Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A little Christmas decorating

I mean a little......but first, I know you are all terribly jealous about my new header.  You wish with all your hearts that your Christmas tree was very crooked like mine.  The sad thing is, crooked would be o.k. if it was a real tree....but it's not.  Oh, and those presents?  Empty boxes.

We have this little tradition in our home.  Every year as Christmas approaches I say no tree this year.....as the superhero calmly gets the tree out and proceeds to put it up because he knows this is a little song and dance I do yearly.  And then, reluctantly I drag out the ornaments to put on the tree.  Then something magical happens!  As I place each ornament on the tree, I start thinking about when I got that ornament or who gave it to me and I get all sentimental and I'm suddenly glad we're putting a tree up this year.  I only put ornaments on my tree that mean something to me or were given to me by someone.

The poor tree when he first put it up

Several years ago, I found these little frames at M*chael's and put pictures of us and the kids when they were little.....I bought several extras, but I'm getting low!

The Nativity.....His birthplace

If you enlarge this picture and look carefully, I started giving the superhero ornaments when we started dating.  The first one was a H*llmark man and lady....it's on the left top and it's white.  Then I started giving him the Sw**orski ornament of the year.  In all we now have 19 ornaments on the trees.  Those are some of my most favorite decorations

Found these cute plates at *j m*xx

My MIL gives us a clo*htique Santa every year.....I'll have to find another place to put them when I put the stockings up.  Oh, yea, that's another thing .....I said NO stockings this year.  Unfortunately, I said it in front of Matt who said  no stockings???  so I'll be dragging the stockings out.  

And this poor thing.....our Christmas tree needs a brace.  Anyway, it's up and decorated and it is what it is! 

Our next door neighbors got their Christmas present early and we're so excited for them.


Justabeachkat said...

Honestly, I didn't even notice that the tree was crooked...all I saw was how beautiful it is. I just did a post on my tree tonight too...and how I have some empty boxes under my tree too ;-)

BTW...last year, I didn't put up a big tree and although I decorated the rest of the house, it just wasn't the same. Never again. Having a tree up is important.

Merry Christmas sweet friend,

Cathy said...

I wonder what happens to my comments. Anyway, I said it all looks gorgeous and I am jealous 'cause your house is done and mine is not. I did get the tree done, but it is not pretty. I will get new one after Christmas! Plus I broke one of my special ornaments...oh woe!! Have a good night!

Dawn said...

I think it's beautiful and I'm glad you did it. I love each and every ornament on my tree, too, and had fun telling Hayley about them this year. I need to put up my second "designer" tree, but it takes so much energy! I haven't done it for the last two years, and I hate to waste all those ornaments and that new tree I bought on the after-Christmas sale 3 years ago and haven't even tried to assemble it yet.

I don't do stockings, though. And I haven't done a letter the last two years either. Something has to give when I'm working on these two big concerts and have the girls so much.

Merry Christmas to you!!

The Hatcher's said...

Your tree looks beautiful! Mine only has ornaments on the top half. Emma and Addi have decided it looks better that way! :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I just saw my friends baby this week. It was so awesome to hold a new little one. I haven't held one since her last one three years ago.
Your decorations look beautiful. I love the plates.

Tonja said...

Oh, it all looks so good. I do not even see a crooked tree...perhaps the lights gove it a different glow. They do, you know. No matter what, adding lights to it makes it look so much better! I know the fun of pulling out those ornaments. Filled with sweet memories.

Enjoy the blessings of this season...

debi said...

Beautiful tree!!!


Needled Mom said...

The reluctant decorator????? I have been that way this year, but DH put the tree up and it looks wonderful. Mind you, he only decorated the side of the tree that people will see!!! lol

What a darling early Christmas present. Love all that hair.