Thursday, April 5, 2012

This big, wonderful world of bloggers

I have often said that there are some real prayer warriors among the bloggers I have come to know in this wonderful land of story telling, sharing and journaling.

So today, instead of my normal ramblings about nothing of real importance, I'm asking you to pray for our dear friend's grandson.  

His mama tells his story so well and this is the link to her blog about Brian.

Brian is five years old and is starting his third round of chemotherapy.  

Today is his grandmother's birthday and all she wants is for Brian to be well.  You may remember my friends from this post.
Brian is the first little boy on the left.

Brian's parents

Please add Brian to your prayer journals, pray for him as you think about him during the day.  

And from this blogger's heart, thank you.


GranAnn said...

We will pray for them.

debi said...

Prayed for little Brian xoxo


Donna said...

You Got it Sweetheart! Sending Prayer Now!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I will be praying for Brian.

Anonymous said...

You bet I will. Keep us updated. Bless his little heart! That is no fun for such a little man..

The Hatcher's said...

Prayed and will continue to do so.