Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fragments....

It's Friday and the day we can dump out all the stuff that's been rolling around in our brains all week but wasn't enough for a post.  Join in with Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments.

Can I just tell you that when you're watching the news and the reporter says that some whacko that did something horrible is elderly.....then adds in his 60's, it makes me feel like I need a cane?  Seriously?  I'm elderly?  


I'm reading this book written by my new friend Doreen.  Go over and visit her and buy the book. It's  one that you won't be able to put down and it'll pull at your heart!  


I started physical therapy for my knee and didn't get off to a great start.  When I made the appointment, they said be here one half hour before your appointment to fill out paperwork.  Dutifully, I walked in and in FIVE minutes had all the paperwork completed which left TWENTY FIVE minutes to wait for my appointment.  The therapist had me do a few exercises, printed them out for me, said we can ice your knee here or you can just ice it at home as she led me out to the desk to pay $145.00 for TWENTY minutes with the therapist, but an hour gone!  We have a huge deductible so I have to pay every time I go and for that price they'll be icing it there from now on!
But I don't like to complain.  HA.

I think these two boys are every bit as expensive to take care of as the kids were.  They went to the vet this week and one..... has a skin condition and an ear infection.  Thankfully Mikey was well and just got his vaccinations. 

I got to the desk to pay and saw all the medicines they had for Jack and said "how many thousands do I owe" and the nice lady at the desk replied oh, it's under $500.00.  Was that supposed to make me feel better?  Note to our children.......your inheritance is being spent so keep your jobs.  We were going to spend it all on vacations and stuff, but instead it's going to doctors and vets.  Fun times......break out the party hats.


The Superhero and I were in the gun store to pick out a gun for little old me and they were showing us purses you can buy that have a place specifically designed for your gun.  They're very safe.......but just for the record I'm not shooting a gun through a purse I've paid good money for that's nice leather!  Anyhow, they have to order it because they can't keep guns in the store.  The gun makes and sellers probably want to kiss you know who right straight up on the lips.  (That's a southern phrase if you were wondering).  Since he started the gun control business, they can't manufacture guns as fast as the orders come in and are probably doing more business than they have ever done.   


That's enough brain dumping for this week.  I'm late as it is, so have a wonderful weekend!


Tracy said...

The ice at the physical therapist office is so much better than the ice at home. They have those special huge wraps that get everything evenly.

I really like the heat wraps too. Boy I could use one of those right now.

Keetha Broyles said...

I understand the proper use of guns.

I "get" hunting.

I'm not anti private citizens owning guns.

But I will say this - - - - I don't "get" why any average citizen "needs" an oozie, or any other automatic weapon of mass destruction.

Fisherhubby gets MAD at me for saying that, but I tell him I can think for myself and don't need him to do it for me.

That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it.

Not that I'm against you getting a gun and a fancy smancy purse to carry it in - - - your mention of guns just made me think of this.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Good luck with your physical therapy.

I hear you on spending our retirement nest egg on doctors and vets. One of the reasons DH isn't ready to get another dog (or dogs) after losing our two last year is because of the vet bills. Our lab had chronic stomach issues and was on multiple meds for 12 of her 13 years, plus both of them had to be treated in 2006 for ibuprofen poisoning ($$$$$$$$$). I've got something going on with my shoulder that's affecting my range of motion ... it's a lot less expensive just to avoid using it in the positions that cause pain. ;-)

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Ouch, sorry about the knee and I had shoulder surgery about 5 years ago and had PT for about 4 months afterwards and it was "all that and a bag of chips." Painful, yes! But, I was there about an hour and a half each time and the therapist was wonderful!

Oh, the doggies are so cute! And, yes those vet bills are crazy but what we do without our four legged children?

Happy weekend!

debi said...

I say yes, let them ice it...heck let them open doors for you too, and maybe fetch you a glass of water! Wow.

I actually laughed out loud coming to see you.

Think I may ask the hubstir to kiss me straight up on the lips!

Have a great weekend


Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I came on over from Dee's blog "coming home to myslef" and so bloody glad I did you have a great blog and I can so relate to the stuff you have written about today. My parenets are in their 70's and I do not think they are elderly in any way shape or form......I also hate it when we are told to arrive early to fill out paperwork that takes a few minutes to fill out unless you are thick and can't understand the brother in-law.......yeah he is one thick person I say thick because it sounds better then saying he is a stupid

Diane said...

You have had a busy week my friend! You will need to take next off just to relax and recuperate. I know that physio-therapy is very expensive. When daughter was going through her's we saw the bills and couldn't believe the prices for less than a hour treatment. Lucky for us it was covered under my policy. Hope your knee gets better soon. Diane

Juli said...

OUCH on the medicals. I cringe every time Tony injures himself... bye bye $20 co-pay...

Gina Gao said...

I'm sorry to hear about your knee! Hope that everything turns out well.

Needled Mom said...

Both bills are insane. I'd ice at home too.

I can't wait to see the new purse!

Sweet Tea said...

Girl, you've got lots more "stuff" rolling around in your brain than I do - 'course I'm sure that comes as no surprise!
My wallet aches simply reading about your PT and the vets!!

Deb said...

I know what you mean our vet bills have been higher than raising our kiddos... Have a great weekend

Bee said...

For $145, I'd let them ice my knee right then and there, too! Make them earn their money!

We have 4 cats (the last 2 were unplanned) and 2 of them are geriatric. Bills galore. If your cute dogs are under the age of 10, they qualify for pet insurance. Yep. It's a thing.

Dee said...

Dear Nancy, such a busy week and an expensive one too. You may not have much left to leave your children but I bet they want both of you to enjoy what you have now instead of scrimping so as to leave something to them. Children mostly want us to be happy as we age--or so I think. I can remember when I was child getting angry with my mom because she wouldn't spend the money on herself to go to the doctor when she had a large lump on her upper arm.

As to guns. I'm all in favor of gun safety, which is what I think most people are talking about when they use the term "gun control." Peace.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I hear you on those 60 comments. I'm telling you that I would not hate being in my 60's if they didn't make us sound dinosaurs.
Yes the dogs can cost a fortune!
Can you imagine having a purse to hold your gun....does Louis Vuitton make one?

Mrs4444 said...

Yet another thing to look forward to about getting "old." I can't get over how old people my age look sometimes.haha

I wouldn't mind learning how to shoot a gun. Mr.4444 told me that ammunition is hard to come by these days, too.

Goodluck with your knee recovery! :)

Tettelestai said...

I have 2 handguns, one of which was purchased after You-know-who was reelected. I chose to conceal carry out of my purse. It's been fun figuring out where to conceal ;-)

There is a lovely gal on YouTube with some great ideas.

Dogs can sure take it out of you, huh? I hope the kids got the memo ;-)

Annmarie Pipa said...

yes..the elderly 60 yr old...and our vet bill was just $500!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh dear! I understand those vet bills. Our wee cat has cost us a small fortune. Good thing they are so cute and loved!

Loui♥ said...

I've been browsing back posts of yours that I'd missed..
I have laughed out loud at this post!
it is wildly hilarious!
Love You!!!
thanks for visiting and leaving comments about my Brax!
have Skype..get to watch him walking and talking..but I so miss being there to hug and kiss him!