Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'll tell you why they call'em MAN'S best friend!

In case you were wondering.......

The dog loves daddy best!

Last nite, we were watching t.v. and Russell reached over to hold my hand......he is my husband and all. Oh, no, that did not set well with Jack. He took his manlegs and challenged me for Russell's attention! Jack jumped right between us, looked me square in the face and said games on mama, this man is mine!

Look who won! Is that the look of love, or WHAT!!!???

We told her didn't we daddy? You don't need her when you have a friend like me!
Honey, please look at me like that sometimes!!! Pretty please!
As a side note (not really Cathy), my BIL is doing really well and my sister is surviving too! :)
And if I may be so bold to ask.......
did you all pay your taxes?


Dawn said...

I just checked a few minutes ago and here you have a new post up! Glad to hear about your BIL.

Too cute pictures!

Taxes - haven't filed yet, and hopefully will not have to pay any more!

Keetha said...

We aren't self-employed - - - we have two months still to pay our taxes, if we're getting money back, we'll file well before that - - - if we're paying, we'll pay April 15!!

Sharon said...

AWWWWW cuteee pictures I love them.. we have the same issue at our house but the opposite, Zeus is in love with his mommie, loves daddy, but loves mommie more.

And Yes praise God taxes are done at my house.
Also gald to hear about your bil

My word verification for this post is soooooo wierd are you ready for this "itchweed" hahahahahahaha

Tonja said...

O the purest love of all...that of a dog for his 'person'.

windycorner said...

Poodles are special little friends, aren't they? Love teh pictures.
My husband is doing our taxes this weekend, but since he's a dem, I'm thinking we may have grace under the current administration.

Dottie Jo said...

Such a cute dog!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Whatever, Martha is on the Fine Living Channel (FLN). I love it!

Cathy said...

We actually have decided not to pay taxes this year.........since we have always been so good about it, I think we will play entitled and take a year off!!! j/k

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I only have kitties right now but I love doggies as well. They're our furkids, aren't they?

Hubby and I both are disabled and exempt from paying taxes. We don't have enough income to have to file.

Thanks for your prayers in the wake of the ice storm. We need them!