Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Hugh!

This is last year's picture. I left my camera at MIL's after our little birthday dinner.

Russell's Uncle Hugh turned 91 yesterday! That's a great milestone for most anyone, but Uncle Hugh is definitely a unique man. He walked and talked at 7 months (that's his story!) and he says he remembers crawling on his grandmother's floor. I'm just not doubting it because this man names all the counties in Florida, all the states and their capitals, all the provinces in Canada and all the presidents and vice presidents EVERY night before he goes to sleep! He is constantly making up puzzles, writing poems and doing sudoku. He can figure out the day of the week you were born.......still drives and is just generally an incredible man! He was also at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed, but won't take part in Pearl Harbor day because he says the heroes are the ones who died that day.

Uncle Hugh drives a two year old V*lkswag*n B**tle. It has less than 2,000 miles on it, but he's thinking about trading it for a car that gets better mileage! :)

He's especially attentive to Russell's mom since Russell's dad died.

Sometimes he comes to church with us! He thinks I can sing......he's also almost deaf.:) He's been such a blessing to me since I met him and I thank God for him!


Tonja said...

He sounds delightful! Bet he can keep you entertained for hours.

Dawn said...

I would LOVE to have a conversation with him. He is brilliant!

Cathy said...

We should be so lucky!!! But we never were that smart, were we???

Leigh said...

WOW! What a inspiration. I am sure that his brain is younger than mine with all that exercise. See. I cant even spell. Dont tell Uncle Hugh.
I am going to go and brush up on my world history!

Happy Birthday to him! What a man!

Needled Mom said...

What a charming sounding gentleman!