Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Going backwards in time....

Before I move on to the new year, I need to finish the old!  

While the grandchildren were here, Grandpa Russell took them target shooting.   They loved it...and of course he taught them gun safety!  Russell has been a hunter all his life while his little wife grew up in town and was scared of the woods for a long time.

Here's grandpa showing them how it's done.  Notice he set up two targets....one for Adam and one for Ashley and you better believe they were comparing their shots!

I know Grandpa, hold the gun awayyyyyy.

He's holding the gun down to load, not trying to shoot his foot.  

Stand this way.

Aim carefully!

Showing Ashley how it's done.  Notice they wear ear gear.....shooting is not easy on the ears.  Russell had ear plugs in his ears.  He gave the kids the good ear thingies.

You mean this way?  

That's our girl.....proud look on Grandpa's face!

Don't mess with her boys!  

Now let's shoot the shotgun.  Adam had really been looking forward to this one.

Oh, yea, that's how the girls do it!

Adam was determined to hit the bulls eye more often than his sister!

Annie Oakley Ashley  preferred the handgun.

Their targets!  They went home with them in their suitcase.  They can show their friends what Florida girls and guys do.  

It was a fun day for them just spending time with each other and Grandpa Russell.  

Their Nana stayed at home.  I hope we made lots of happy memories while they were here.

We sure do miss all the grands!


Cathy said...

We all miss them.........maybe they can come back soon!!

CRY said...

What a special memory that is for both of them and for grandpa. My son is very hard of hearing in one of his ears because when he went shooting ( which was often) there were no ear plugs being put on.

Needled Mom said...

What fun for the kids!!! I remember fondly my uncles teaching me to shoot. They had an empty tin of JOY dish soap and we had to hit the "O". Gosh, I love target shooting.

Bet you miss them already. Life is so quiet when they leave.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like a great day. I know that your husband loved his time with the kids. My husband goes all the time. Our adult children go with him often. I never go and don't even want to hold a gun!

Tonja said...

That's a great memory for them/ And now they have yournblog post to go with it!

I know you enjoyed them so much!

Donnetta said...

How fun and what a memory! My husband has taken me out a couple of times. I, too, prefer more of a handgun style. The kick back from the shotgun is too much for my liking! :-)

Mimi said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!And what a great memory this was!!!I remember shooting my Grandpas gun!!!Must have a deep respect for them in order to understand them!!!and yes, BOYS be careful, do not mess with this cute girl!!!
Happy New year my sweet Florida pan handle friend!!!

bj said...

I love times like this with grands. :)

Dawn said...

That's like Dwight taking the kiddoes skiing and me staying home to fix the chili!