Saturday, August 6, 2011

I need to go back.....

before I can go forward!

Our youngest grandchild had a birthday.....which I did write about.....but he also had a party....which I now want to write about..... because it was so much fun!

Tommy and Claudia put a lot of thought and work into Charley's first birthday party.  They had paint centers, bubbles, a little pool set up.....grilling hamburgers with all the get the point, set up to be great!
They are still very close to most of their high school friends and it was so nice that a lot of them were able to be there.

Claudia's mama had come a few days ahead to help her get ready.  What would any of us do without our mama's???

The Friday night before his party, we were all anxiously waiting for the birthday boy to wake up but for a while we thought this was the only way he was going to participate in his pre - party!  He was just so tired but finally got up and we enjoyed some time with him.

Charley shares his birthday with his great grandma, Mema, below with Claudia our sweet dil and Charley's mama!

Meme and Mema

They had set up canopies just in case and it was a good thing because it started out raining right about party time.  Everyone handled it great and we all had a good time in spite of that little glitch and at some point it turned to just a light mist.
Meanwhile, the cooking went on as scheduled!

Uncle Matt and the two grand dad's

Granddaddy with Charley

Mema watching as Charley plays with his friend

Daddy cooking

Meme and Charley play all around the yard....several times!

Uncle Collis joins them

Hot and wet, they still look great and so happy

Uncle Matt bringing Nana a little something cool to drink

Time for birthday cake.....oh, yea!  Just a little snack of fruit before the sugar rush

Dig in

Poor Roscoe gets absolutely no respect.  If you notice Uncle Matt in the background laughing hysterically as friend Patrick puts Roscoe in the kitchen

Now that you're a year old......


and more friends

This party stuff is starting to be fun

Jessie got the prize for the most thought out gift.....I would tell you all he had in the bag, but ummmmm, I forgot!

Meme brought the cross stitch she made for Claudia when she was a baby

Pappy playing with a gift bag and Charley


Nana and Meme with Charley

Charley loved his bags!  Just goes to show a child will always choose the box or bag to play with in the end

That is until he finds the little car Granddaddy brought him.  I heard there was a lot of fun surrounding putting this little thing together, but that's just a rumor!

And these pictures?  These are just the looks of a delighted and delightful birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Charley! 


Leslie: said...

Oh Nancy! Where does the time go? Already a year old and looking more like a little boy than a baby. Looks like you all had a wonderful party for him! Happy Birthday, Charley. :D

Cathy said...

The time just goes, where we do not know. Very nice post Nancy. You are a wonderful Nana.

Barbara said...

Charley is so precious! That whole family is precious! I loved reading the account of the party; almost felt like I had been there!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Great photos. Everyone looks so happy! He is adorable. I love those cheeks!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like the party was a big hit.
It is hard to believe he is a year already. Charley looks like he had a wonderful time, love all the smiles in the pictures. He liked his cake too! Don't they always want the bag or box and not the toy?

Needled Mom said...

He is such a cute and happy looking little guy. The party was such a hit - training for his years ahead of partying!!!

It is so nice to have such a large party of family and friends to ring in the next year.

Dawn said...

Wow, they put in a lot of work on that party - the twins didn't even have one because of "family dynamics" - the other side. But we did it up right for #2!

I love it when the birthday kid really gets into the cake!

LBDDiaries said...

Look at those beautiful little fat cheeks - such a happy beautiful baby boy!!