Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Husband and Son......

My husband and my eldest son share the same birthday. Since they share the day, they'll have to share the post.
I scanned these pictures in hurriedly before we left for the beach, so yes, I know they are crooked but I was in a hurry and that's just the way I am! :) Just gotta love me the way I am! :)

Wasn't Russell a cute little boy?

We went to different elementary schools and he was a year older than me but these are our school pictures from the same year. I was in first grade and he was in second. Click on the picture to see our sweet little faces up close!

There are many things Russell really loves and many things he likes to is one.

This was Russell's first birthday after we started dating and this is in my little townhouse. I gave him three little crepe myrtle sticks bushes. He planted them and today they are taller than our fence and dropped seeds making new bushes. We have even shared them with another family. I love that a present given 16 years ago will keep on giving for years.

Russell is truly a great dad! He was known as the best room mother/father around.

He taught Matt how to tie one on! Tie that is, he tied it around his own neck because that was the way he knew how and then Matt slipped it over his head and tightened it up and voila!

Russell with his parents at his 50th birthday party. These are obviously among the greatest parents ever.......just look at their son!

See that smile? That is simply how he is all the time. He can come in after working 14 hours and be just as happy as he was when he left that morning. He's very patient and very seldom gets mad, and if he does, he gets over it very quickly!

Russell is Gator all the way. This was his favorite birthday cake!

Russell with his siblings way back in the day! From left to right, Russell, Sue and Skipper. Sadly, Skipper died a few years ago.

He loves the grandchildren!

He loves my family! Very important!

He loves all the children! I just ran out of steam in finding pictures!

But most importantly, he loves the Lord with all his heart!
So happy birthday superhero and as always AML/AML!!


Happy Birthday to my eldest son, Paul! 39 years ago, I was in the hospital where I had been for nine days! I was a child having a child! I turned 18 on July 31 and Paul was born August 31. When I first realized I was pregnant, I was scared because I knew I had to tell my parents. I was scared, but I was already in love with my baby. I never had one moment of doubt about that fact. I loved him. The situation was not what it should have been.....I sinned. But I loved that baby then and I love him today.

Long story, but Michael Paul Dykes entered this world at a whopping 3 lbs. 11 ozs.
Paul stayed in an incubator for 28 days. During that time, I was at the hospital standing at the window looking at my baby twice a day.....the only visiting time for babies! I didn't get to hold him, just look at him through the glass! I don't think they understood how important it was for babies to bond with their parents!

Finally, at 28 days and weighing 5 lbs. I went with his grandma and papa to get him. The nurse dressed him and finally I got to hold my baby. We got in the car to go home and my FIL drove a little way, pulled over and just sat looking at Paul. Paul and I lived with my in laws for 9 months after he was born, while his dad was away in the Army. He was one loved baby! Living in the house with his grandmother, grandfather and two uncles, Paul didn't stay in bed much! Some one was always waiting to have a turn holding him.

This is the picture taken at the hospital when Paul was 3 weeks old. I took that picture everywhere with me. Click on the picture to get a little better look.

Here he is after participating in the Pinewood Derby as a Cub Scout.

He loved the water and being in a boat even as a very small child.

Paul and Cousin Andy in my parents' front yard.

And in no particular order! Mama and baby! This picture is in my family home.

Remember when these were popular on pictures? My mother loved them. This is Paul on the far left with a bunch of cousins and his brother.

This is a family reunion up in the I mean to shout country! I'm not sure what my two younger brothers are telling Paul.
I'm guessing this is Paul's 14th birthday. Please don't ask why I didn't make him put a shirt on, I can't remember! Paul, from now on, put a shirt on to have your picture made!

Here is Paul either the day we brought him home from the hospital or shortly after. I'm holding him and my little brothers are sitting on either side. Look how tiny Paul was!

Birthday pool party.

Panama City Beach with his children

A very happy birthday to my son! I love you!


Just Breathe said...

First of all I like you just the way you are. Secondly having them crooked actually gives this post allot of charm. So Happy Birthday to your husband Russell. And a very Happy Birthday to you son Paul. The pictures are really cute. (I need a scanner)
I think you are right about the hospitals not knowing about the bonding that was needed. My son is 30 and my daughter is 28. When I had an ultra sound they didn't even let you see the screen. No picture went home with you. Things have really changed. Great post!

nancygrayce said...

Oh, yes, there were no ultra sounds! We knew nothing!

The White Family said...

Happy birthday to the boys (I mean, men!). Thanks for all the pics, that must have taken some time!

Mimi said...

home from Florida!!!!
Came back to with a touch of --ugh--stomach flu !!! Feel better today but yesterday was horrible, started about the last hour of the long flight home from Orlando!!!
Happy Birthday to hubby and son!!!!!
Great family pics!!! Love those old photos!!! so fun to look at!!!!
You 2 were so cute in 1st and 2nd grade!!!!
saw the space shuttle launch!!!
have pics uploaded today

Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful tribute for special birthdays. Hope that you have celebrated till you can't celebrate anymore!!!!! Loved all the pictures. Happy birthdays.

Tonja said...

Happy birthday to them both!

Cathy said...

Oh my gosh.....that was me in the beach chair with Paul and the kids.....I just got rid of that suit the other day! Obviously, I could not have gotten into it anymore!! Happy belated birthday to all!!!

Cathy said...

Oh yeah, and I still have the hat!