Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moon over Miami our backyard.....

Last night, I went outside right at dark and this was the sight I saw in the sky. The neighbors behind us have two palms and hanging right above them was this gorgeous fingernail moon!

I ran back in to get my camera.....I do realize this picture is dark, but I think you can see it o.k.

I was going to talk a little about the increasing and decreasing moon or what I've learned from people who actually read the almanac.

But first, just to get my facts right, I went over to read up on the moon. The following is an excerpt from the National Geographic website.

• How did the moon form? According to the "giant impact" theory, the young Earth had no moon. At some point in Earth's early history, a rogue planet, larger than Mars, struck the Earth in a great, glancing blow. Instantly, most of the rogue body and a sizable chunk of Earth were vaporized. The cloud rose to above 13,700 miles (22,000 kilometers) altitude, where it condensed into innumerable solid particles that orbited the Earth as they aggregated into ever larger moonlets, which eventually combined to form the moon.

This information according to.....http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/07/0714_040714_moonfacts.html

So, before I get on with my light and pleasant talk about the moon.....please let me say that the moon was formed on the 4th day of creation by the (who else??) Creator! You can read it for yourself in Genesis 1:14 - 19.

O.K. then.......I have always heard that if you want your hair to grow slower, get it cut on the decreasing moon, or the days after a full moon. If you want it to grow faster get it cut on the increasing moon. Of course, all that has to do with the gravitational pull of the moon.....the same thing that controls the tides. AND it may be vice versa, but hey, don't ask the *Nati*nal Ge*graphic staff!

I'm currently trying this theory out on my dogs. Last month, I apparently got their haircut on the increasing moon because in 3 weeks they were shaggy dogs. So I intentionally got their hair cut on the decreasing moon this time so we'll see if that works out for them.

Speaking of the little darlings.....here's Mikey who has one aim in life and that is to have one of those chickens thrown so he can retrieve it and bring it tback for you to throw again. Number 3 son and I were talking about him today. Matt said, you know, he's just always happy, not too bright, but always happy. In this picture, he's patiently waiting for Russell to finish working at his computer so he can throw the chickens.

And then there's Jack. He's bright, but moody, which seriously happens to be my husband's middle name. Moody that is! OH, and crazy! He's actually on an anti anxiety medication that isn't helping a bit!

Here he is staking out his territory by his daddy. What you see hanging out of his mouth are his manlegs. You read right.......manlegs was originally a cat toy and it was a man......but over time, Jack managed to bite the top half of the man off and was left with the legs. Well, over time, manlegs got chewed some more and became man LEG and will soon be man hip! After that, well it will be sad because he gets manlegs every night at bedtime and plays a game with Russell. He walks up to Russell and Russell tries to take manlegs, then Jack growling fiercely, runs back, comes back again.....I'm sure you get the picture.

He's very possessive of Russell and makes sure to get as close to Russell as he can at night. Russell calls him the birth control dog. :) I was calling his name in this picture, but he wouldn't even look at me!

Yes, it's obviously a dull life around here when our entertainment consists of the dogs.

Maybe Russell should try taking me to a movie!

Stay tuned for another fascinating day, or night, in our lives!


Just Breathe said...

Thanks for the history on the moon.
I just love a full moon. The dogs are so cute. I'll have to try that on Skye's next haircut because she got really shaggy fast too.

Needled Mom said...

Interesting! Having worked in maternity wards for years, I always found we had many more babies with new moons rather than the full ones. Magnetic force??? Who knows?

Cute dogs and interesting personalities for both. People are the same way, aren't they?

Donnetta said...

Great shot of the moon. I had never heard that about the speed of hair growth related to the moon. Interesting...

So, I got my hair cut this week. I'm wondering if that means it should grow slower, which the budget would appreciate! More time before I need to go for again. :-)

Keetha Broyles said...

I love the moon in the sky, and if there are tree silhouettes in the way - - - all the BETTER!

The moon you showed is WAXING (increasing) BTW. You can tell by which side is lighted. When the right side is lighter it is Waxing - - - when the left side is lighted, it is waning.

That from your local bloggy science teacher. wink wink

However, you local bloggy science teacher doesn't think the moon has a single thing to do with hair growth - - - but hey, go for it - - - anything is worth a try.

Leslie: said...

Oh Nancy! I'm roaring with laughter over the manlegs! Too Too FUNNY!