Saturday, January 8, 2011

The New far

Christmas and New Years are just nightmares memories now.  I must say that we had great and fun times and we had bad times and we had horrific times.  We're all still alive and kicking so I'm planning for the rest of the new year to be spectacular!

To start the year off, I've joined in the group at in reading the Bible in 90 days.  Quite a big challenge but there's lots of support and accountability and it's time.  I've probably read parts of every book, but never just straight through from Genesis to Revelation.  I'm on day five and I'm a day ahead!  

One of the great benefits is that you have to take the time to sit and read and think about nothing else.   In other words, it forces me to be still for part of every day.  It's fascinating and I have now gone from the creation into the Exodus of God's people from Egypt.  There is so much between!  The fall of man, the first murder, God destroying the world by flood but preserving Noah and his family and every kind of animals by their kind to repopulate the earth.  God's call to Abraham and his complete trust in God's promises even though at times fear drove him in the wrong direction.

Isaac, the child promised to Abraham and Sarah, born to them in their old age.  Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Esau.  The great love story of Jacob and Rachel and the tangled web woven by deceit and jealousy.
Jacob's twelve sons and how ten of them sold Joseph into slavery because of their own jealousy.  How God used what they meant for evil for good.

Joseph's adventures in Egypt and his eventual rise to the second in charge position right under Pharoah and how he was used to save many from years of famine, including his own family.  How they were reunited and moved to the best land in Egypt where they saw Joseph die and where they lived 430 years before God used Moses to take them out of slavery and away from Egypt.

Whew, that's just a small part of the exciting history of God's people.  

I'm surely under no illusions that reading the Bible in 90 days will be easy.  I've read the tips from my dear friend Donnetta and am using them.  Now by telling you, I'll even be more accountable.

I'll be doing a lot of this for the next 85 days.

Join in, it's never too late to start!  


cry said...

Good for you!
Ive read the new testament so many times but only bits and pieces of the old testament which is hard for me to understang.

cry said...

Good for you!
Ive read the new testament so many times but only bits and pieces of the old testament which is hard for me to understang.

Mimi said...

I read the BIBLE everyday, hubby got the read the BIBLE in a year for christmas, but wow, 90 days!!!!
I will try!!!

Needled Mom said...

90 days??? Wow! That will be quite the accomplishment. I really like the idea of the quiet time to reflect on the readings and it is the perfect time of the year to do it.

sarah said...

way to go...I'm like Cry..but I admire you for doing it.

Donnetta said...

Grinning ear to ear as I read this! I am so excited for you and this challenge that you have accepted!

There is A LOT that happens in that first bit, but you did such a fantastic job of summarizing it.

And so proud that you are a day ahead! Ready to move to 2 days ahead? :-)

What a blessing to know you found the tips I shared helpful. They were just what seemed to work for me. :-) (Thanks for the link.)

Okay, enough about my excitement for you on this journey. Just know I'm rooting for you each step along the way (or is that each verse along the way?)

Now, how about going to read one more chapter?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am so glad you joined and are reading the Bible. I've tried several times but haven't actually finished it. I have a terrible time with retaining what I read. I wish you complete success. What a great way to start the new year.

Kat said...

Good for you sweet friend! My goal is more realistic...for me. I'm reading the bible in a year using The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan.


debi said...

Nancy, I am on my second year of reading through, only this time I am doing it in chronological order. I never thought I would love the old testament but I really do!

Good luck reading it in 90 days, can't wait to hear about it on your journey!


Katie and Beau said...

90 days is a real challenge! Good for you! I read it in a year with my church a few years ago, and even that was a struggle for me! But I loved the history in the old testament.

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! 90 days, that is a wonderful commitment! My Hubby reads the Bible through every year and he has so much more knowledge then I do. I have started and then not finished for which I am ashamed. I think I will check this out!!! We do need this quiet time to soak in what God wants us to hear from Him through His word.

You have inspired me!! xoxox