Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Fragamentary my dear...

It's Friday and the day we take all the bits and pieces of our week and throw them out there for you to enjoy.  Thanks to the Unknown Mami for hosting Friday Fragments for the summer while Mrs. 4444 takes a break.

We have had a few days of no rain and it has been a welcome relief.  The Superhero and I have been able to walk the last six mornings, even though we did get a little sprinkle this morning.  Many in our area had flooded homes and businesses.....places that aren't in flood zones and don't usually flood.  My heart goes out to everyone who had water in their homes!

Which brings me to a pet peeve.......there were lots of rainbows after the rain.....reminding us that the only thing the rainbow stands for is a promise from God.....that's all.


Two dear friends had birthdays this week.  Happy Birthday to old friend.....and Emily.....a young friend.  I use old in the nicest way as Sharon and I are the same age.


Many of you have heard on the news about the two young girls who were injured in a parasailing accident.  That was here at our beach and lots of prayers from all over the nation have gone up for these girls and their families.

One of the girls went home yesterday to Indiana and the other remains hospitalized here locally and will be transferred for additional surgery soon.  

I watched the video many times and each time I was struck by what a miracle it is that these young girls are alive!  They very high winds.....a 13 story condo, a power line and crashed down onto some cars in a parking lot.  As a parent, I cannot even begin to imagine the horror.  So thankful they are recovering!  #####Parasailing is unregulated#####just say no!


I had blood drawn this week for my regular physical and stood up for myself and requested I NOT have a particular person who tortures me when she draws blood.  I have decided I am at an age where I have to speak up for myself in the health world!


It wasn't a good week for my sweet mama.  She had a terribly confusing day Wednesday and it wears both of us completely down!  

The way I see mama....

The way those who didn't know her before see her....

I pray God's mercies are new for her every morning!  


I haven't had a heard around here comment for a while so here's a new one.....on our walk this morning, I was asking the Superhero if he would show me how to do something on the computer and he looked at me and smiled and must be the beauty of this outfit because you are NOT the brains!  I may or may not have left him wounded on the walking path!


I hope you all have great weekends!  I am behind in reading and hope to catch up soon!


Nonnie said...

That is sad about the flooding. A flood is scary, but cleaning up after a flood seems like it would be one of the worst jobs.
I am also behind in reading, and trying to catch up. I'm with you on the pet peeve!
It would be nice to have some rain around here as we are in a drought and under water restrictions. I hate to see the flowers dry up, but my main concern is for the foundation.
That is terrible about the parasailing and it is one of the things I would not do. I'm so glad they survived and are healing. A short thrill is just not worth it.
Blessings on your Mama.
Haha!!! Tell Superhero there is another story you could relate to - Beauty and ... the Beast!!!

viridian said...

I am saying a prayer for your mom. Best wishes!

bill lisleman said...

I didn't know about the parasailing accident. I tried myself many many years ago in Mexico. It was ok but I've done other fun things that were cheaper and safer. Water skiing is more fun.

Rebecca said...

Last year we had record breaking drought and heat and this year it's record breaking rain. Temps are near normal.

Prayers for the parasailing girls.

Prayers for your mom.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Crazy weather - last year we had record-breaking droughts and heats. This year we're having record-breaking rains and below normal temperatures.

I think most of us view are parents as the people of our childhood vs the people they are right now. Praying for your Mama.


Whoa, I have NOT heard about the two girls. How terrible, and tho tragic in its own way, at least they are alive.

Your mom is beautiful!!

And the brains and beauty made me smile!!

Tiny little reveries said...

Aww, your mom is beautiful and from the pictures, looks like she has loved alot in her life. Hope she has some better days. I hadn't heard about the parasailing accident, but wow! What a story, and how scary. And rain! Like you said earlier, over here in Nevada, we would trade rain for our forest fires! But rain can do lots of damage too. Hope you have a nice weekend!

Sweet Tea said...

So thankful the rain has not been damaging to you, but like you said, we always feel badly for those who suffer because of such things...Glad you stood up for yourself on the "blood draw". I have learned to ask for a "butterfly needle", as I have small, deep veins - some seem a bit "put out" that I ask, but most are glad to accomodate...That parasailing accident was awful. Hope both these young gals make a full recovery.

Needled Mom said...

I surely wish we could share some of that rain with you. I'm sure there are lots of places who could use it. We need to work on that pipeline.

That parasailing accident gives me a jolt each time I watch it. I hope that both girls will be fine in the ends.

It is hard when you want others to not see your mom as a patient. It would be so nice to have them get a glimpse of what she was like.

Thank heavens you are the beauty of the duo!

LBDDiaries said...

Amen on the rainbow! Love your mama's smile. I enjoy these fragments. They paint your life in sort and sweet words!

Jeanne Baney said...

Best to your mom. It's so nice to see people at different stages of their lives.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I so get what you mean about how you see your mum, it is the same with me and how I see my nan. I never see her as the frail old woman she is I just see my nan the way she has always been.

That is terrible news about the flooding I am so glad I have never been in a flood

Cathy said...

Once again you have made me cry with your blog....that is how I see Mama too! I see her as she was in her many videos! Her ability to laugh at herself, her willingness to care for her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews! I think we need to have a family reunion and play all her home movies! I remember Mama!

Karen and Gerard said...

Glad our rain has finally stopped here in Cleveland too. Sad about that parasailing accident, I hadn't heard about that. Funny how we think of our parents the way they used to be--it was hard seeing my dad's decline but he always had a great attitude. Said he was "falling apart like an old car."

Diane said...

I watched the video on the parasailing accident....pretty scary stuff, never really been a big fan of the sport.
It sure has been a funny summer for rain, so many floodings, even up here in Canada.

Hope your Mama has a better week.

Tina said...

I'm just getting to know people as this is only my second Friday Fragments. You do get to know someone well though through this format! I'll pray for your Mom, good luck with the new computer skills, you beauty, and where do you live with flooding? We are in steamy hot Colorado and praying for rain...
Tina @ Life is Good

Unknown Mami said...

So proud of you for requesting not to be tortured when getting your blood work. I need to be better about speaking up in those kinds of situations.

UnicycleRose said...

Wow!i didn't realize that the injured parasailing girls were with you. Yes, very miraculous that that are alive! Good for you to love on your momma in her aging days. You are too wonderful for me! Hugs!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love rainbows. We had one the night of my dads party which my mom sent from Heaven! Glad you were okay but so sorry for the people who had flooding. Happy Birthday to Sharon and Emily. My prayers are with those two young girls. Prayers for your Mama too.

EC Stilson said...

Your mama is beautiful!

I hadn't heard about the parasailing accident! Oh my gosh--it is amazing those girls are alive. Wow.

Valrie said...

Sounds like you too have had a busy week. Glad It is so hard to have your parents suffering and not e able to do anything. Hope your mom is doing better. In y house I am the brains and the beauty... hubby doesn't know the first thing about running programs... tee-hee, but he's still a keeper!

I stopped by a few weekends ago and loved your blog so much that I nominated it for an award. I hope you will stop by the link below at my blog and receive your award. It will be great to see who you nominate and pass it forward.

Have a great weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!


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