Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th.....a girl and her grandma in Red

It is Friday the 13th. I am not superstitious, but if this girl in red doesn't scare you????? I mean who let me wear all that red?!!! The only comfort is that I'm pretty sure my older sister must have worn it first.

It is a red outfit don't you think??? Mama even put red candles on the table! I wonder if I was going to a valentine's day party??

But isn't my grandma pretty in her red coat??? Both of my grandmothers had a profound influence on my life, but I'm pretty sure my sense of humor was a gift from grandma Anderson! I remember her as happy no matter what her circumstances were at the time, and sometimes they had to be really hard!

Grandma lived in a very modest home with a garden on both sides. She grew potatoes and corn, maybe other things but that's what I remember best. She would pay us 25 cents an HOUR to dig potatoes! She never had to pay us the entire 25 cents because we didn't get the wage/hour thing and dug fast.

Oh, could she make some biscuits! That generation of southern women were just born knowing how to make biscuits. Grandma never allowed plundering, but would take 5 pennies out of a jar and let us walk to the little neighborhood store. I would always get 5 peppermint sticks and would eat most of them before I got back to her house. I still have that gluttony love of all things sweet.

I really love this picture of grandma at the beauty shop....she wasn't one consumed with her looks and probably didn't go to the beauty shop 5 times in her life. She always had long hair and would comb it every morning and put it in a bun. We weren't allowed to comb her hair because she said she was tenderheaded. Thinking back, she probably didn't have time to sit and let us comb her hair. This is one of the few time I ever saw her in pants!

She was a true Titus 2 woman!

Paul writes, "I have been reminded of your sincere faith which first lived in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also." II Timothy 1:5

Like Timothy, I had a mother and grandmothers who were full on sincere faith and love for the Lord!

On this Friday the 13th, I feel very blessed to have had them!


Dottie Jo said...

Beautiful post - thanks for sharing that loving story about your grandmother! My grandmothers were a huge influence in my life as well, and I miss them every day, as I'm sure you do.
Oh, and back in the 1980's, I was just as "stylish" as you are in your red dress. I had a pair of teal pants, with a matching teal sweatshirt, teal socks and teal sneaks. Ugh!

Needled Mom said...

What wonderful memories you have been left to cherish. That was a special generation of women.

Oh yes....I remember when we used to dye our shoes and bag to match our outfits. That could have been me in the photo.

Keetha said...

I think you look great in red - - - very stylish for back in OUR day.


Cathy said...

Trust me on this one, I never wore that all red outfit!!! You had to be going to a valentine party or having one at home. You liked red!!! Just remember your first wedding dress!!! Love you!!

nancygrayce said...

That was so mean about the weddiing dress! That's for another post! I can't believe that I would have gotten a whole new outfit and you KNOW we didn't have a Valentine party at out house!

Jason and Roxy said...

Oh, oh, I want to see your first wedding dress!!! You and Cathy have me wondering now!!! Besides, I think you look really "purdy" in that red outfit... and I'm not being sarcastic... I really do!!! I bet your date that night thought so too!! =)

Cathy said...

Also I thought that was Mama in the car with Grandma, but it was Aunt Bernice, wasn't it???

Cathy said...

Oh yeah, I got really beautiful flowers delivered tonight!! He done good!!

Dawn said...

Wow - Lady in Red! Gloves and all! Snazzy, for sure.

Love the stories about the grandmas - they are so special in our lives.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. We celebrated Kev's tonight at Macaroni Grill, so will not do anything big tomorrow.

Connie said...

What a beautiful post and what a blessing to have godly grandparents. I love looking at pictures. It's amazing...because at the time...we looked really GOOD!! What fun! Happy Valentine's Day! Connie


Awww I love the red dress and you might think I am crazy but I wish I could sew one like it! Happy Valentine's day!


He Knows My Name said...

You post really made me stop and think about my grandma's.

The women of our grandma's era were really strong/solid women. Did they ever complain? I don't remember mine ever complaining? One had to burry 2 of her 4 children, her husband and many friends. She took people in for room and board, lived through the great depresson and through it all kept a smile on her face.

She died when I was in my 20's, boy I would love to talk to her today.

Thanks for the memory jog. :)

Wise Grandma said...

Red is power, especially for women. So if you ain't wearing red now girl, go find that dress and get it on!

thouartloosed said...

Red is my favorite color. I think you all look lovely!