Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter and other things.....

Any of you printing your blogs?  I printed my first three years together......since I didn't blog much.....and just received my fourth year in the mail a few days ago.  It's fun to have it in book form even if you can't buy it on A*mazon.  The site I'm using isn't very user friendly, at least not to this user, but I'm determined to print it all one year at a time.  Someday, I'm sure my children will find them when they go through my things and throw them promptly in the garbage treasure having my words to read.

It's been a wild two weeks around here.  The weekend before Easter, one son and the superhero both had wrecks within three days.  Matthew was on his way to my brother's house when he was rear ended.  He tried calling me......the wreck was just at the end of my brother's street......but I couldn't hear my phone ringing.  Yes, I feel really bad about that.

Look you, there's no sense in feeling guilty about everything!  

Thankfully, Matt wasn't hurt and his car was only damaged a little and is still drivable.

Not to be outdone, that Sunday afternoon, the superhero AND Matt were stopped at a red light when they saw a car hit another car on the other side of the road, spin around and start coming toward them......

The superhero said it was really surreal watching the  driver hit and then start coming his way.....he said he thought she would stop before she got to him because she came across two lanes of traffic and a median, but no.....CRASH!
It hit so hard that the truck has to have a whole new cab.  I am so thankful and weak kneed grateful that neither one of them were hurt.  And just a little fyi......in both wrecks, there's a good chance the drivers were texting.....  Please don't text while you're driving.  The person you hit might be someone I love! 

The Saturday night before Easter, I went with some friends to the Passion Play which a local church puts on at our civic center every year.  It was wonderful! So much work went into it and it was like a broadway production.  They told the story of Christ and His great love for us so beautifully.

Easter we had a wonderful church service filled with joyful music about resurrection day.  There was an orchestra and the handbells played.....it was just a joy filled service.

After church, MIL and just half of the children were here for lunch.  I didn't think to get the camera out until Russell had gone to the office.

MIL with Matt, David and Arwen

Me with Matt, David and Arwen

After everyone left, I took mama an Easter lilly and visited for a while.  Mama closed her eyes and seemed to be asleep so I was talking to her caregiver when she opened her eyes and said "my daughter brought me a beautiful plant" Me... "was it an Easter lilly?"  Mama....."I think so".....me..."which daughter?"  Mama....."my favorite"....me..."where is she".....Mama..."right here"!  She is so funny!

And in just a few days, we'll be opening this mystery door and showing off the brand new bathroom!  I can't wait.  


Chatty Crone said...

I have not made a book but I would love too - I have a friend who did.

Sorry about the car accident.


Cathy said...

Yes, thankful when no one gets hurt.....I love the pic of you looking at you!! We do have an extra helping of the guilt gene!!

Deb said...

so glad no one was hurt...texting and driving has become a terrible epidimic...more that drunk drivers...sounds like a wonderful Easter

UnicycleRose said...

I love that you line out funny stuff ;0)
I have a book made every year on my blogoversary....Love the keepsake! What website did you use?
Texting and driving do NOT mix, thanks for the reminder ;0)
What is behind the secret door? I am sure it is lovely!
Peace ;0)

Donna said...

Making a book sounds fun!
I'm so grateful no one was hurt!! Goodness girl!

Geneva said...

I've enjoyed visiting your blog ... and this post was packed with lots of memories. I really loved the idea of publishing your blog in book form...I had never thought of doing that.

debi said...

Oh how I have missed you! So glad Matt and the superhero are ok....Make everyday count!


Dawn said...

I want so much to have my blog in book form, but it wouldn't be as much fun as it could be because all of my pictures from several months are missing because of that trauma when I had to go private and I began deleting pictures, not knowing that they were disappearing from my posts. So sad!! Is it expensive to do that?

We used to have the Passion Play every year put on by a large church, but I don't think they do that any more. At least I don't hear it advertised.

So thankful nobody was hurt in the crashes! I can't imagine texting while driving. I don't even see how people do it. So incredibly stupid!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I mean to print my blog into a book ... but I haven't done so yet.

So, so thankful that no one was hurt in the accidents.

Can't wait to see what's behind that door! ;-)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looking forward to seeing the bathroom. So thankful that no one was injured from those crashes. Talk about stressful times! Your mama is so cute. I started work on printing out my blog to books but I felt it was really expensive. I would love to do it. I did do all my posts from our trip to Europe into a book. Who do you use?

Anonymous said...

You have been busy my friend! Sounds like you need a vacation. I'm so glad the guys were not hurt! What a nightmare! No worries I don't text or drive anymore. and when I did drive I did not text. have a great day!

Tonja said...

WOW! two wrecks...glad they are both OK. So sorry about that!

I have wanted to do a book and now may be the time. What company do you use? Is it expensive?

Loved the exchange with your Mother! How funny! That's was one of those 'treasures' to record for sure!

Maybe I can go to your Passion Play next year, since it seems we are now homeowners in FLORIDA. Seems as if we have bought ourselves a fixer-upper, but not too much, in Laguna Beach. Hopefully we will get some work begun before too long. I plan to use a cottagy theme to decorate the inside. Lots of flea market furniture...repainted in my colors. You'll have to send me a list of good antique stores or just junk stores to peruse when I get closer to needing furniture.

Can hardly wait to see the bathroom! I know it will be great!

Blessings, my friend!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

That is sooo neat about the blog book! :0)