Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Slow down, you move too fast

Isn't that a song???
Lyrics from the 59th Street Bridge Song
Simon and Garfunkel

But exactly how I feel these days.  Do I keep complaining about this??

I'm trying to catch up with my reading but it just seems impossible and I get so behind.

So what's been going on you ask?  You didn't ask?  That's o.k. here it is anyhow.

Lots of sweet mama.

A banquet for Mercy Uganda.

And now.......

A sick husband!  You know he's really sick when they make not only him wear a mask, but the doctor is wearing one when he comes you think they gave me one???  I guess they figure I'm already exposed to whatever he's got so no need to protect me.....sigh.

But on a better note, let's talk about the banquet!  It was to benefit Mercy Uganda a ministry to the women and children of Uganda.  A really young ministry, Mercy Uganda has already obtained the Ugandan equivalent of non profit which is difficult to get, but helps tremendously in working in Uganda.
In the past year, through God's mercy and His provision through so many people from so many walks of life, there is now a well in a remote village where there has never been running water or electricity.  Clean water!

Anyhow!  I want to show only a few pictures since we'll be blogging about it over at the Mercy Uganda blog.  Here they are....

Just a little glimpse, you'll have to go over to Mercy Uganda to read all about the banquet....ummmmm....wait two days o.k?

Last night was a very normal night.  We had supper, went to S*m's Cl*b and after we went to bed and were sleeping, Russell woke me saying he was cold and asking for a sweatshirt.  Now it was NOT cold in our bedroom, but I got him a sweatshirt then felt his forehead and he was burning up with fever!  He was miserable all night and first thing this morning, I called our doctor.  After some tests....and waiting for results, we found out he was very sick and is now on two antibiotics.  Being sick is hard for him because he is never sick.  We're on our way to being well again so a little rest and recuperation and he'll be right back to normal.

The saddest part of Russell being sick is that our grand baby and his parents were coming this weekend.  I asked the doctor about it and he emphatically said not a good idea!  We don't want anybody else to get sick so we'll abide by doctor's orders.

Everyone in out little town helps out.....this guy was even holding up the power pole!

Just couldn't resist!


Kat said...

So sorry your hubby is sick. Praying you don't get it too! Is it the flu?


Katie and Beau said...

Poor Big R. Hope he feels well soon, I'm sure he be back at work tomorrow afternoon! That's too bad sweet Charlie can't come for a visit, I know you were looking forward to it.

Cathy said...

Get well soon, Russell!!

Dawn said...

That sure came up fast. I hope it goes away just as quickly! Poor guy.

Needled Mom said...

Poor hubby and poor you!!! I hope he is better soon.

The benefit looks fabulous. I love the colors on the tables.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like it was a wonderful banquet. So sorry about your husband being ill. Hope he is better soon. Spending time with Mama is a good thing. I enjoyed the man holding up the pole!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh...the banquet sounds sooo exciting. Isn't it wonderful how God is already growing that wonderful ministry. The table looks beautiful. I hope your hubby is feeling better soon (and that you don't get whatever it is)! Hugs :)

Tonja said...

Hope Hubby feels better soon. Great pic of your Mom. So sorry you missed the family's visit.
Looks like a great banquet, too. So worthwhile an organization!

Mrs.G said...

Hi Mrs Grayce, its Mrs Grace;)

Sorry to hear your hubby is not well,take lots of vitamins and fluids and pray that you don't catch it!!!
The benefit looked successful.
Our church had a fundraiser for Uganda and sent couple of tractors to them.
Thank you for your visit, yes too much to do...I can never keep up with my blog reading...
Tracy Grace

Kristi said...

Sorry to hear Russell was so sick!

Thanks for sharing the photo from Mercy Uganda banquet; I wish I could've been there.