Friday, September 7, 2012

Even through the rain....and other stuff...

It's Friday and time to link up with Mrs. 4444 who hosts Friday Fragments, a collection of things that happened during your week.....go on over to read her fragments!

First let me say that if you find you never hear from me again, blogger has notified me that they are giving me the new interface whether I want it or not and trust me I do not!  There is even a button to push to "learn more" .....but I'm not going to push it because then I might get it even sooner!  


Speaking of has been raining for months with a few days of sun to keep us from going bonkers.  One of mama's caregivers reminded me to be thankful I don't live in New Orleans and I am very thankful and very sad for those who lost everything in the flooding and destruction.  But I'm still ready for a few sunny days before Fall sets in for real.  Of course in Florida that could be November so we're bound to have good days before then!  So other than the rain, or should I say even through the rain we had good times.


August was full of birthdays and the month passed so quickly that I woke up and it's September!  There are also lots of birthdays in September in our family!  When you are part of a big family, there is hardly a month where there isn't a birthday so we are in constant celebration mode.  Or depression mode depending on which birthday.  


Since we have been on our quest for better health and thinner bodies, I have endured several people saying those precious words "now you look too thin".....but the Superhero hasn't had that problem.  I think people are really hesitant to say things to men that they will say to me women.  But tonight, oh it did my heart good, we were in line for supper at church when the Superhero's mom said those words to him.....and added she hoped he didn't lose anymore weight.  When he told her he was planning on losing eight more pounds, she wasn't too pleased.  
He and I know she's just concerned for our health, but we are so much healthier than we were fifty and thirty pounds heavier!

Now the really funny part about that is that when he was starting his journey and hadn't lost much yet, his mother told HIM that I was looking way too thin and he replied "Don't say that to her, it hacks her off"....WHAT!!!!!  I asked him if he couldn't have been a bit more tactful and he then asked me if it hacks me off and I said yes, so he said, well?  I know that's a lot of he said, she said!  Anyhow, he asked me to tell her that about him now and I said no way!  I am certainly way more tactful that you!

I have a theory about weight gain and loss.  If a person is thin, people get used to seeing them when they gain weight, people think they are putting on pounds, but do they say anything?  NO....that would be rude!  After a period of time, everyone gets used to seeing that person that weight and it seems normal.  Then when a person loses weight and actually just goes back to where they were way back when, people once again are shocked at your appearance, but now that it's losing weight, they feel free to say that dreaded phrase are getting too thin.  I think they will all eventually get used to us being thin and hopefully that will be the end of that particular line of discussion.  If we can keep the weight off, maybe we will once again seem normal.  


So...I spent weeks sealing the tile in my kitchen area, which includes a long entry hall.
So here are the results...



The before picture doesn't look nearly as bad as it does in real life!  I stopped at that hall and put a long rug there because I'm not sure I can go any further.  It's a back killer job!  


I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Sweet MIL is taking us out to eat tonight at a great place right after we see the movie 2016.....hope we aren't too scared to eat! 


Keetha Broyles said...

Girl friend, I too am still using the OLD blogger interface and I got that "threatening" note at the top of my dashboard too.

I ignored it.

They will have to drag me kicking and screaming onto the new interface.

Besides, they've threatened this before and so far they've never actually torn down the old - - -

BTW, you accidentally linked your last week's FF instead of this nice new one. I knew how to get around it, but you might want to go back and do another link to this post.

Nonnie said...

I'm impressed that you spent weeks sealing the grout. It looks very nice. I had to use the rug trick myself before we got new floors. We saw 2016 last week. Scary indeed.

Needled Mom said...

I keep getting that message about the new interface too. I hope I can keep this one because the new one did not work on my desktop computer. My blog posts would be picture-less if I have to change.

I can't believe how much rain you guys have had. It seems never ending!!!

Your grout looks amazing. I may have to give it a try in my kitchen - back breaking or not. You must feel great when you look at it.

I hope that move doesn't hack you off!!!! ;-} I'd like to go see it too.

viridian said...

I was shoved over to the new blogger interface weeks ago. I may be getting used to it.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I haven't seen anything telling me they are changing me but I did change a few months ago. Ladies, if the new one is what I have it is really easy once you figure it all out!!!

So what exactly are you eating? I would really like to know what you are both doing to lose your weight.

Emily Sovich said...

I totally agree with you about the things people will say to women vs. men! Thank goodness for your MIL -- someone needs to keep the "you're too thin" comments even! ;-)

Keetha Broyles said...

Woot! You did it! Made a new link to today's frags.

I KNEW you could do it.

We "well preserved" need to stick together.

Cathy said...

The grout looks great and glad you saw the movie....It will scare the pants of of you!! I just hope the folks who really need to see it will.
Have a great weekend....the rain has stopped here for the time being.

Dee said...

Dear Nancy, just wanted you to know that your weight loss and that of my brother inspired me to start Weight Watchers. I've been going two weeks and have lost 3.8 pounds. I know that will level off now, but I'm still truly happy about that.I know you'll understand. And let's truly keep it off! Peace.


You've had a busy month this past August with birthday celebrations and working on a tile floor. [by the way, the floor looks awesome]...

But, since I'm playing catch up on those who paid ME a visit this last Friday on the Fragments, I must add that I read your post on the winning of the giveaway....that is one marvelous PRIZE!

As far as the new interface goes, at first I didn't like it at all, but now that I'm used to it, going back to the 'old' I don't like. each his own, or so they say.

Oh, and RAIN? What's that? [drought here...send some my way pretty please]

Tonja said...

Well, I think you look terrific! Not too thin at all! I wish I could get the inspiration to lose weight. I have been under so much stress for so many months, that I wouldn't feel right if there wasn't so much drama!

I, too, am so sick of the rain! It looks like we are finally getting some sun this week! I'm so ready!

Enjoy the sun!