Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just another day in the life.....and other silly things

I've been a little down lately.......I'm only telling you that so you'll understand that sometimes silly sarcasm keeps a person from running screaming down the street which would not be a good thing.  Not that I would.....I hope.

There was about a four second power outage here a couple of nights ago that apparently took out the cable box in our bedroom.  Yes, I know you really aren't supposed to watch t.v. in the bedroom and especially if you have sleep problems.  I do.  Have sleep problems.  But I like watching t.v. in my bedroom.  So it was a problem for me that the t.v. wasn't working.  Not a huge problem, but a problem.  That needed fixing.

So.... I had to go to the cable company to replace that box, get another one and several of the new boxes you have to have on any television that doesn't have cable.....or something like that.  I can't figure out why they can't just quit changing stuff, but nobody asked my opinion.

I am directionally challenged.  Even though I have lived in this small town all my life except for the five and a half months I lived in Alaska, I still can't find my way around town.  This is a simple fact of life for me.  I usually ask my husband for directions.  Today I didn't ask....... I thought I knew where the cable company I was asleep when my resident direction giver left for work.  The direction giver knows that you don't wake up the woman who has sleep problems.

Arriving at the cable location, I discovered it was a bank.  Now I'm no genius, but I was pretty sure they weren't giving out cable boxes.  What do you think I did?????  Bingo....called the husband!  He didn't actually give the best directions so I ended up in the movie theatre parking lot.

Fortunately, or maybe not, there was this bridge that went across to the cable parking lot and it seemed reasonable to just walk across.  The top of my car may or may not need a new paint job because somebody forgot to trim the branches of this oak tree.


a couple of the low hanging branches got closed in my car door.  I almost cancelled the rest of the day at this point.......but I had a bra fitting later in the day, so I hung on to that last shred of sanity, walked across that bridge and way, way, way down to the actual door of the cable company. the cable boxes to the car......released the trapped branches and managed to close the door and I promise that no oak trees were damaged in the making of this picture.....well maybe a little.

The rest of the day was uneventful....that was a good thing.   


Deb said...

what a day Nancy...hope your weekend is nice and peaceful...

Loui♥ said...

having a sis in your small city means I'm there pretty frequently..
and I TOO get confused with the directions of the streets!!
as well as the locations of certain businesses!! Usually, I don't ask..I just do a mapquest and I'm set!
warmest hugs..

Mimi said...

I am good at a few things and direction is ONE of them luckily......My MOM owned a flower shop for a few years and I became her delivery person, because ....
A. I work for cheap--for her--Free
B. She knew I inherited my Dad's good sense of direction...Phoenix is HUGE and I can tell you where anything is!!!!
But I do not know ONE THING about electronic stuff....I am pitiful...I have a cell phone that I do not know how to use but my 3 year old grand daughter does....sad huh!!!
SO I am with you on the cable thing.....God Forbid if baby or Miss C touches the remote...I cannot fix it!!!

Dawn said...

What a crazy day! How big is your town? I have sleep problems, too, and the tv always lulls me to sleep - but I can't have it on when DC is sleeping, so I toss and turn. I am up right now at 3:45, been trying to get back to sleep since 2. Leaving for Women of Faith at 7, and had my alarm set for 5:15. Yuck. I keep thinking of all the things I need to tell Grandpa before I go, cause he gets to take care of the girls for two days!

Have a good week-end!

Dawn said...

It's only 3:45 - did I say 4:45? I'm not sure, because you haven't approved my comments yet - why aren't you up at this ridiculous hour to approve my comments??

debi said...

Nancy you are adorable :-) Might I suggest a GPS dealie be put on your Christmas list this year? I am so directionally challenged I use GPS and take a printout from map quest with me!!

Hope that today is the beginning of a calm relaxing day for you.


Julie said...

That was funny.. even if it was not suppose to be! Have a good weenend.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Does not sound like fun at all. Glad you finally were able to find the place and get your new boxes. So sorry about those branches :(
Also sorry that you don't sleep well. We do not have a TV in the bedroom because my husband wants to sleep when he goes to bed yet he sleeps on the sofa for hours each night in front of the TV. He should just start his evening out in bed!

Cathy said...

Okay....quit complaining!! You could have had my day today!! Just know how directionally challanged I am...maybe it is in the genes:~) I hope you are still up because I am about to call.

Auntie Bliss said...

A bra fitting!!! I'd run for the hills! (arrive with two black eyes probably, but I'd run...)
I think...your car was steering you towards $ to go to the movies. You just didn't clue in to it.
I have a GPS but don't have any idea how to use it.