a Nana so she calls me Nana Nancy. 

Just waiting to go shopping.  Adam wouldn't look!

We looked and looked and looked and looked!  We went in so many stores but we finally found the dress she liked!  Just a little white sundress.   Here she is in the dressing room saying this may be the one!

I didn't get a picture of Adam with his jeans!  I think he would have been embarrassed to have his picture taken in a store.  For that matter Miss Ashley may have been a bit embarrassed!  Bless their little hearts, they usually do cater to their old Nana.

We got in from shopping and Maria's old friend Carolina called to say she wanted to come by to see me.  All her friends and family are so sweet to me, usually coming by at some point to give me a hug.

Here's me, Andrea (Carolina's daughter)Maria and Cathy.  Andrea is so grown up too.  She's a year behind Ashley in school and I've been seeing her since she was a little girl.  Haven't seen her in two years, do you know they grow a LOT in two years??

Ashley drove away in her little car to her Senior Banquet.  Mama's giving her last minute instructions. 

Cathy, Carolina, Maria and I went to In and Out Burger then Cathy and I headed across town to Katie and Beau's home for the night. 

Beau was pretty mad that we didn't bring him a milkshake!  We rectified that problem before the end of our stay.
This little girl can sweeten him even better than a milkshake!!

Stay tuned for part three......graduation day!


Needled Mom said...

Nothing like a little retail therapy and In n Out!!

Dawn said...

Cute little eyelet sundress. Back in the dark ages when I graduated, we all pretty much bought a new white dress. Now they usually don't wear much of anything under their gowns - I'm glad she got something special.

Just Breathe said...

I am enjoying these posts. It reminds me of when I go to Florida to visit with my family, my dad, my sister/BIL, the nieces and the great nieces and nephew!!

Just Breathe said...

Thanks for stopping over. She doesn't like going. Since we just discovered that she gets ill in her kennel here at home I'm alittle concerned taking her this time. They have never said that she was bad and I love the girl who cuts her hair. She is off on Mon. & Tues. so we will go later this week.