Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend in our neck of the woods....


We spent a lot of the weekend at some property we have that I'll just call the Bayou.  There is no bayou actually on our property, but I don't like the name of the little community so that's what I choose to call it and I'm sure there is a bayou somewhere in the vicinity.

Since tax season is looming, the Superhero went to work for a little while Saturday morning, then we rode up to the bayou property and did some target shooting. 
 Now before you get all gun issues on me....my husband has been a hunter all his life and treats guns with safety and respect.  All our boys are hunters and although I don't hunt, he's teaching me to handle a gun safely.  

Note......I put this picture on facebook and my granddaughter tagged herself and put this caption....."my Nana is way cooler than your Nana".....can you see the grin on my face?

I must confess that I was not shooting this gun, this was just a fun pose.  When we shoot, we wear ear protection and have two hands on the gun.  I do have a concealed weapons permit and when I decide exactly which gun I can handle, I will be carrying at times.  Not this gun......this is way too much gun for me.  

We had so much fun that.......

We went back Sunday afternoon!

But first, we went to Sunday school and church.  We have a really wonderful Sunday school class.....we're doing a series entitled "From Dust to Glory".....starting at Genesis and going through the Bible and it's fascinating.  I'm learning so much about the history of the Bible that I probably should have known, but didn't, or maybe forgot.

If you've been following my blog long, you may remember that the Superhero and I grew up in the church we go to now, but didn't really know each other.  We were married in this church and spent several years there until we left to go to another church which quickly became our church home.  We came back wounded and very weary and for the past couple of years, I have not been really happy there for a number of reasons.  Sunday, we were greeters and standing at that door with my older brother right outside, more family inside along with people I have known since childhood and others I've only known since we've been back, every. single. person. (even visitors) seemed genuinely happy to see us.  I suddenly realized I was home.  A wonderful peace (oh, you know that kind that passes all human understanding) came over me and I just realized that I was finally ready to be happy in church again. 

Later in the day, after a visit with my mama, we headed to pick up friends and went back to the Bayou......I'm liking the sound of that more and more.....to shoot some more.  Only this time around....

 I shot this!  O.K. I only shot it twice because truthfully it is very heavy.  So I sat the rest of this session out.

The sun began to set and was gorgeous.

When it was too dark to safely shoot, we headed back to the barn for snacks before heading home.  It was really fun and I got home in time to watch Downton Abbey!

I finally finished watching the first two seasons and am caught up in the third season.  I especially liked the night they did a special on the castle where they film.  It's a great place and even though it seems like a wonderful place to live, I remind myself that it was the turn of the century and there were few modern conveniences.  No, I'm glad that I live in this era most of the time......oh, and I wouldn't have lived in a castle even if I had lived in that one and if I had, I probably would have been the scullery maid!  Whew....dodged that bullet.

I had planned for this to be a Monday post, but it is Tuesday now.  The days just all run together.  Have a wonderful rest of your week!


Auntie Bliss said...

The Bayou!! I'm dying to know now the name you don't like :)
You look great with or without a gun. I'm soon going to go learn to shoot and I guess I'll get a gun as well.
I told my husband I'm going to "pack heat" LOL. Seems really crazy, too.
I'm glad you are happy again at church..makes a difference!!

Needled Mom said...

We grew up target shooting and I love it. Was your shoulder bruised after using that big one??? You are definitely one HOT granny!

What did you think of the latest Downton? ;-(

It sounds like you are enjoying the days before the busy times cave in on you.

debi said...

I do know what you mean in regard to that peace that passes all understanding...it's awesome right?
I realize the reason I love your blog, it's as if you are really sitting her taking to me :-)


Deb said...

What fun!! Hubby is going to teach me to shoot... My daughter Mom and daughter in law all know how

Juli said...

I'm all set with the guns. Thanks. But I did shoot as a kid, and I agree, it is very fun.

I was thinking with your first pic though... "WOW she is good to only need one hand." :)

Cathy said...

I want to know where you got that orange shirt and if you got one for me too!! I am the owner of a gun now.....my husband bought it for me....now, I just have to take lessons and will do that at the police dept....there is a 3 month waiting list and then I will also get a concealed weapon license....Hubby has his already. I think going target shooting would be good for hubby and me to do together.....we shall see!!

Justabeachkat said...

Gun scare me. We've never had one before, until my hubby bought one recently. Times have changed, haven't they?

Cute pics of you with your guns.

So glad you're happy again with your church. We love ours so much.


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I am so happy for you ....I felt your heart skip in the words you shared about your church! Btw where did you fine the first two season...I wanna catch up too

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I was so happy to hear the joy in your heart about your church. Btw...where did you find the first two seasons to watch? I wanna get caught up too.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I guess I'm going to have to get on the Downton Abbey bandwagon! I'll have to see if they have season 1 at the library.

You are so blessed to be so happy and find such joy at your church. We are at the opposite end of the spectrum at our church ... and finding a new church home appears inevitable. :-(

Diane said...

I told my husband awhile back that I wanted to go to the shooting range. I've never fired a gun before. My first husband (who passed away) was a hunter and now our boys go with their popaw and uncle. I could never kill anything but would like to try my hand at target shooting.

I've been at the same church nearly 19 years and have been in a slump about it lately but I have so much history there that I just keep holding on. Something won't let me leave.

Annmarie Pipa said...

how fun it all looks and sounds!! my boys play target shooting with their air soft guns..

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, we need to meet up sometime as I'm thinking we'd be immediate friends. Tell me again where you are from. We've had this conversation but I've slept since then. :o)

Oh, nothing like feeling at "home" in church. Our church is barely hanging on by a thread but we stay because it is "home" for us.

And, we know that La. can certainly have some of the strangest names of some of it's towns. But, I like Bayou.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

My husbands pleasure is target shooting and if they take away his guns it would be like taking away my bowling ball. I however will not touch them but I know I should learn. That is beautiful news on your church. So glad you found peace. I think I am going to start watching Downton Abbey since I hear so many awesome things about it. I should be able to watch it with Netflix through our Wii.

Nonnie said...

Nice pics. My husband has tried to encourage me to learn how to shoot. I haven't shot a gun in about 25 years.

We have such a great church family, I understand exactly what you are saying.

We anxiously await each new episode of Downton abbey. Have watched since the beginning. I can't imagine living the way the servants did. I think it is possible to catch up on Netflix.

Pauly said...

Well, I'm glad everyone in the family can carry now. Maybe I'll have to move home.... <3