Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve!

As so often happens in a large family, today is another Birthday!!! Happy birthday to my youngest brother Steve.

Steve was the caboose of the family, the final baby.

Here he is with his daughter, Bella recently.....

And here he is not long after we got him! Notice that car seat would you. Look closely and you'll see two metal hangers on each side that hooked over the seat. I can't tell that he's strapped in in any way.

Happy BIrthday Steve!


Cathy said...

Happy Birthday, baby brother!!

Mimi said...

My parents had NO car seats for any of us girls, however when my baby brother came along in Jan 64, he had a very similar car seat, yes, it hooked over the back seat, no safety belt or harness!! It is a miracle we all survived!!!!Happy Birthday to your baby brother!!!

Dawn said...

My folks had 5 of us traveling all over the country with not even seat belts. We all lived through it! Life is safer now, but a whole lot more complicated!

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday to Steve. Ah, yes, I DO remember those car seats. Of course we all drove heavy tankers back then too. Do you remember the car beds? Talk about no security!!!

Cathy said...

I had one of those car beds for my baby, who will be 42 years old next month. Life IS more complicated now. Poor kids have to be strapped down for hours!! They are all going to grow up to be claustiphobic!!