Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fragments.....on my mind...

Today, I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments.  Go over and read all the things people have floating around in their minds, but haven't posted about.

So, I'm not a big fan of any of the talent shows that have been on the past few years.....last year I discovered an exception in The Voice and so far this new season is no disappointment!  The people trying out have really incredible voices and the judges (even though a certain female judge could stand to cover up a bit) are kind to the contestants that don't get chosen and give them constructive criticism.  

Also, this week was the first of the series Revolution and I found myself enjoying it and will be watching that one as long as it holds my attention. 

Since we have been walking in the afternoons late these days, we see people we wouldn't normally see....sad I know!  Saw a young neighbor girl getting into the car with her boyfriend......the Superhero asked him how he was doing and he smiled and said .....Wicked man!  ????  I'm not sure what that means and we didn't ask!  I think we may be too old to be wicked! 


This week I joined a site called The Addicts Mom.....I'm not good at navigating the site yet, but it looks like a sort of online support group.  It has to be hard being an addict because it is excruciatingly painful being the mama of an addict.  It is especially painful reading women's stories who haven't traveled this path very long.  That sounds like it's easier the farther you go, it's not, but you do get to a place where you don't let it consume your every waking moment.  Oh, and sleeping moments when you dream about your child.


I officially now have the new and in my mind not so improved blogger.  Here's what I think about it so far.......I have to go around the world to get to my dashboard, I am not crazy about how you get to the edit posts page, I'm not crazy about it period!  I hope I get used to this soon.  I specifically asked not to have this......but as usual, no one listens to me!


And one last thing........I did such a dumb thing, which I know is a surprise to many of you!  I had a free photo book at Shutterfly so I thought I would make a book of my sixtieth birthday pictures.  So far so good?  But.........I did it quickly and didn't edit any of the pictures or even preview the book before I ordered.  

Well........along with my family looking like red eyed demons, I misspelled the Superhero's name!  I am ever so grateful it was free AND I hope I learned a lesson, but I can't promise.

Have a great weekend.


Needled Mom said...

Wicked post!!!! Hmmm. I'm not sure I would let my daughter go out with someone who is wicked.

I am sure that the new "normal" of the mother of an addict is the most difficult state to reach. One never stops being the mom who thinks they can heal every ailment in our children.

I hate the new Blogger too. I have to figure out the settings on my computer because it will not allow me to upload photos. Grrr.

bill lisleman said...

I guess I've been on the "new" blogger for awhile and didn't even notice they dropped the old system. Getting to your dashboard is not hard if you are logged in. Just click on the blogger icon on the far left of the blogger tool bar across the top of your blog. It links you to your dashboard.
Wicked - just slang that typically means feeling really good. Slang is meant to change ever few years and is different for each group. "Sick" is another one that can have a good meaning which is sick - right?

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I would think that being an addict's mom is one of the most difficult roles ... like Needled Mom says, we never stop wanting to be able to fix/heal whatever is going on with our kids. Praying for you. {{hug}}

I'm not sure I'm a fan of the new blogger. I can get to my dashboard easily (I bookmarked it), and I've been able to (by hook or by crook) get to wherever I need to ... but it's not easy and often circuitous. I liked the old way better, but no one asked me for my opinion. :-(

Heather Smith said...

I promise... as soon as you get used to the 'new' blogger ... it will be the old blogger and there will be another new format to figure out!

Katie and Beau said...

I can't watch the Voice! Those judges get on my ever lovin' nerves! How can you stand it?!?! But you know what's on full time over here...either baseball, football, or Sesame Street! Oh, the good old days when I could watch my Real Housewives in peace!

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm still with ya on HATING the new blogger interface, but I do think I'll "get" it.

You and your little book, too funny.

It's pretty painful being MARRIED to an addict too. Addiction leaves lots of victims.

GB DB said...

I am not sure about the new blogger either and kept switching back and forth, guess those days are over! I am still trying to create a dang button and header... I am so afraid to save anything I will never figure how to undo what I have done!

Karen and Gerard said...

I've been considering doing a Shutterfly book with some of my photos. It's not something you should do in a rush though as you point out here and I just don't have a lot of extra time to do it.

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I just watched episode 1 of Revolution. I liked it. I hope it continues to be enjoyable.
I'm still learning the new blogger stuff. LOL.

Tonja said... never want to get comfortable when they have gone so long doing so well. I tend to forget and then I'll remember it's a very thin line that separates the sober from the user.

My youngest changed me over to Wordpress some time ago. I don't know if it is any better or not...but it is different.

The Voice is kinda good. Most all of them are so silly though. They always think they have to throw in something to be funny.

Have been making some use of our house down here on Laguna Beach. Finally got it finished! Love being at the beach!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I watched The Voice last year and yes she could cover up. I like the beginning but don't like when they compete against their own team members! I will have to try Revolution. Haven't heard that one yet, have no clue what it means. Hope it's something good. I changed mine a while back and now like it but mainly because I had issues with the old set up. I use google reader and not dashboard anymore. Good thing the book was free!!! Lesson learned.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

My friend who married yesterday has big beautiful eyes, I had to remove the red eye from each photo. It took forever.

You'll get used to the new blogger.

Cassie said...

Our friends are on The Voice! They're the husband and wife team from Vanc. WA. Pretty cool to see them. :). Yes, the woman could do a better job keeping her assets covered...:)

The free shutterfly book makes me laugh. It has to be great for some good laughs--and memories of course. Enjoy your weekend!

Cassie said...

Our friends are on The Voice! They're the husband and wife team from Vanc. WA. Pretty cool to see them. :). Yes, the woman could do a better job keeping her assets covered...:)

The free shutterfly book makes me laugh. It has to be great for some good laughs--and memories of course. Enjoy your weekend!

Mimi said...

Before I go off and ramble and forget what I was going to say....I have used Shutterfly since 2007 and have made many books...they have a no question not happy replace policy...all you have to do is call them.........They have replaces 2 of my books because a page or more pages have fallen give them a call!!!
You do not want your hubby's name misspelled.....
I agree on the talent shows..I use to watch American idol.....been a few years....I really like paula....I thought oh man...what is the english guys name for goodness sakes.....I thought he was mean sometimes....
Is that show Revolution kind of like LOST?????I think I have heard that....
if so I will watch.
So happy to read your openness and honesty....addicts are people too....I have had several family members who were/maybe still are is sad....MY MOM made herself SICK over her Son and Daughter being addicts...I think they are both much better....are they drugs in there life???DOubt it...but it is legal stuff now...I simply do not understand how my Mom raised my older sister and I to be drug free and how the younger 2 could get themselves mixed up with that kind of stuff.....baffles me...I just PRAY and ask GOD to watch over worried their kids could follow in their footsteps. But THANK YOU for this information. GOD is with you and he knows the Requests you have before you ask.
HUGS and LOVE to you,

Anonymous said...

None of us know where our children will end up do we? You are a strong woman and can surely help a lot of those others get through this. As for the photo album thing... I do that kind of stuff all the time. This new blogger thing takes a while to get used to and yes it is annoying but you can do it. I figured it all out and you will too. (I cheated though. I had help from Elisa haha)

Emily Sovich said...

Oh no! But I'm glad the book was free!

Cathy said...

Where have I been, I did not see this blog.....I bet the book is good and some of do have red eyes anyway!! Love you!!